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OTT vs IPTV: Major Difference Between OTT and IPTV

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May 20, 2019
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Unleash the long pending debate to get the answer to all your questions. Understanding the difference between OTT and IPTV, streaming services can be tricky. OTT & IPTV, have significant differences, and with the explosion of technological advancement, both these internet networks have reached another level of success. It’s completely unfair to compare, as both are considered as the flavors of television. Both these television options are unique in their own way and make use of the internet to deliver the content smoothly.

Without further ado, let us describe how they work and how to decide which is best for you and your household. But before that, let us tell you more about OTT and IPTV.

What Is OTT?


OTT is also introduced as Over The Top Video streaming. Over the top video streaming can be accessible by anyone over the internet connection. All the OTT content can be delivered by an open ecosystem. Its monthly price is comparatively low as compared to other internet networks. This term is used to refer to the content provider that distribute streaming media directly to viewers over the internet, bypassing different platforms like telecommunication, broadcast television, multichannel that acts as a controller or distributor of such content.

60% of people who initially sign up for a free trial go on to become paying OTT customers.

This subscription-based video on demand service offers unlimited access to films and television content. Mainly this service accessed via websites on personal computers as well as apps on mobile devices.

What Is IPTV?

IPTV also refers to Internet Protocol Television. Internet Protocol Television is the delivery of television content over internet protocol networks. To deliver the content, IPTV uses satellite and cable television formats and offers the ability to stream the source media continuously. It’s a formally structured subscription-based digital TV service available to consumers from ISPs. It’s not limited to television streamed from the internet, it’s widely deployed in a subscriber-based telecommunications network with high-speed access channels into end-user premises.

The Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Market is expected to reach CAGR +%during forecast period 2019-2025. For more details follow the given link.

It is also used for media delivery around corporate and private networks. IPTV is responsible for delivering broadband internet providing a stable and well organized CND while optimizing stream quality from outside the network.

Major Difference Between OTT vs IPTV

Major Difference Between OTT vs IPTV

  1. Network Type: – OTT content is mainly delivered from content providers or aggregator to the viewer using an open network. While the IPTV network is closed and proprietary network accessed via a specific internet service provider.

  1. Network Relationship: – OTT works without the need for intervening carriage negotiations or infrastructure investment. Wherein IPTV services are delivered on optimized and custom high bandwidth network.

  1. Content Delivery: – OTT uses open internet, un-managed network, and open ecosystem while IPTV uses dedicated, managed network and uses a walled garden ecosystem.

  1. Quality of Services: – OTT doesn’t offer the guaranteed quality, it works under best effort conditions. Wherein IPTV is a reliable network with control over the quality of services. It offers high quality as compared to Over the top.

  1. Offered Services: – Over the top network offers popular video on demand services like YouTube, SkyGo, Netflix, Amazon LoveFilm, BBC Iplayer, etc. Wherein IPTV offers services like Prism TV, U-verse and others.

  1. Delivery Protocol: – OTT delivered over HTTP/ TCP, a connected protocol. The movement towards adaptive streaming technologies Smooth Streaming (MS), HLS (Apple), and HDS (Adobe), While IPTV app development uses the Transport Stream (TS) transmission technology. Not just that, it also uses RTP (Real-time protocol) over UDP, a connectionless protocol.

  1. Content Catalog: – Over the top is widely used for a freemium and economical subscription while, IPTV is primarily used for premium VOD and real-time content delivery like a TV broadcast.

  1. Content-Type: – IPTV only offers premium content as compare to OTT which does not charge a premium in nature due to security and absence of DRM.

  1. Major Platform Players: – OTT major platform players or OVP (Online Video Platforms) are like Brightcove, Kaltura, CDN Players Akamai, L3, Limelight, Cloud Service Providers like Amazon while IPTV solution providers are Telecom Service Providers and IPTV platform vendors – Microsoft Mediaroom (Known as Ericsson), ALU, Cisco.

  1. Offered Benefits: – OTT services are available at low cost with flexible models. It’s easy to manage and operate as compared to IPTV. While IPTV offers high quality of services and provides users with a quality of experience. It provides with ease in monitoring and control and provides with interactive services to users.

To provide your users with better services chooses the App Development Company wisely. It helps in grabbing the audience attention and capture the market successfully. These networks offer a wide range of service while overcoming the challenges. IPTV is a traditional way of delivering content while OTT video services use the publicly accessible internet to deliver video streams.

BR Softech is one of the leading IPTV Software Development Company in India and abroad. With the team of expert developers, we have become top-rated IPTV providers in India. Be part of this evolution and provide your users with advanced services using the latest trends and technologies.

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