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Top 9 Future Trends Of Android Apps : (AI, MR, AR, VR, IoT) 2020 Editions

May 16, 2020
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The Android market is one of the fastest flourishing. Keeping this in mind, the technology sector is constantly researching different types of wearable apps to grab the attention of smartphone users. There are different types of thrilling Android wearable apps that a smartphone user can use to make their lives easier. People opt for using wearable apps because these are very easy to wear on the go. Another reason why people are attracted to Android wearable apps is that they are packed with immense functionalities. 

The devices designed using this cutting edge technology are easy to wear by people around the globe. Smartphones are also one of the most used consumer goods by numerous people worldwide. Smartphone applications are making people’s life faster and easier, say, for instance, from shopping to banking apps or food ordering applications, all play an essential role in a person’s life. Another important role is in technologies put to use in developing such amazing applications. 

9 smashing future trends of Android wearable apps: 

Trends of Android wearable apps

1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one the best trend: 

When it comes to Android wearable apps, Artificial Intelligence is one of the leading technologies. It enables the business owners to create a wonderful user experience with the help of customized platforms for their customers. The entrepreneurs are able to figure out the customer’s choice and preferences regarding the products they sell. After taking this into consideration, business owners can come up with a solid plan for giving better customer satisfaction. 

Furthermore, e-commerce industry owners are planning to design Android wearable applications by using Artificial Intelligence which in turn enables them to take their business to the next level in no time. It also helps them to know about the particular requirements of the clients and increase revenues. Business owners are able to revert on the customer’s demand faster. Industrial owners also opt for developing feature-rich chatbots by using Artificial Intelligence. Apart from bots, even the analytics is easily checked by businessmen by designing the AI-based wearable application. 

2 Internet of Things (IoT) is another cutting-edge Android app technology: 

Internet of Things devices is designed to help people in different ways. It can keep people safe, and also makes lives easier. These are nothing but the high-functionality instruments that are connected with the smartphone and work smoothly in this way. 

The functioning of devices grabs the attention of tech lovers in a jiff. It is important to choose the best wearable app development company before planning to design such a thrilling device for your customers. Not just consumer devices, this technology has also taken the industrial sector to the next level. The Android market is also creating mesmerizing IoT enabled devices for various customers. Different areas where IoT has spread its wings are smart homes, smart IoT devices for transportation and other industries, etc to name a few. 

3 AR & VR are taking the world by storm in Android segment: 

These 2 advanced technologies are spreading their wings worldwide in the Android sector. The devices developed with AR & VR are easy to operate and function on the digital platform. Different types of mesmerizing Android wearable app are developed by AR & VR. It is aimed to change the lives of people in different ways. 

The wide-ranging businesses and industries implement these technologies in creating tech instruments that are used for sales, healthcare industry, education sector, etc. The industrial owners are able to make their staff learn about the production procedures without any hassle. The most important factor to keep in mind is that research is essential before you select the augmented reality app development company for developing an AR based app as per your business requirement. 

4 Blockchain technology is ruling the world: 

This technology is designed to take industrial sectors to the next level with each passing day. This newfangled technology helps industry owners to make monetary transactions without any hassle in just a blink of an eye. The smooth functioning and time-saving transactions make it highly admired by the business owners. It enables the security of data and the safety of transactions. 

It works effectively around the globe so that businessmen can carry out monetary transactions by sitting anywhere. It works through the crypto wallet. Digital transactions are easily carried out with the cryptocurrency so that money can be easily received by industry owners sitting in other parts of the world. The best part about this Android app trend is that it requires minimal transaction fees. The icing on the cake is that this platform does not require lots of information.

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5. Cloud platform Android app development: 

Another best technology trend is cloud platform applications which enable smartphone users to keep the data safely and securely on the cloud. It just requires internet connectivity to operate the cloud based applications. It is essential for business owners to have the application developed with thrilling features and impressive user interface which grabs the eyeballs of smartphone users in a jiff. 

The more attractive the user interface, the higher the downloads of Android apps. Another advantage of creating cloud Android apps is that the developers are able to operate the applications smoothly with internet connectivity requirements. Cloud technology makes it easy to run the application in real-time. You can choose the Hololens app development company for developing the feature-rich Android app as per your business needs. These applications are beneficial for businesses as well as smartphone users. 

6 Android Instant Apps are in great demand: 

These are also much in demand technology when it comes to Android wearable apps. In this technology, a smartphone user is able to enjoy the smooth functionality of an application but there is no need to install it. These particular apps are kept and function effortlessly from the cloud platform. It eventually saves the data of a smartphone user. 

The best advantage of such an application is that the user’s smartphone is not filled with so many applications and it remains neat and clutter-free. It has not been much time that Google came up with the exciting features that thrill the smartphone users to bits. In this way, people can make start with using the application but there is no need for installation. Even the Android App Bundle is a kind of amazing place wherein a developer can easily upload mesmerizing and function-rich apps in no time. There are numerous virtual reality app development service providers having laudable experience in developing the applications as per your business requirement. 

7 Chatbot will rule the technology sector in Android wearable apps: 

This is also a thrilling technology in the Android sector industry worldwide. It is designed to carry out the task of sending quick replies to customers. It is specifically designed to boost sales and revenues without any hassle. With the efficient implementation of chatbots in Android, different industry owners are able to reduce unnecessary finances so that they can invest that money for planning about increasing business growth. 

It is believed that the majority of businesses will make use of chatbot technology in order to decrease the unwanted costing involved for customer support service. But, it is vital to choose the best Android wearable apps developer for your business app. This will eventually give good customer satisfaction.

8 Cross-platform app development will be a rising trend: 

Many times an IT organization creates function-rich apps and later on it is also available on other platforms too. It is designed for functioning applications at the speed of light. These types of apps are easy to develop with the help of languages such as CSS, HTML, etc. 

This trend is the best because one particular application is able to function smoothly on various other platforms. This kind of Android app trends eventually leads to enhanced business reviews. You should choose the best IoT app developer that you can choose as per your requirement and budget. 

9 In-app search will play an important role: 

This is another trending technology that will be in a rising trend in the Android app segment. When a user starts using the smartphone application, they are able to learn different things and in this way it helps change people’s lives easily. In-app searches are basically for the purpose of users to help the Android application user to learn about something they require. This particular trend is sure to increase with each passing day. 

Closing Thoughts: 

Well, you might have got the insight about numerous types of Android app trends. The Android application industry is flourishing rapidly with each passing day around the globe. There are different types of thrilling apps launched for the smartphone users in order to help them in different ways. If you are also looking forward to developing the function-rich Android app, then feel free to contact us and we will assist you further in creating the best app as per your business requirement. Get the best app development services at affordable prices with BR Softech that can easily help you to stand out in front of others competitors.

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