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Top Trending Video Learning App Creating A Buzz in Student’s Life During Pandemic

Jun 09, 2020
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top Video Learning App

While many countries are dealing with the different infection rates in this COVID-19, around the world, there are more than 1.2 billion children in almost 186 countries at present who are affected by closures of school because of the pandemic. The online virtual class app is the last ray of hope for students and due to these fast-technological revolutions over the past decade, e-learning is being extensively used worldwide. Due to the threat of COVID-19, these innovations are moved efficiently and quickly to fill this gap generated by postponed classroom learning. 

What is the Importance of E-Learning During the Crisis?

As we know that corona affected areas started locking themselves down to reduce the coronavirus threat and students were also sent home without giving them an idea of how and when to continue their learning. This was assumed previously that this time will pass soon but with the time, this virus spread from one place to another and now the entire world is fighting with this virus, based on this, it is obvious that the lockdown is not going to open so soon. 

By realizing it with the time, various universities and schools have started to use online exam software to provide online classes to all the students, so that they can resume their studies without having many gaps. Though not all of them are capable of having this, they are also trying to learn this in so many other ways like e-learning tools and platforms. 

However, this time is very tough to spend on everyone, but this is the time when we can learn so many things and can take advantage of this extra time efficiently. Organizations are cheering their employees to upskill themselves as well as schools are also motivating their teachers to help the students through e-learning platforms. 

10 Best Free Trending Video Learning Apps in Corona Pandemic 

Trending Video Learning Apps

Whether it is an organizing classroom activity or learning subjects, popular educational apps have made everything easier and simpler as well as enjoyable. Here, we have tailored a list of trending apps for students for making the best out of their mobile usage. Have a look-

  • Google Classroom
  • Khan Academy
  • edX
  • Duolingo
  • Photomath
  • Remind
  • SoloLearn
  • Kahoot
  • Quizlet
  • Udemy

5 Advantages of Video Learning Apps for Education

Learning is a continuous process and the focus has been shifted to eLearning now. Because of the smartphones and feature-oriented online virtual class apps, it is easy for students to learn and understand things just by a click. Here are benefits of using these educational apps-

Increased Parent-Teacher Communication

It will help to build parent-teacher relations beyond educational institutes and it will facilitate teachers to answer the queries of parents. Also, it maintains the education sector’s transparency.

New Methods of Learning 

These education applications provide students a healthy thought procedure and make them understand the difficult things from a different perspective with fun and excitement.

Online Study and eBooks

Various applications are making eLearning easy for students and they are having fun in it as it helps them segregate the study materials over the web.

Mixed Functions

Many student-related activities like learning and understanding the things and making payments online save the efforts of standing in a queue and it also helps to keep track of their attendance.

Decreased Communication Gap

These applications will help institutes to pay attention to all students and it is easy to reach out to them. They can inform them of new schedules, forums, and social school activities easily and simultaneously.

Top 7 Trends of Education Technology 2020

Trends of Education Technology

Nowadays technology is changing rapidly because of the way we live and collaborate. Education technology is also adapting new changes in terms of learning and It is also helping in reducing present barriers of offering quality education worldwide. Here we have compiled some of the top trends for coming years-

  • Online Learning

Every little thing from booking tickets to ordering food can be done online. Online users are also increasing day by day because of smartphones; hence it has provided a good opportunity like online exam software to deliver online education and enable the student to give exams online. In the coming years, there will be an increment in online education and its services. It is also beneficial for eliminating the classroom-based learning’s barrier. And, as we are moving forward, internet services are also getting improved in rural areas. Mobile app-based services such as- YouTube, WhatsApp are becoming popular among all age group’s people.

call to action online learning

Professional education’s adaptability, executive management courses are on top as many people are opting for such courses to learn easily and subscribing sitting at home or office. Education these days is adopting the digital era slowly. For college going students, digital certificates and value-added certifications have much importance now and it also improves student’s employability.

  • Blockchain Technology

It is known as emerging technology and used by many businesses for security and storage purposes. Also, it is used to fulfill the need for a distributed database, collaboration, and storing information. It is also beneficial for examination management, online virtual class apps, certificate verification, etc. 

In the present time, it maintains student’s mark sheets and helps to reduce issues like information collaboration, and validation. In the future, we can see more different ideas and concepts of collaboration-oriented procedures for the education sector through Blockchain.   

  • Digital and Inclusive Online Assessment

The success of education mostly depends on the evaluation type as student’s evolution has been importantly focused on the examination of theoretical knowledge of students. In the future, there will be focused upon student evaluation for practical knowledge of the specific topic and theory exam’s proportion will be eliminated.

AI-driven assessments can be prepared through online examination systems. These systems can provide useful student performance insights, individual monitoring, and group analysis for every topic. It also has an online tool and techniques, bias included with manual evaluation can be reduced.

These digital assessments can also be beneficial for error-free and unbiased monitoring of individual performance. It enables us to provide customized feedback for individuals.

  • Personalized Learning

Now, traditional learning is becoming outdated as on-demand and online services are removing the device, location, and timing constraints. Similarly, education learning or delivery processes like online virtual class apps are being personalized and have a different pace of understanding the specific topic for everyone. This would be the most used trend in the coming years. It has advantages like-

  • Personalized learning will help the individuals to understand and learn the topics according to their speed.
  • The ability to understand and absorb topics enhances personalized learning.
  • Classroom independent
  • Free from any location.
  • Individual’s Personalized Analysis Based on AI

Artificial Intelligence-based learning apps are creating a buzz among all the students at present worldwide. Not only the education sector, many sectors are having advantages due to AI implementation. AI can help in providing comprehensive monitoring of the performance of students in the examination through online exam software. Personalized learning and monitoring are possible through using AI-driven assessments of students. 

  • Exam Management Revolution

 As we know that exams are still conducted traditionally only but AI can bring a lot of changes in this manner. Auto remote proctoring can help institutions to conduct exams without requiring logistics or infrastructure. Remote proctoring technology can monitor and track remote users using an advanced image, video, audio streaming with intelligence in a fair manner.

Presently, this technology has been adopted successfully and applied to education institutes and universities to conduct entrance exams. It is beneficial for removing infrastructure needs and the large administrative cost of arranging such exams.

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

This technology is mostly used in the gaming sector but now this cost-effective technology is also used in the education sector. By implementing VR in education, training will see a good increment in the coming years. Such technology can help a student a lot to understand the specific topic easily and difficult things and concepts can be taught by using an online virtual class app. Technology like VR can enhance knowledge retention to an essential level in comparison to traditional lectures. 

Step Towards Online Learning Platforms

The entire education system is working together in this pandemic time to ensure that their students don’t suffer in terms of their study. Many educators are there who are giving free access to the technologies and tools, and learners are also responding to use the opportunities in various ways. 

In the Indian market of e-learning, an online virtual class app like BYJU’s is the leading app among all the famous e-learning apps. It works not only as a school education platform but also as free services for students. There is an Olive board that also works as one of the biggest e-learning platforms for government and banking job aspirants and it is also known as #GharpeCoaching, a free course for all the students who are preparing for banking exams of any kind across the country for eliminating the risk of COVID-19. 

Student’s Engagement to Enroll in e-Learning Courses

According to a study of leading market research and analysis organizations, 72% of Indians mostly prefer e-learning or online classes in comparison to traditional classroom training. Also, Indian demography is perfect for online learning due to the learners coming from a ruler or semi-rulers’ areas where facilities for education like college, school, or entrance. Despite it, education provided by universities is not able to accomplish the requirement of India Inc. Also, professionals are finding it easier to upskill themselves by using e-learning courses and online virtual class app that can be used as per their convenience as well as managing the jobs

In the future, the Indian online education market will be around 2 million US dollars by 2021 including a growth rate of 52%. With the Corona pandemic urging learners and educators at all levels to adopt techniques of e-learning, the figure is enhancing dramatically. However, traditional learning enables the subject, easy to understand due to direct interaction with the teacher as online learning provides learners more suppleness about time and courses. 

How the Education Sector is Responding to COVID-19?

With the growing demand for e-learning, various online learning platforms are providing free access to the services involving platforms like- BYJU’s that is a Bangalore based online tutoring and educational firm founded in 2011 and now it is a well-known and most high-values EdTech company. Previously, it had free live classes on the Think and learn app but now it has a 200% increment in the number of students. 

Alibaba also has a distance learning solution, Ding Talk with the same influx:” for supporting large-scale remote work”. Many news channels are also supporting these online virtual class apps that are offering curriculum-based learning for students. 

Effects of Learning Online?

Students who have access to the right technology, online learning can be more effective for them in various ways. Through online learning, students recollect 25-60% more study material in comparison to classroom study. The online learning impact varies differently among different age groups. For children, online classes should be in a structured environment to attract them. There requires to be a concerted effort to get the full benefits of online classes and to provide the structure. These engagement methods and tools promote personalization, inclusion, and intelligence. Children under the age of 15 widely use their senses to learn and make this learning fun and exciting.

Final Words

In this blog, you will get to know about top trending video learning apps and their importance to the students and teachers. These online virtual class apps are introducing modern ways of learning and understanding things through mobile applications. These learning applications ease up the problems of students and facilitate learning. Many software development companies provide online learning apps for Android or iOS but BR Softech, a leading app development company has many years of experience in this field and provides top-quality services assurance to the clients according to their needs. For developing such an application, contact us to have a better experience!

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