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How Much Does It Cost To Make Similar App Like Netflix?

written by Harshita Khangarot | Jul 31, 2020
Similar App Like Netflix

Once known as only a medium to communicate wirelessly, over the time the technological advancements has innovated various other usages of the smartphones. The smartphone has not only become a device to keep you connected with the world but also is emerging as the most preferred source for entertainment. 

Apps like Netflix can be said to have a significant contribution to the process. The concept of on-demand video streaming is blooming at a rapid phase, and the lockdown imposed due to the spread of COVID-19 further aggravated it.

This article aims to cover every single information about the Netflix clone and its development process. Furthermore, counselling with an expert app development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. will help you get a clear picture of it.

Concept Of Netflix

Founded in the year 1997, Netflix is a popular video streaming platform that started its journey from California and now is renowned all over the world. It lets a user subscribe for the services and stream the video content (wide range) that not only includes your favourite tv shows but a lot more than that such as web series, documentaries, and movies.

The business is booming at a rapid pace, and the 193 million paid subscribers are proof of it. This provides a new wave of opportunities for business investors and software developers. 

Netflix clone app is one of the most researched topics in the field of app development. The ever-increasing number of smartphone users and easy access to high-speed internet makes the users capable of purchasing the subscription to watch their favourite video content and hence making the investment in a Netflix clone app a profitable business venture. 

Having said that, developing an app similar to Netflix is not an easy job. One needs to take care of several critical aspects related to the app development for the success of your on-demand video streaming platform.

Keep reading this article to get an insight of all the aspects that are related to the development of a Netflix clone app along with the cost incurred in the process and the role of an expert app development company

Essential Features In Netflix Clone App

Features In Netflix Clone App

Carrying an idea of launching a video streaming app is not enough, but a person should have a basic idea of the phases involved in the complex process of app development. 

Having detailed information about the essential features that will enhance the success rate of your platform is equally vital.

Basic features

User profile2

It is the basic and foremost feature for the user to access the app. The registration process should be as simple as it can be to encourage the user. Also, easy registration using the existing email ID or the social networking ID will further enhance the experience and help in instant profile creation. 

Activity feed

A section that is dedicated for the user to review its recent activity. The section will allow the user to view an incomplete video and continue watching it from the moment it left.

Rating and review

Another important feature that will help you gain an insight into the quality of the services being provided to the users. Also, it will help the owner to detect and address any loophole and improvise the platform accordingly. 

Advanced features


Geolocation identifies the location of a user and displays automated suggestions related to the relevant content or the user behaviour of that area. 

Push notifications

Push notifications allow the user to keep track of the all latest activities that are taking place in the app. 

Multiple payment options

Navigating an app that has multiple payment options is likely to enrich the experience. It will help the user to transact using the most accessible mode of payment. The app should feature a secure and reliable payment gateway to complete the transactions successfully and securely. 

Admin Panel

An admin panel is the most important feature without which the app could not exist. The admin panel not only allows to control the contents that the app features but also to track the customer behaviour and their preferences. 

Also, there might be instances when the admin might want to restrict some content and admin panel is the option for it. 

The admin panel should also boast a section that displays the sales report and the total cash collected during a week, month, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly cycle.

All the features that are mentioned are just a few basics, and the actual app is likely to feature more of it. However, it should always be kept in mind to not overload the app with unnecessary features and make the interface congested. 

Let us now have a brief intro about the clone script and its benefit in the process of app development. 

Netflix Clone Script

App development is a time consuming and complex process. It requires years of experience for an app developer to excel in the process and deliver products that elevate the clients as well as its users’ experience. Considering the long and lengthy hours, and the high cost of app development, the use of clone scripts is being preferred by the developers. 

There is a long list of benefits that makes the use of Netflix clone script an excellent alternative for developing a video streaming app. Keep on scrolling to uncover them, one-by-one. 

Instant Solutions

If not instant but definitely quick. Using clone scripts cut shorts the time that otherwise would have been wasted in building an app from scratch. The clone scripts will help your developer meet the deadline and launch your product exactly as you planned it to. 


Clone scripts provide an open-source framework that not only supports the features of the parent app but also allows the developer to integrate additional features to give it a personalized touch. 


Using a clone script not only helps cut short the time but also saves the heavy costing that is associated with initiating new research. Hence, a clone script can help you save from spending extra shells out of your wallet.


The clone scripts are considered as one of the most convenient solutions for app development. With the help of a Netflix clone script, you can easily personalize it by your company’s name and logo to make it look distinctive. 

After knowing the varied benefits of using a clone script, now is the time to make you well versed about the cost associated with the app development process. 

Cost Of App Development

The popularity of Netflix is an inspiration for various startups that aims to hit the on-demand video streaming market with their unique idea. However, there are certainly many challenges that one needs to overcome before actually making money out of it. The app development is one such challenge. 

Being a complex process, it requires the hard work of an expert app development company to create a full-fledged video streaming app. However, the cost of app development is an important point that concerns new business ventures. 

There are many factors that manipulate the cost of Netflix clone apps. The points that are mentioned below covers a varied aspect that determines the cost of app development. Scroll down to know each of them and make sure you do not miss any.  

App Features

The more the features, the higher will be the cost of app development. It is advised to keep the basic features in the initial version of the app and analyze the public reaction. You can then improvise the platform and integrate advanced features later on. 

App Design

App design is also one of the major factors that help in determining the cost associated with the app development process. A complex app design might be a major turn off for the audiences. Hence, it is advised for the client to keep a basic design that not only engages the users but is also easy to navigate. 

App Platform

The variety and number of platforms play a vital role in influencing the price tag for the process of app development. The cost of Android app development can be higher as compared to an app for iOS. The sole reason being the versatility of the brands and mobiles that supports the Android over the limited devices that operate on iOS.

App Developers

The cost of app development varies with the developer. The expertise of the app development company, its brand image, and the location are a few factors that are linked with the development company that decides the cost of app development.

Moreover, the Indian based companies charge a low fee when compared to the app development companies based in other locations, especially the western ones.

All the points that are mentioned above sum up to make the cost of app development. Developing a Netflix clone app can cost you anywhere from a minimal of $10000 to $25000. 

However, these figures are just an estimate, and the actual cost may vary depending on your business project.

A well-organized counselling session with a team of expert developers likes the ones at BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. will be able to provide you with the accurate figures of the cost of app development.

Netflix IPTV Call to action

Why BR Softech Pvt. Ltd.?

The company that you approach for Netflix clone app development can be the reason behind deciding the rate of success of your business venture. An expert app development company not only assists during the app development but also after the app hits the market. 

Choosing an expert app development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. can turn the tables to your advantage and deliver a full-fledged on-demand video streaming app with appropriate testing protocols for glitch-free user experience. 

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd., a software development company with an experience of almost a decade, can help you in creating a personalized video streaming app to keep the users engaged. Team of more than 450 trained professionals ensures that the best hands are laid on your project. 

The company, with its expertise, can help create an app that is supported by various mobile platforms for maximal practicality. If you are looking for an expert developer for your app development process at a cost-efficient price, look no further than BR Softech Pvt. Ltd.

Final words

After knowing the ins and outs of the Netflix app development, you must be eager to put your hands in the on-demand video streaming market. The rising popularity of video streaming apps has made them a preferable alternative over other sources of entertainment. 

Unlike television, apps similar to Netflix allows the users to make their choices of content and enjoy them on their mobile screen at a nominal or no costing. 

If you are also interested in investing your hard-earned money into a platform that features a wide collection of video content, look no further than the expert software company, i.e. BR Softech Pvt. Ltd.

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