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Top 10 Popular Taxi Apps In UK

Feb 20, 2024
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Top 10 Popular Taxi Apps In UK

Are you looking for the most popular taxi apps in UK? If yes, this blog is for you! This blog brings you the best taxi apps that are widely used in the UK and will help you choose the right app for your requirements.

Taxis are one of the prime modes of transportation in the United Kingdom. Millions of tourists visit the country every year which contributes to the growth of the Taxi industry. Another reason behind the popularity is the large usage of Taxis by fellow countrymen and women within the state. The Taxi-hailing apps provide convenience to the users to hire a cab at their fingertips on their smartphone without the need to stand on the road or call an individual driver. Today, there is a plethora of taxi apps available online for Android and iOS platforms in the UK that offer cab services to users. If we ask you which one is the best that suits your needs, don’t know? Fret not! We have compiled a list of the best taxi apps in the UK that are popular and offer a wide range of features.

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List of Top 10 Popular Taxi Apps in UK

list of top 10 taxi app

The taxi app eases the process of hiring a taxi in the comfort of wherever you are. Here are the ten taxi applications that are dominating the UK’s taxi industry. 

Taxiapp UK10K+4.1
Free Now10M+3.8
Addison Lee500K+4.1

Taxiapp UK

Taxiapp is considered the most popular among all taxi apps in the UK that distinguishes itself as a unique player in the competitive market. This app was launched to compete against corporate cab companies and primarily to preserve the legendary black cabs from getting outdated. The main feature of the drive taxi app is the immense knowledge of drivers on the streets of London. Their drivers have a deep understanding of London’s sophisticated road network. Apart from this, their navigation and route planning over GPS and wheelchair accessibility is an added advantage to the passengers.


  • App run by drivers for drivers.
  • Best app for London Black Taxi.
  • Taxi is just one tap away.
  • Accessibility for all including pet dogs.


Via is one of the best taxi apps in the UK that offers budget-friendly and efficient transit systems with integrated complex algorithms to match multiple passengers travelling in shared vehicles. This high-tech algorithm facilitates the booking of a single vehicle for individuals sharing the same destination or route. This concept not only reduces travel expenses but also helps in reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions. Some people may not prefer this option in pandemic circumstances while many consider it better for the environment. This app has extensive services in the cities while for rural areas they need to extend their taxi services with a reliable transportation system.


  • Corner-to-corner matching of passengers heading towards the same direction.
  • Cost-effective trips.
  • Shared rides help bring down traffic congestion and reduce overall carbon emissions.
  • Wide coverage over big cities.


A ridesharing company from India emerged as an Uber competitor in the times when Uber was facing operational challenges in the country. A company that provides cab services to more than a billion passengers is not only considered the best alternative to Uber in the UK but in many other countries. This app also offers additional transportation services like corporate travel and car rentals. The Ola app does not provide food delivery services. Ola has introduced their electric taxis for their commitment towards reduced carbon emissions and promoting a clean environment.


  • One of the prominent cabs applications UK and across the globe.
  • Choose from a wide range of payment methods from Ola money, wallets, cards and Netbanking.
  • Higher share for drivers.
  • Ultimate security system.


Gett is a carbon-neutral taxi app in the United Kingdom that is considered a great alternative to Uber. This taxi app has a wide fleet of electric cars in addition to the standard Black Cab of the UK. By implementing electric mobility in their taxi business they have set an example for the future to become one of the top taxi apps in the UK and a widely used cab in London in 2024. As of now, this app has its services in eight cities. Like Uber, it allows the users for pre-booking and immediate booking of cabs. This app gives its customers the option to book taxis of their own choice. Apart from this, there are special taxis as well for disabled passengers which makes it unique to the other taxi apps. 


  • Net carbon-neutral taxi-hailing app.
  • Electric and Regular taxis for disabled riders.
  • Live tracking of the cab in the application.
  • Instantaneous and pre-booking of taxis
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Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt has emerged as one of the biggest rivals in the country. In 2017 some regulatory issues led to the temporary closure of Bolt, and it was relaunched in the market in 2019. This taxi app has 30000 drivers across Europe. It provides extensive cab service in the UK market and primarily focuses on transparent and competitive cab fares. The fare calculation of the Bolt Taxi app UK is based on the total distance and ride time. Through the app, the passengers can see the estimated fare and confirm the booking. Apart from this, there are no other charges as such for using this platform.


  • Several options for cab booking for personal and office use.
  • Panic Button feature that alerts Bolt in case of any safety issue.
  • Comfortable and low-cost rides with various types of vehicles.
  • All types of cards and cash are accepted.


A luxury cab booking company in Great Britain that has been prominently operating within London since 2021. This app has a fleet of high-end cards from Luxury automotive brands. The main aim of Wheely is to deliver a premium consumer service to their customers. Features like complimentary water bottles, professional, well-presented drivers, phone chargers, and even Wi-Fi in some of their vehicles make it one of the best luxury rides in the UK. Unlike most taxi companies whose focus is to expand their operations, Wheely aims to maintain a premium yet specialized service and on the other hand exceed the demands of clients who want the highest comfort level and elegance.


  • Request a chauffeur for yourself or on behalf of your known ones.
  • Fixed fares to and from local airports.
  • Stream your favorite music from your smartphone and enjoy a personalized journey.

Free Now

Free Now has a strong presence in the UK and over 100 other cities in Europe. This app was launched as a merger between Hailo and Mytaxi. This app allows users to hire a traditional black taxi or private vehicles of their own choice and was the first taxi company to offer both options. It provides extensive cab services in London and other cities including Manchester, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Leicester, Oxford, and more. It also allows pre-bookings four days prior to the trip and instantaneous bookings. Recently Free Now introduced shared e-scooter services in various cities to promote diverse and environmentally friendly transportation in urban areas. As of now, users get a large fleet of traditional London cabs, independent cab drivers, e-bikes and scooters which makes it one of the best taxi apps in UK among daily riders.


  • Save home and work locations.
  • Instant cab availability.
  • Share ride details with your friends and family to ensure your safety.
  • E-scooter services in major cities of the UK to promote environment-friendly trips.

Addison Lee

One of the oldest taxi services in Britain provides cab and courier services. From standard cars to black London cabs to premium executives, Addison Lee is an ideal choice for any kind of trip across the sovereign state. Additionally, pre-booking is allowed up to three months prior to the ride, so there is no hurry over last-minute airport transfers, business trips or even first-class travels that suit both the business and individual travellers. This varied range of services caters to the requirements of every type of client. The latest collaboration with ComCab has positioned Addison Lee as London’s biggest private taxi-hiring company marking a notable achievement in the history of the UK’s taxi industry.


  • Cab booking up to 3 months in advance.
  • Economic and first-class travel trips to cater to corporate and casual travelers.
  • Guaranteed Taxi in 10 minutes in Central London.
  • Same-day parcel delivery with London’s largest courier fleet.


The Arro app is designed to provide taxi services in the UK with ease of hailing and paying for taxi rides. The most prominent feature of this app is the simple user interface and the ability to connect the users to the closest available taxi drivers which aims to reduce the wait times and ensure seamless urban travel. The E-Hail function allows the users to hire a cab with a single tap that shows them the estimated fare, route preview, and taxi arrival time. These innovative features and functions place ARRO on the best taxi apps in the UK list offering a perfect mix of convenience and speed to customers.


  • Pay for all black taxis in London through the “I am already in a Taxi” feature by requesting a code from the driver and entering into the app.
  • Hire a cab with E-Hail and get all the information about the taxi including estimated fare, driver details and more.


Uber is a well-known ride-hailing company in the UK and in most parts of the world. Due to top-notch yet cost-effective taxi services, it is well received by both the riders as well as cab drivers across the globe. As of now, it has a presence in over 70 countries and more than 10k cities. With these numbers, Uber gives tough competition to several local and global taxi companies. However, this taxi app UK has been a centre of controversy in many countries for various reasons. However, it has managed to overcome this and continues to provide cab services.


  • Supreme taxi hiring company.
  • Largest fleet of taxis in the world.
  • Low-cost rides as compared to other taxi companies.
  • Wide coverage over the United Kingdom.
  • Share trip details and ensure safety in the case of SOS.

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Why choose BR Softech

As an award-winning taxi app development company in the UK, we have over 12 years of experience in developing top-of-the-line taxi applications for various taxi businesses. We have the finest team of taxi app developers who are well-versed with the latest technologies that help them leave no stone unturned and deliver excellence through the best taxi apps in the UK. If you are looking to develop a taxi-hiring app in the UK for your online taxi business then BR Softech is your one-stop solution for all your needs. Choose us to get:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is Uber cheaper than taxis in London?

Ans. In London, booking an Uber is quite economical if you are travelling for short distances. However, travelling for long distances can cost you a little higher. Overall, Uber is a cheap taxi app as compared to other taxi companies.

Q 2. Which taxi apps work in the UK?

Ans. There are many taxi apps working in the country. Gett, Bolt, and Uber are some of the major taxi companies operating all across the UK.

Q 3. How much does it cost to develop a taxi app in the UK?

Ans. The average cost to develop a taxi app with optimum functions and features ranges between $15000 and $20000.

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