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Hire Taxi App Developers – Things to Choose Before Hiring a Taxi App Developer

written by Saloni Agrawal | Feb 18, 2021
hire a taxi app developer

Remember the time when you used to wait for the taxi on the road? Since then, the time has changed now because of modern technological innovations and now, we book a taxi, instead of calling it. The whole scenario of the taxi business has revolutionized, and now you can call a taxi to your door with just a few clicks. 

Market Growth of Taxi Booking Service Industry 

The taxi booking mobile app development market has seen a huge growth in the past few years. New apps are also brought up to augment the people’s experience and take it to another level. We can see various successful examples in the taxi booking service industry like Ola, Uber, Lyft, etc.

In 2017, the taxi booking service market globally was evaluated at $36,450 Million. These stats are predicted to reach $126,521 Million in the next 2 to 5 years with a CAGR of 16.5%. Here are the current stats-


Top Reasons to Step Into the Taxi Booking Service Industry

Various new and established entrepreneurs are showing their interest to invest in this sector as they found it lucrative. Following are the more reasons why you should hire a taxi app developer and soon invest in this industry-

Extinct of Traditional Taxis

How many Taxis do you see on the road except the Ola and Uber vehicles compared to old times? Traditional taxis have been faced with the tough competition since the arrival of online taxi booking apps. With the highly developed taxi booking apps, these classic taxis have lost their charm among users as nobody likes to wait for hours when they are in a hurry. Even various traditional taxi drivers have also joined the Uber, Ola, Lyft, etc. taxi booking service firms due to no option. 

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Save the Business 

If you have an old taxi business, you will not make a huge profit like before. You have to digitize it to compete with other taxi booking service market competitors. There are various taxi booking website developers who can help with this. Today’s technogeek customers want online services to make their life easier and more convenient than ever before. 

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Have a mobile app for your taxi booking services and customers always prefer business who provide them with instant and upgraded services. Apply the needed technology and business infrastructure to run the venture efficiently.    

Aspects You Must Take Into Account to Hire a Taxi App Developer

After seeing the high market growth and an upsurge in the ongoing demand for taxi booking app services, don’t you think it will be profitable for you to step into the industry? But if you have determination, you want to enter the sector with a bang; then here we are to help you with this guide. Consider these following elements ad hire a taxi app developer.

Can You Show Your Previous App Solutions?

It is significant to see the previous work samples of your hired taxi app developer so that you can know how they work? If you have hired an experienced developer or company who claims they have rich experience, it will show in their previous work. These portfolios will provide you with a reason to trust them or not. You can also check the review and ratings.

Will they Provide Smooth App Development Procedure or not? 

The lean and effective development process is the thing that decides the success of your app. If your hired taxi app development firm has the experience and works with skilled professionals, they must provide an efficient development process by knowledgeable taxi booking developers. They also have a better strategy for MVP (minimal viable product) by doing things more effectively.


What About App Development Processes and Methods?

Taxi booking App developers should use good approaches for app design and development to attract clients. A dedicated developer never compromises with the app users’ experience as it will provide them with great favours. There are millions of apps available at the app stores of iOS and Android, if you want to stand yourself out from those, then have an interactive UI/UX of the app.

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App Development Based Upon the General Coding Standards

You can fully trust a firm if they follow all the necessary coding rules and systems for app development with highly professional taxi app developers. The developers must work with each other via reusable elements, libraries, and tools & techniques to maintain the code. If your hired taxi app developers are not using the standard system, then there are chances of system failure. 

Maintenance After the App-launch

Will your hired company or taxi app developers deliver you maintenance and support even after the app launch? It is your right to know about the past-delivery support from the hired taxi app development company. Ensure they will provide you with the maintenance support as it will be helpful in any issue.    

Factors that Affect the Taxi App Development Cost 

If you want to hire a taxi app developer, you have to analyze the factors that highly affect the taxi app solution development cost. They are following-

App Platform

Decide the platform for your app development by looking at your needs and customer base. If you want your app to reach a maximum audience, you can go for cross-platform app development, if not then go for Android or iOS to save the cost. 

App Features

Here are the different panel’s features-

Admin Panel

    1. Complaint management 
    2. Driver and passenger management 
    3. GPS-vehicle tracking system
    4. Revenue management 
    5. Driver commission 
    6. Invoicing and billing
    7. Vehicle details

Driver Panel

  1. Booking schedule
  2. Cab tracking system
  3. Fare calculation automatically
  4. Automated e-receipts
  5. SOS contacts 
  6. Route selection 
  7. Passenger ratings and comments 

Customer Panel

  1. Estimated time for taxi arrival
  2. Real-time taxi tracking
  3. Destination and pick-up location 
  4. Fare calculation 
  5. Booking schedule and confirmation 
  6. Hire or cancel the taxi
  7. SOS in emergency 
  8. Driver details
  9. Ratings and reviews

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App Development’s Location

The rates of taxi app development can vary based on the places. If you hire taxi app developers from India, it will cost you less, but it will cost you higher if you hire taxi app developers from outside. Here are the average rates of developers per hour from different regions-  

  • United Kingdom- $50-150 per hour
  • North America- $50-$250 per hour
  • India- $20-$100 per hour
  • Europe- $20-$120 per hour

So, as per analyzing these facts, the all-inclusive estimated cost of taxi app dvelopment will be around $25K to $50K with basic features, and it can also increase up to $1,00,000 if you want more advanced features and other things. 

Hire The Best Taxi  App Development Company!

This article intends to provide you with the knowledge of the essential things to hire a taxi app development company. BR Softech is also counted as the prominent app development company that can offer you assistance for website or app invention. 

Call to Action

At BR Softech, we have experienced and knowledgeable developers who support and guide the customer at every phase of development and even post the app launch. Above we have also discussed the factors that are responsible for the app cost increment or decrement. You can come to us to have less cost comparatively.

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