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Top 15 Open Source Frameworks for Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Blockchain Development
Dec 18, 2020
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Blockchain was acknowledged along with the rise of cryptocurrencies. However, today Blockchain technology has been so capable that it has facilitated an extensive variety of sectors. It includes e-commerce, data management, online voting, energy, gaming, e-governance, etc. Here you will read  about top 15 open source frameworks for dapps.

A new term ‘blockchain decentralized application‘ is introduced with the Blockchain. Blockchain-based dApps are open-source apps using smart contract solutions to make the transactions on the Blockchain. 

What is dApps (Decentralized Applications)?

Decentralized apps do not have much difference than standard apps for an end-user. Blockchain is the reason that makes DApps different and much superior. User interface and front-end code of a decentralized app can be built by a developer in any language that can be helpful to call the backend. This backend code will be placed on a decentralized peer-to-peer network, and on the other hand, all the operation records of the app are collected on the Blockchain.

A dApp development company provides the advantage of extra security due to transactions that are shared across the different nodes and also encrypted on the network. It ensures no central point for hackers to get success.    

Essential Steps to Follow for Developing a DApp


DApp development can be quite difficult in comparison to the procedure of creating a centralized app or standard software. In this below section, you will go through some significant steps needed to build a DApp. 

First Step

The first step of DApp development is to decide the suitable business use case. To begin the development process properly, firstly outline the issues and calculate if a DApp can solve it.

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Ask yourself what you want? Do you want encrypted transactions or immutability? You want to share or decentralize the information? 

Second Step  

Building a POC (proof of concept) is the second step of the Process of Developing a DApp that is helpful to make the stakeholders aware of the idea completely. Then, demo this to the right people and create technical and visual designs. Keep the POC precise and do not take more than 2 to 4 weeks to wrap up the POC cycle.

Third Step

After the successful completion of POC, deciding the suitable underlying technology for the DApp creation is hard as there are numerous DLT (distributed ledger technology) based platforms accessible. Each of them has its advantages and particular use cases.

So pick the right one according to network functionality, scalability, transaction speed, consensus mechanism, etc.

Fourth Step

In this step, positioning the DApp on the test network and this step are significant due to analyzing the code and searching the errors or bugs making the DApp live.

Fifth Step

DApp is now ready to initiate on the production server by dApp development company after coding and functionality testing as per described in POC.

We are required to be more attentive as there will be no space for bugs in the production server environment. In a standard app, you can code, deploy, and can alter it again whenever required.   

15 Most Suitable Open-source Blockchain Frameworks for dApps 

 open source frameworks for dapps

Firstly you should know about the dApps before knowing the top open-source frameworks for it. So, here are some examples of Decentralized Applications- BitTorrent, BitMessage, Popcorn Time, Tor, etc. Now, below you will find the most suitable frameworks for these dApps, check these out-

It is an open-source Blockchain framework that runs smart contracts in dApps and offers various programming tools for development. This platform was proposed in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, and it provides advanced dApps development and online contractual agreements as well. 

This framework permits the designing and supplying of tradeable digital tokens and cryptocurrencies. It is also helpful to develop democratic autonomous organization (DAO), for instance, a virtual firm where different issues are sorted by member voting. 

Ethereum dApps development provides different features like command-line tools, Turing-complete languages, and Ethereum Wallet, etc.

It is the most famous framework founded in 2016 and introduced by the Linux Foundation. It includes a modular architecture and supports various networks. It makes sure the high-level of reliability, flexibility, and scalability that is why it is most appropriate for creating business solutions. Signatures of endorsing peers are included in transactions and are delivered to ordering services. It is written in Go, and smart contracts in dApps are developed using Docker-containers. 

  • Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake

It represents a business solution to support both permissionless and permissioned developments. This modular suite compiled in Python and offers smart contract abstraction permitting developers to create contract logic in any language.

 open source frameworks for dapps

It is useful in solving issues like illegal fishing practices, inappropriate food storage situations and seafood fraud. It ensures a safe infrastructure for the development and exchange of digital assets. 

  • BigChainDB

It is a dApps framework developed for collecting huge data amounts and allows developers to supply blockchain apps and proofs-of-concept. Its database offers low latency, decentralized control, strong query functionality, immutability, and high-speed process of the transaction. 

It is based upon the Federation Consensus model and a federation of nodes including voting allowance. It includes areas like human resources, intellectual property, etc.

  • Hyperledger Cello

It is hosted by the Linux Foundation and has the purpose for eliminating the efforts of developing and handling the blockchains via issuing on-demand ‘as-a-service’ placed models to the BLockchain ecosystem. It is also helpful to develop the BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-service) platform and handle the blockchain lifecycle.

  • Hydrachain

An open-source extension of ETH Blockchain platform that can be developed by Ethereum dApp developers. It provides support to design and deploy permissioned distributed ledgers. It is fully supportable to Ethereum protocol and develops smart contracts in Python and high customization. 

  • Multichain

 open source frameworks for dapps

This DLS is based upon the Bitcoin Blockchain and developed for multi-currency financial transaction procedure. It offers different levels of permissions and access control and makes quick solution deployment. In this, you can have several networks simultaneously on a solo server. 

  • Corda

It is used for creating permissioned DLS and was produced by R3 consortium including the largest banks and permitting to handle legal agreements among parties. It also delivers secure data storage and immutable data records. It is the only dApps framework that includes a pluggable consensus.

  • Chain Core

It is a business-grade Blockchain platform strengthened by Chain protocol and developed for deploying, sending, and handling digital assets on the permissioned networks. It involves the creation of financial services and securities, currencies, gift cards, derivatives, etc. 

  • Open chain

It was created for the issuance and arrangement of digital assets in a safe, robust, and scalable method. It also includes unified API, smart contract modules, and different levels of access permissions and control because of the hierarchical account system. 

It is a unique platform for blockchain decentralized applications to design and deploy enterprise-level dApps. The Cayman Islands organization created it. Developers can write code in this as per their particular needs. It makes use of DPoS (delegated proof-of-stake) to manage transactions.

  • TRON

It is intended for building and establishment of completely decentralized infrastructure. It provides huge support via availability and scalability for entire blockchain apps in its network. It has low transaction throughput times and high transaction fees of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

This Blockchain platform makes people able to exchange value in a decentralized way. Now it is more into financial and branching into each industry available. dApp development companies prefer it as it provides full benefits. JP Morgan developed it to make the private transactions available. It also includes permissioned blockchain networks.

This platform is used for the development of blockchain decentralized applications. It is also useful for allowing quick and in-expensive transactions. Although, it is a cryptocurrency but permits people to develop the currency through RippleNet.

This framework enables users to search for new users in the new markets, widen services, and deliver good user experience globally. It makes the transactions quicker and easier, particularly for cross-border payments. 

  • Hedera Graph

It permits developers to create a whole new class of dApps that includes scalability and capability to manage thousands of transactions. It provides security with the strongest level, no matter if you have an enterprise or a startup, it helps you to make fair, fast, and safe apps. Even, it will go beyond the Blockchain for creating decentralized apps. It employs asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance to work as a consensus mechanism. 

Deciding a Blockchain Framework for dApps

In the end, we want to say that to decide a suitable blockchain platform, firstly understand what kind of dApps framework you require for your enterprise and what type of scalability you want?

Choose the platform carefully; there are various platforms available worldwide, so the businesses are required to know the appropriate platform to create highly scalable dApp. 


Hire dApps DeveloperFor having a premium-quality dApp solution, contact BR Softech. We are a top-notch dApp development company with skilled and dedicated professionals to provide good guidance to our clients.

We are aware of the necessity for technology in our life, so we never compromise on quality solutions. Get in touch with us for further assistance. We hope you will take a right decision while choosing the best open source frameworks for dapps!!

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