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How to Develop Mobile App & Website like RedBus

App Development
Jul 31, 2020
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Website like RedBus

Technologies are changing the lives of people at a fast pace worldwide. In today’s date, everything is available for people right on the palms of their hand. It is very easy to download the book to read, buy clothes, shop groceries, order the favourite food anytime, etc. in just a few clicks. One such industry which is utilizing the full potential of advanced techniques in software is redbus clone script. It is designed to enable people to commute easily from one place to another. 

Redbus is one of the top-rated software to help people book a bus sitting anywhere. Numerous buses are running with this online bus booking app which is easy to use. The best part is that people do not need to go to the bus stand to get the tickets. They can easily get the ticket by sitting anywhere and move towards the bus stop according to the schedule.  

In this digital era, everything is available on the fingertips for people. The software has become an essential tool for everyone around the globe. The reason why applications are highly preferred is that they help to save the time of people because it is easier to book a bus in simple steps. Even if there is a holiday, then people can book a bus for commuting to the office the next day through the app. Many times, people also need to go to other places in case of an emergency. In such cases, people can book the bus at any part of the day without any hassle.  

As a business owner, your customers can easily make use of the application 24*7. Even during midnight, people can operate the application from any corner of the world. It just requires the use of network connectivity and a smartphone.  

Let’s know something about the Redbus:  

Redbus clone app is a wonderful platform which enables people to book bus tickets in simple steps. It is one of the highest downloaded apps from the play stores. Buses operating for this application run from various routes in a country and cover many areas to help commuters to move from one place to another. School students, office employees, etc and many other people are benefited with this feature-rich platform. The platform provides a wide range of services to commuters such as booking A/C bus, sleeper, etc. Moreover, people can easily make payment for booking tickets with ease by using a wide range of payment options as per your convenience.

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A step-by-step guide to developing app like Redbus:

When it comes to online mobile application software, it is vital to include impressive graphics, image and design, etc. to thrill the travellers to bits. The stunning user interface is directly linked with providing good user experience to an app user. There are some essential features to include in this online bus ticket booking app. Let’s check the features:

1 Ease of login and creating account:

One of the essential parts of the mobile application must be to make a user account at the speed of light so that the customers can start the further procedure in no time. You can also plan to include logging in the application with a social media account with ease. It enables the users to link the bus booking app with a wide range of social media platforms so that it takes less time to create a new account. There is no need to fill the details for making the user account. Moreover, since social media integration with the user’s app account is a quick process; therefore, it leads to an increase in downloads of the application. It also helps in the word of mouth marketing.

2 Different payment gateway:

Another essential factor to consider while developing a similar app like redbus is to add numerous payment gateway to help customers. When it comes to making an online payment, people have their preference. So, the business owner must include many payment options for passengers. They can easily select the one which works smoothly on their smartphone. Many times, the debit card option does not work, but Google pay runs smoothly on the customer’s mobile. In this way, adding much functionality will help customers to select the best as per their convenience.

3 GPS feature is vital to include in the software:

Irrespective of any travel-related application, GPS option is must to include for enhancing the safety of a user while commuting from one place to another. With the integration of GPS functionality, passengers can know the location of the bus and accordingly come from home to reach the stoppage to board the bus. Moreover, after seating on the bus, the passengers can easily know the route from where the bus is going to reach their destination. It helps customers to remain safe while travelling.

4 Real time chat to solve the queries of customers:

In the digital world, business owners must provide remarkable services to passengers by including real-time chat options for users. With this feature, passengers can easily interact with operators in case any query arises. In this way, bus operators can help passengers to know about their bus schedule whenever there is a delay due to any issues such as adverse climate effect, traffic conditions, etc. Furthermore, if there is a delay in bus arrival due to breakdown of the bus, then operators can inform the passengers in a chat message. It is a vital functionality to include in a redbus clone script.

5 Customers must be able to have the seat preference:

It is yet another wonderful option to give good satisfaction to customers. Passengers, while booking the seat in a bus, will be able to select the seat of their preference. For instance, some people prefer a window seat as they feel more suffocated; therefore, the software must be able to help users select their favourite seat on the bus. This feature must not be automatic but manual selection. Moreover, some people are not able to move upstairs, and so they can opt for the seat on the lower berth for a better travel experience.

6 Sharing the travel detail with friends or family:

Yet another important function in the app to keep the passenger safe is to include this crucial functionality in the redbus clone. As a business owner, it is your priority to keep the passengers safe during travel. When the users share the journey details to their guardians then they will also be notified about all the routes through which the bus is moving. This functionality works smoothly by integrating GPS in the application and websites of redbus clone. Moreover, the app must enable passengers to choose emergency contacts with which they can share the bus route details without any hassle. The friends and family of the passenger will keep tracking the location of a bus through the software in simple steps. It will ensure the full safety of passengers throughout the journey. SOS must also be enabled in the software so that passengers reach their destination safely through the bus.

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Final Words:

I hope this post might have given you insight into the working of an online bus booking app. It is quite essential to operate your business through an online channel to get more customers in no time. With the inclusion of the features as mentioned above, it is easier for passengers to commute the bus through an online platform in just a few clicks. If you are into bus operating business and looking forward to designing such an incredible platform for the passengers, then feel free to contact BR Softech Pvt Ltd. The top-rated online bus booking app development company helps to cater to your business requirements by developing feature-rich software that will help you take your business to the next level.

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