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Cool 10 Ways To Using Voice Technology In The Classroom

Jun 29, 2020
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Using Voice Technology

The world is witnessing an increased involvement of technology in our routine life as well as commerce and services! Yes, just over a decade ago, we had no idea that the classroom sessions could have been conducted online without having a brick and mortar classroom. But now the scenario has changed, all thanks to the online classroom software

The online classroom software allows the school management (or any other academic institution) to conduct classes online, keep a track on the progress, and evaluate the performance. 

This article aims to provide information on the online classroom software, the importance of voice technology is conducting classes and the benefits of the above-mentioned technology in running an academic institution especially during the time of crisis such as the COVID-19. 

Moreover, if you also want to incorporate the modern devices in your online classroom, approaching a team of experts like in BR Softech Pvt. Ltd can be the most reasonable and effective solution. 

Importance Of Voice Technology In Classrooms

Voice technology, a touchless mechanism that detects dictation, sound or music and processes it to deliver desired outcomes. Voice technology, with the integration of other advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, is finding its implications in various sectors.

It uses the mechanism of analog to digital conversion that converts the audio signals into digital ones. The device must support an in-built vocabulary or a digital database to process these signals. 

Today, educational institutions are finding application in evolving the learning process. Voice technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning all work in sync to revolutionize the education system like never before. 

While voice search is still an emerging trend, it’s also on its way to becoming indispensable for many, especially for students. With that in mind, we have gathered some of the best ways to use voice search in the classroom.

In some schools, certain voice search devices are blocked from accessing the wifi. But there is a good chance for your classroom computer or laptop to boast a built-in voice assistant, so you may still have options.

Some popular voice-operated device

A list of popular voice-operated devices that are making news and rapidly finding space in households and business institutions is provided below. These devices allow you to have control from over a distance by delivering voice commands.  

  • Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa devices are receiving a lot of attention these days and for a good reason. These affordable devices are convenient to use and provide a whole array of ”skills” that you can use to personalize them. Alexa devices can be linked to other smart home products, for example, TVs.

Alexa skill development company can help provide software solutions that can sync with the modern device and operate via vocal commands.

  • Google

The leading online search engine, Google is proving to be a top competitor in the voice-driven technology market. Google has marked its presence in everyday life hence contributing to its success. If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, saying “”OK Google!”” is enough to get the technology activated and at your dispense. The assistant readily answers your questions and interprets your commands. Google is now offering devices that let you perform voice searches without demanding you to involve your phone. 

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  • Cortana

In case when you are using a PC instead of a Mac, then you can gain access to voice search on your laptop or desktop, using Cortana. However, there might be chances of the students to abuse the voice search? Worry not as the Cortana allows you to program it to recognize only your voice.

10 Innovative Ways To Use Voice Technology In The Classroom

Innovative Ways To Use Voice Technology

Business built on modern solutions idolizes voice technology. Voice technology has the potential to eliminate the requirement of manual efforts and has control over the operations by voice commands

Consider these ways to access voice search in the classroom and talk to the person in charge of your school’s technology if you need help setting them up as the voice technology is equally engaging for the academic sector with various use cases that are mentioned below. 

  • Finding answers

There might be events when a curious student question and the faculty do not know the answer. Voice technology can find answers to almost everything that might appear as a challenge during lesson time.

  • Read books

Give rest to your throat and focus on other tasks while the audiobook involves the students in listening to the exciting tales and fables. Voice technology makes book reading an effortless experience.

  • Learning definitions

Voice technology helps students learn definitions without manipulating them into learning root words and hence avoiding creating a distraction from the current topic. 

  • Recognizing sounds

Voice technology is an excellent medium to effortlessly teach the students about the various sounds that we as humans come across. It keeps the students just a command away from hearing the chirping of birds, or growling of dogs, or even the popular speeches of public figures.

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  • Translating words and phrases

Evolve the students’ brain by making them learn new words and phrases with the help of voice technology. Also, the technology aids in translating foreign words and languages into the local for a better understanding and uninterrupted learning experience. 

  • Play games develop skills

Using advanced devices such as Alexa allows the students to indulge in fun activities by adding a variety of skill sets and delivering clues to the participants like in the game of Jeopardy. 

  • Setting up timer

Keeping track of time has become easy with the help of voice technology. Voice technology automates the count down the process by allowing the user to set up a timer that ticks on the voice command. 

  • Writing prompts

Polish the writing skills of the students by providing new topics to write on, on a daily basis. The voice technology helps the student learn the concept of brainstorming and many others that eventually aids in developing writing skills, the right way. 

  • Playing music

With the help of voice technology, music can be played instantly by commanding the smart device. Drop the stress and cheer up your students by allowing them to treat themselves and play their favorite playlists.

  • Calling out students

Stay random in your approach when calling out students for a fun task or conclusive quiz with the help of voice technology. Assigning voice technology for calling out numbers randomly will ensure that the faculty meets its purpose.

There are a lot more ideas that make the voice technology appropriate to meet up the advancing demands. It can help the faculty to conduct exams where the student can orally answer the questions and record it for the assessment. Also, the speech can then be converted into text for a better and clear understanding. 

Also, the podcasts and audio files eliminate the need of students rushing to the libraries and finding the book from the overcrowded bookshelf. The voice technology allows the student to search for the required reference books from the immense collection that is stored online, instantly.

The applications of voice technology, as mentioned above, provides an adaptive learning environment to the students and sets a benchmark for the academic institutes to evolve using these technological encroachments.

Online classroom software

Virtual classrooms are a trending alternative to the traditional and obsolete classroom teaching that the world now requires. The pandemic of COVID-19 has put all the activities to a halt and such is with the education sector. 

Online classroom software empowers the school management to conduct online classes via video conferencing. It provides a collaborative platform for the learners and the instructors, which connects them and promotes interactive learning. 

There are many benefits associated with the online classroom software that makes it high in demand. Scroll down to uncover each of them. 

Anytime accessibility: No matter where you go, the virtual classroom provides the freedom to access the lectures and content anytime anywhere, what you require are just a smart device and a high-speed internet connection. Register on the student portal and uncover the vast world of online learning that is the future of education.

Time management: The online classroom allows busy adults to enrol into the courses and attend classes at the time that best fits their schedule. It not only saves the time that otherwise would have been waster in commuting to the classroom but also the fuel costs. 

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Immediate feedback: Unlike the real classroom sessions, the online classroom platform provides instant feedback on tests saving a lot of time. It automates the process of checking and also allows the user to view the past record maintained by the software that can be helpful in tracking the performance and strategize accordingly. 

Advancing digital skills: Using advanced technology will not only enhance your academic knowledge but will contribute to making you confident about using the advanced tools. 

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Final words

Meeting the safety standards as a precautionary measure against the COVID-19, online classroom software, and voice technology are finding use in the education sector. 

With the launch of Google’sGoogle’s and Amazon’s voice-operated devices, the process of voice app development is gaining popularity slowly but undoubtedly. 

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading software development company that can assist your idea of taking classes online.

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