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With JioMart Give Order On WhatsApp: Here’s How Reliance’s Grocery Delivery Works

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May 16, 2020
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The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused havoc in human life. Almost all commercial activities have come to a halt. It is expected for world trade to fall between the figures of 13% to 32%. Affecting nearly all the sectors, including restaurants, tourism, manufacturing, non-essential retail trade, and hotels, making them immobile.

Apart from medical and healthcare, there is one other sector that is still operating. That is the manufacturing and logistics of essentials. 

The online grocery delivery services helping to deliver the essentials has taken the situation on its advantage. With the current market cap of $1 billion, the online grocery business is flourishing at a fast rate with the companies operating on their full potential to manipulate the market.

Investing in the grocery mobile app development can provide the opportunity to flourish the business during the tough time of lockdown. BR Softech Pvt. Ltd., a leading brand that deals in software development, can provide you optimal application suiting your business needs.

Concept Of Grocery Delivery

The announcement of a countrywide lockdown has surged the demand for grocery delivery apps. Online stores offering contactless delivery was the reason for their popularity. It also evoked other online businesses like food delivery and cab booking to partner with groceries due to drop in sales.

Using the online grocery ordering facilities helps shop groceries at the comfort of your home, with a wide range and brands of products and doorstep delivery.

Reliance’s First Step Towards Grocery Delivery Service

Grocery Delivery Service

JioMart, launched in January 2020, is the latest addition to Reliance’s e-commerce platform. However, it’s current operation is limited to Thane, Navi-Mumbai, and Kalyan. 

The company tends to keep a consumer-centric approach to lure the customers that are active in buying groceries from mobile-based applications. Some key policies like no minimum order, free delivery, no questions asked refund policy, and express delivery. 

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Also, the company promises to serve the customer with the deals amongst all its competitors, and top-notch quality products will be delivered.

It has a fantastic line-up of more than 50,000 products that covers all the daily essentials. For now, it is available only on Whatsapp; however, the company plans to launch it on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store.

With the recent partnership of Facebook with Reliance Industries, it is expected for the Reliance to hike up the business.

Working of Jio Mart

working of jiomart

Reliance JioMart is an e-commerce venture by the country’s largest telecom service provider company. With the effective utilization of the world’s most popular messenger app, the big fish of the Indian telecom market has struck with a grocery ordering platform based on a unique concept.

The operational domain of JioMart is limited to Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan. However, it is soon supposed to expand with the owner taking it to the next level.

Let us discuss how to order groceries using Reliance JioMart, step-by-step:-

  • Saving the JioMart’s dedicated helpline number: The first step to initiate the process of buying groceries is by saving the JioMart’s official number that is +91 88500 08000. The contact number provided will be the first contact base to avail the services or for any query.
  • Looking for JioMart: After having saved the number, the next that you are going to do is to search for the contact. In case if the contact does not display on searching, you will need to refresh your contact list.

  • Ping a ‘Hi’: Begin with placing the order after having done the process as mentioned above, the first step that you need to do is ping a ‘Hi’ on the dedicated number.

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You will get a reply with a link that redirects you to a page where you are supposed to place the order. The link remains accessible for 30 minutes. Once expired, you need to repeat the process by sending a ‘Hi’ to get another link.

  • Filling up the basic details: The customer needs to fill in the basic details that include name, location, and address on the order page. Depending on the availability, users can select items from the store that it is redirected to via the link.
  • Final phase: After you have made the selection of the required item, the order is placed; however, no provision for an order confirmation window exists. Also, JioMart does not support the prepaid facility; hence the payment is to be made during the pickup phase.

You will receive a PDF format invoicing of the order from the JioMart Whatsapp number.

Delivery Time

Due to the strict regulations imposed by the government to keep the spread of the deadly virus in check, the company is currently facing some boundation on its operating hours. Any order placed before 7 pm is supposed to be delivered within 2 days.

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Closing Statement

The upthrust in the sale of goods using grocery apps and the integration of app-driven businesses like cab and restaurant with the grocery delivery facilities and retailers have inspired small scale and large scale businesses to invest in grocery delivery app development.

A recent addition, Reliance JioMart with its announcement of partnering with Facebook has hit the industry by a thunderstorm. With its limited operational domain, in no time, it will expand its functional area. 

Grocery App Development

The increasing demand of consumers using the groceries app is sure to leave an impact after the lockdown.

Rushing to an expert software development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. for grocery app development will upscale your existing retailing business or provide a major thrust to an online grocery delivery startup.

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