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WhatsApp P2P Payment Beginning of this Time ?

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Nov 07, 2020
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WhatsApp P2P Payment Beginning of this Time

Everyone is suffering from the on-going corona pandemic, and many of us want to connect with our loved ones again. It is not possible for now as we have to follow the government’s social distancing guidelines. This pandemic has affected people, but it has also affected many industries, including iOS and Android Mobile App Development. 

There are so many new kinds of developments that have taken place due to their increasing demand. It has also transformed the method we send or get money via contactless payment methods, as it is now the new normal in our lives. Digital payment providers like PhonePe, Google Pay, etc. now have a huge demand, and people are also highly dependent on these methods. 

Here, we want to tell you another name has been added to these digital payment services: WhatsApp Pay. In this article, we will explain to you how it works and what benefits it is going to provide you.  

What is the P2P Payment Process?

At present, the demand for online payment process and payment gateways apps is increasing day by day. Every social application booming with everyday social messengers such as WhatsApp, Hike, and Truecaller has launched the P2P transaction model or their platform. The impressive accomplishment made by Google Tez is not veiled from anyone, so in such a summary, the P2P payments developed by Whatsapp is the one to keep an eye on.

WhatsApp will launch Peer to Peer wallet service in the global market. It is beneficial to share money or payment one to another person by the peer-to-peer sharing process. Whatsapp Mobile Wallet is likely to embark in the future; thus, for sure will prove quite transformational in the foreseen time for the enterprises, and the implementation rate may prove quite measurable.

This WhatsApp Payment is relied upon by the NCPI (National Payments Corporation of India). It is not similar to Paytm that includes a wallet for users to collect money and not similar to Google Pay that allows the users to make payments of buying gold and others, paying bills, etc. This new payment gateways app is committed for peer to peer payments only. For WhatsApp payments, this messaging app has been linked with India’s leading banks, such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Axis Bank.  

In February this year, India’s most famous messenger app declared that it had crossed 200 million active users monthly. Thus, it will be significant to provide a new ‘payment system integrated’ update to its users because of so many active users worldwide. WhatsApp decided to go the UPI way for the payment system and not go for more famous digital wallets.

Initially, WhatsApp considered the mobile wallets, but then the draft RBI instructions of March 20 had some unreliability. WhatsApp decided to go for UPI as it has backing from all the leading banks. After all, UPI is a protocol used for inter-bank payment. It enables all the instant payments to be done from any account to another bank account, allowing authenticated credentials for a particular account transaction context.   

How to Set Up the WhatsApp Payments?

Now, we will provide you all the details about how you can set up WhatsApp payments and also how you can link it with your bank account. You will also get the knowledge regarding sending money to your known people using payment gateway apps. You can also send an amount by using another person’s UPI id or UPI code. Check it out-

  • Open WhatsApp on your mobile device.
  • Click on the three dots situated on the right top corner of the screen.
  • Click on the payment option.
  • Now select the ‘add payment method’ option. (Now it will show up on the supported device’s list)
  • Tap on the bank in which you have an account, and it should be linked with your phone number.
  • The app will then ask you to send a verification message from your mobile and select the button ‘verify via SMS’.
  • After the verification, your accounts will show up that are already linked with your number. Select the one you need to set up in the app to use. 
  • Click on done, and the setup procedure of your account is done.

Methods for Transferring Money Via WhatsApp Payments

Here are two different methods through which you can send money by using the payment gateways app; take a look-

Method 1:

  • Go to the specific person’s chat with whom you want to transfer the money.
  • Select the attachment option and then click on the ‘payment’ option.
  • If another contact also has the ‘WhatsApp payment’ set up, you will both see a screen where you can transfer and request money.
  • Write the amount and enter a note if you have any, then click ‘next.’
  • It will then redirect you to a screen where you will be asked to enter the UPI pin. If you don’t have any, you have to create a new one, guiding you in this.
  • After creating, enter the UPI pin, and it is done.
  • If you want to request money, click on the request and wait for the other person’s response. 

Method 2:

  • It is the second method to send or receive money through WhatsApp Payments; look at it-
  • Click on three dots available on the main page of WhatsApp and then tap on the payment option.
  • You can also select the QR code displaying next to your name as by using this QR code, people can send you money.
  • Click on the ‘new payment’ option situated on the bottom right of the main display screen.
  • Tap a particular contact or the option’ scan QR code or send it to a UPI ID’.
  • The rest of the procedure is similar to the ‘first method.’     

What Are the Benefits of WhatsApp Peer to Peer Features?

It’s referred to as an instant messaging app. It allows users to exchange messages in real-time using the internet. It’s available for all the popular mobile operating systems.

Increased ROI:

With the help of the WhatsApp mobile wallet, users can obtain the payment by Whatsapp. People will not be liable for operating the app or the website for getting the payments by pricing elongated forms. Instantly with a one-touch click, users can prepare each transaction and can verify their investment.

It exceedingly supports in developing the ROI of the transaction business as the users are not charged to the other payment transaction methods for getting the payments.


The Whatsapp mobile wallet can function as a modern transaction medium at various POS and allows users to transfer payments to any outlet, direct counter, etc. Thus, it can offer a lot in getting the business transactions hassle-free and perfect at the time the company requires.

Cuts Down Development Cost:

If you have your own business and wanna start a new startup or business, you will surely need this application to connect to people and make a peer to peer transaction. Furthermore, you can add the people to your e-wallet to make an easier payment gateway done or receive the money transfer and receive the process. 


It is an incredibly great feature because, In the present stage, where cyber hacking crimes are becoming very common, that’s why a secured payment wallet has enhanced the need of the hour. But don’t worry, a WhatsApp mobile app protects the user data and its information, peer-to-peer transaction process with all the capabilities to be done, and assures that it is safe from any other cyber or hacker source.

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In the coming days, Whatsapp will blend the peer to peer mobile wallet service into the Whatsapp business app to deliver acceleration to present business peripherals. In the current stage where the payment gateways app such as Paytm and PhonePe are already giving such influence, the Whatsapp mobile wallet can stand as a major competitor that is a major thought about the WhatsApp Peer to Peer transaction or wallet service.

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