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6 Best JavaScript Framework for Mobile App Development

App Development
Jan 13, 2017
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The dedicated developers keeps themselves updated about the mobile app development trends for developing the feature-rich apps for the clients!

If technology is concerned with, then the mobile apps in different platforms like the ios, Android, Windows Phone are begin coded in separate programming languages. If ios app development is considered, then tech Objective-C programming language is being used for development of ios apps. Android apps are being coded with the Java language. The .NET programming language is being used for the Windows phone apps coding by the dedicated developers.

So, dear developers out there!

Here in this post we will help you to simplify your mobile app development work by listing down the 9 best JavaScript languages for mobile app development which will help you in developing the mobile apps in the best way.

6 Smashing JavaScript Framework that will thrill the developers to bits:

#1 PhoneGap/Cordova:

PhoneGap turns out to be the best in class framework for developing industry-specific ready to use mobile development solutions and the developers can make the hybrid mobile applications in faster way for developing the hybrid mobile apps with the HTML, JavaScript, CSS. PhoneGap is just like the source in between your web application codes and mobile OS APIs. Thsi particular framework helps you to reuse the codes which you have written in tech JavaScript, HTML & CSS and also produce the APIs for mobile OS just like the Android and ios.

#2 Titanium Framework:

It is the highly-favored open source application development platform which enables you to develop the native apps of both versions (mobile and also the desktop) by making use of the top-rated web technologies, such as the HTML, JavaScript and also the CSS. This framework is most loved by the developers around the world and around 800,000+ mobile app developers are using this framework for developing the mobile apps that runs smoothly on different platforms.

#3 jQuery Mobile:

This particular framework is highly-favored among the developers as “write less, do more”. One of the top-notch JavaScript Frameworks and it is well-known for the development of mobile apps or the mobile-friendly websites too for the clients around the globe.

The icing on the cake is that this jQuery Mobile supports multifarious user interfaces which are highly compatible with the modern platforms, such as the Android, ios and for the best platform such as Opera Mini and also the Nokia Symbian. You also get the best option for integrating jQuery by making use of the PhoneGap for developing the class mobile apps for the ios and Android platform.

#4 Sencha Touch:

Alike Ext JS, Sencha Touch is also the marvelous framework which provides optimal solution to the developers for developing the impressive mobile apps for the Kindle Fire, ios and Android, that receives huge number of hits on the download button on the app store. This framework is packed with various creative and useful elements which works best for various mobile apps efficaciously.

#5 React Native Framework:

Being the developer of the native application development, the react native frameworks workd wonders for you apart from the Xamarin framework. Xamarin framework enables you just to write the same kind of code at the time of programming natively- quite same interface design and the same kind of calls too. If React Native is considered then it is very different and this includes JavaScript coding and CSS-alike style sheets and these terminologies are just HTMLL tags for the layout. Hire dedicated game developers of the leading IT company as they have prowess in developing the high quality mobile games.

#6 Meteor Framework:

Meteor is also the top-rated framework which is highly-favored by th developers for developing various interactive mobile apps that helps the smartphone users in making their life easy. Meteor not aonly enables your JavaScript code for the mobile apps but it also provides you ongoing control for your classy mobile app. With this class feature, it is quite easy for your to update the JavaScript coding without the help of developer and making use of the hot code push button for deploying the alterations to the users on the mobile platforms as such. Yet another best feature of Meteor which makes it highly-favored among the developers is that it maintains a local copy of the data by applying its miniMongo database in the internal memory of the phone. Meteor provides the phone-to-server data communication and also syncing is offered by the Meteor. MiniMongo is the best JavaScript implementation of the MongoDB API.

JavaScript Framework Ending Points:

Opting for the best quality JavaScript Framework for the mobile app development is not about the best features including in the framework but how does that Framework’s function can be applied in best way in your own mobile app development project. While opting for the best Framework for the mobile app development, you must choose the one which helps you to save time and cost of developing the mobile app development project.

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