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How To Do Mobile App Personalization Right ?

App Development
Jun 22, 2018
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Mobile App Personalization

Mobile applications are the demand of the modern era, the demand of mobile app development company is increasing day by day. It has been observed that the lifestyle has changed and directly or indirectly it is affecting on economy. Almost everything from transportation, health care taxi, medicines, food, movie tickets, to grocery needs all can be ordered on the online application and through apps you can meet with your demands.

Apart from the advanced points and brand new trends, app developing organizations also have to focus on allowing a personalized experience to the uses. On-demand economics is drawing more than 22.4 million customers every year.

As the demand is increasing it is beneficial for the development companies and it has been noticed to develop an app has become the business. The 50% of the customers are in thousand. 35% of customers are between the age of 32 to 55.Meaning of this development and movement should keep on improving this year.

The app owners are owners are forever under the burden to make the sounder app on previous time. One of the best way to retain users by offering app personalization.

Let Us Explain What is Mobile App Personalization

All you need to know about app personalization

App personalization is a primarily a mobile app development. Precisely focused on the gratifying requirement of the target audience of your app. The main principle behind app personalization is offering ser the experience what he desires from the right app in the minute. App personalization method is not a limited to features of your app but to all aspects of your mobile app development company.

  • Behavior: what did or didn’t the user do in your app? Which screens did they see and where did they drain?

  • Common usage: when was the last moment the user visited?

  • Back-end data: integrate your sounds so that you can sync back-end data, as a age, sexuality.

Why is App Personalization Important

Every day a new app proceeds to the play store making the older ones less acceptable.This is a super fast race to catch the interest of the users. As per statistics of more than 2 million apps are now in google play store and apple app store.

Most of the user normally download a particular app and huge 60% of delete on same time later first use. The big reason behind this is hard to use or difficult features for personalization. The app owner spends more serious heed to app personalization. Owner of the app release update according to users needs and expectations.

Different App Personalization Approaches

Collect users segment information

First of all needed user data on which you can work. Users consume a lot of time on apps so getting knowledge concerning their action is very easy. If you have a data of users you will be well performed to last time. The main motive of app personalization managing engagement.

User Demographics

User demographic components like income, gender, age etc. will help you to know the expectations of the user. Demographic information assists in creating clear user segment. If a user downloads a particular app they are asked some of the questions this are a part of popular information easy and clear generally users cognizant of this type of questions. This helps in the immeasurable understanding of the app user. The personalized shopping campaign for different sections of users.

Advent of personalized notifications

The user has a mass notification. This type of customization tools choose user their favorites and take alerts regarding content helpful them. This is a different type of personalized announcement. Push notifications are an excellent personalization tool for a user to know the details and rule of the mobile app development companies.

Personalized location services

Utmost marketers use geo-targeting to send a marketing message to a user on a base of their graphic location. Location-based tracking can empower marketers to have significant insights. So users get appropriate advertisements while they are on the movement.

Personalized User on Boarding Process

Familiarization in-app user onboarding. Once you will install the app development beginning few days truly significant this is the main time use commitment happens. Personalized user onboarding lends you an additional list in grasping user’s attention. Some guidelines to personalize onboarding process:

  • Offer free trials and modifications while primary days, this will enable the user to explore app develop for a long-term basis.

  • Do ask personal information such as phone numbers or credit card number.

  • The symbol informs ask users for their necessary information like gender, name, companies, part use this information in a smart way during the onboarding method.

  • Proper users to use the mobile app regularly and provide them choices to move forward in correct direction.

Personalized Mail Marketing

Personalized email marketing is a pleasing process to succeed app personalization. A travel app can send a message about good holiday packages. Some of the case email marketing is a good step to reach out to the users.

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