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Online Institute Management Software Development Cost & Key Features

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Jun 06, 2020
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best online institute management software

With the fastest growing digital world, it is important for all sectors to go with the time and have a digital platform. This eventually helps in carrying out the functions of your business easily. This is the reason even the educational sector are getting online institute management software developed. The newfangled technology for institute management is aimed at helping the institutes carry out their tasks without any hassle. 

In the current time, different types of educational sectors are utilizing the full potential of digital softwares in order to perform wide-ranging works in no time. Moreover, these softwares are quite efficacious for students too. Even during examination time, such softwares are designed to make the educational institute’s functioning smoother. Institutes have to manage loads of tasks on a daily basis. A proper feature-rich and best online institute management software enables the functioning of daily tasks. 

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Every education institute must look forward to developing this amazing software for immense help in functioning. It is aimed to enhance the scalability of all institutions. It also makes carrying out admissions, exam handling, etc, like a cakewalk. Handling the student’s portal happens to be as easy as pie with the online institute management software. The cherry on cake is that this software is also designed to reduce the unnecessary cost incurred for labour. 

The software is designed to change the face of the educational sector in so many ways. It is also said to enhance the overall efficiency of educational institutes in the long run. Developed with the cutting-edge technology, institute and school management software helps the teachers as well as the students to perform different functions effortlessly. Teachers are able to manage different classes through this particular software. 

8 Important Features of online institute management software

online institute management software features

1 It enables to solve the doubts of students: 

The class apart feature of institute management software must be that it should easily help in solving different doubts of students. It must have a detailed list of different colleges or top-rated universities wherein students can take admission after schooling. Moreover, the procedure to find the colleges must be simple and fast. This in turn will save the time of students and their search about colleges will be solved. 

Furthermore, there must be plain-sailing steps that the students can follow to contact that particular college. There must also be the list of queries which students generally have regarding institutes, as in, cut-off lists, admission related details, etc. The best institute management software is designed to easily keep the data of contacts done by students with a particular institute’s admin department for getting admission without any hassle. 

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2 Easy functionalities for the data regarding entrance exam and the merits: 

Another important feature that must be included in the software is to handle the entrance exam part and about the merit in simple ways. When it comes to student admission for a particular college or the institute, there are some set prescribed rules to be followed. Moreover, choosing the right students for a particular institute is also necessary. The software will provide every data online at one place so that it becomes easier for institutes to choose the cream students to join in their college or institutes. 

Numerous teachers are easily able to check the marks of students with the help of this software in the blink of an eye. It makes the process quite smoother for teachers too. Moreover, even the colleges are able to know about the student’s scores in the entrance exam easily through this software. This eventually helps to enable the institutes to figure out merit-worthy students in a fraction of seconds by comparing the scores. In this way, the best students get scholarships by the particular colleges and are easily given admission with this software. Everything can be carried out in simple steps by the concerned people for the particular task. 

3 Transportation handling must be present in the software: 

Yet another essential and one of the important features of online institute management software is to handle transportation in simple steps. Many students opt for transportation for commuting to the college on a daily basis. This is an important feature to include in such software. This helps the students to a lot of extent. Built-in features in this software also help in handling the daily requirements of student’s transportation. 

The best part of this software is that data can be accessed by the concerned people by sitting anywhere. The reason being every detail is mentioned on the cloud and the data can not be misplaced because it is not added on the system, but on the cloud platform. Different types of institutes and colleges are utilizing the benefits of this software to help students. Furthermore, the software aims at helping various students to choose the destination of transportation in no time. Institute management software will also be able to enable the students to choose the location in just a few clicks. 

4 Proper accounting system is also an important feature to include: 

Another essential feature of online institute management software is to include a high-functionality accounting base that will help the admin department to perform their task. As there are numerous students enrolling in a particular college, management of fees collected, is a time-consuming task by the administration department. This software has helped in making such a taxing task simpler for the admin person. 

It is also very crucial for the institutes and colleges to properly maintain the fees collected by so many students. This in turn will help the institutions function smoothly and make decisions related to finance wisely. They will be able to use the finances properly for the growth of students as well as taking institutes to the next level. The most important advantage of having software for carrying these functions is that it also helps in reducing the frauds that would otherwise be incurred when humans perform this task. The accounting department will eventually be able to function smoothly by utilizing this feature in software. 

5 Management of different teachers is also an important part in institutes and colleges: 

When it comes to top-notch institutes or colleges, there are comparatively higher numbers of teachers from any school. The online institute management software is designed with the aim of carrying out this particular function also faster. Good teachers can be assigned to different classes with the help of this particular software. Moreover, teachers’ performance can also be tracked with this feature effortlessly. 

It will be easy to know as to which teacher’s class is doing well in exams and accordingly teachers can be changed too. Even the right teachers are being assigned to a particular class so that students perform better in exams and get good grades. This ultimately leads to making a student’s career in a good way. Another best advantage of this software is also to handle the salaries of all teachers in a college or institute. The concerned person will also be able to check as to the pattern in which teachers go to the classes for giving lectures. Accordingly decisions can be made by higher authorities regarding a particular teacher. 

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6 There must also be a feature of providing timetable to students: 

When it comes to the development of best coaching class management software, it is quite essential to give the proper daily timetable to the students. In this way, they are able to plan their studies accordingly as per the subject that will be taught at a particular time and on a particular day. Arranging the subjects as per the availability of teachers, is a time-consuming task by the concerned staff in a college or institute. In just a few clicks through the software, this step can also be carried out with ease. 

Since there are multifarious classes going on at a particular time in the college, it takes time to allot the classes to right teachers with no clash of time with other classes. Since this process is also carried out by the software, there is a reduction of human fraud. In today’s date, it is a must for every college to get this software developed for taking their colleges to the next level. The software’s functionality enables to auto-generate the classes to teachers as per the availability of teacher’s time. In this way, it is easy to provide the right lecture time to a particular teacher without any errors or clash of teacher’s time with other classes.  

7 Managing and tracking the health of student in college is also of utmost importance: 

One of the important parts in the smooth functioning of institutes or colleges is to ensure that the health of students is properly maintained. This feature will enable a student to study better and score good grades in an institute. It is quite easy for the admin department to know about which students are on the sick leave and accordingly inform teachers about the same. 

The college is also able to check the disease which is affecting the students and further take proper measures to help enhance the health of students. In this way, the institutes can ensure good health of students so that they will further study with good health which is ultimately a motivation for them. This is one of the major concerns for a particular institute or college. It will eventually help to reduce the number of students taking sick leave. The online coaching software is also required to have this most essential feature built-in for the higher authority. 

8 Management of student’s attendance is a vital part to consider: 

When it comes to the institute or colleges, one of the top most things to consider is about the attendance of students. This is yet another taxing task to carry out by the teachers. Well, the institute management software helps in this regard to a lot of extent. With the launch of this software, it has become easier by colleges and institutes to handle the attendance of students. Teachers are able to manage the attendance and it also helps reduce the human error. The most essential part of an online institute management software

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Moreover, every college can easily figure out if students are regularly attending lectures or not. Accordingly, measures can be taken on the students who bunk classes a lot. Well, attendance is also directly linked with appearing in exams. If in case, students have not attended the particular lectures then authorities will know whom to allow for taking exams and whom to not allow. In this way, only the students who have scored good percentages in attendance will be given permission for sitting in exams. 

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Cost incurred in designing and development of online institute management software: 

Now the next thing to consider is a cost involved in development of this feature-rich software. Well, there are different factors that play an important role in determining this cost. If it comes to calculating as per the particular student, it would amount to around $1 to $20 approximately. Moreover, with the inclusion of more features, this price will further differ as per the institutes. So, it can be said that in a month, it will come to around $4 to $6 approximately. If talking about a monthly basis then the costing begins from $1000 per month approximately. It also depends on the memory space provided for the institutes to keep their data. Many colleges and institutes prefer payment one time. In this regard, the costing comes to $3000 to $5000 approximately and it differs from colleges to colleges according to functionality included. But looking at the wide-ranging benefits, the cost is worth it to take the institute’s functioning to the next level. 

Closing Thoughts: 

So, now you might have got an insight into different types of benefits associated with having an online institute management software. With the development of such amazing software, it is quite effective to carry out different tasks without any hassle. Moreover, this helps in decreasing the human error because all the functioning is done in just a few clicks on the software. Colleges and the institutes are able to reach new heights with the help of this particular software. It is also vital to do proper research before choosing the institute management software developers as per your requirement. This will eventually be profitable for you. 

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