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8 Ball Pool Game Development – A Complete Guide

Game Development
Aug 03, 2022
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8 Ball Pool Game Development

Playing in an 8 ball pool game online is a fun and refreshing way to pass the time. Besides speed rules and kinetic physics, this game requires you to understand its logic. You can play an eight-ball pool on your smartphone or another device with your friends and game legends. In addition to tablet, laptop, and mobile phone, this game is also available in the virtual world. In order to develop a game app like 8 Ball Pool, you must first understand what an 8 ball pool game app is and then its features and specifications.

Overview of 8 Ball Pool Game 

This 8 ball pool game is a refreshing and unique way to spend your time online. This game also includes speed rules and kinetic physics and to play this game; you have to understand all the logic of the game. This game can refine your skills in the proactive arena to take on the world. Also, you can enter tournaments to win amazing cues. You can play this game for exclusive coins and items and also can customize the tables and cues. It is ideal for playing with the Facebook account or with your mini clip.

What are the Features of the 8 Ball Pool Game Development

We offer a wide range of unique and useful features to help you engage your players.

  • Leaderboard

Our 8 ball pool game includes a leaderboard that allows players to see who is at the top and what rank they are at. It encourages players to improve their game performance by comparing their scores with other players.

  •  Set up a private table

Players can create their own custom private tables for their 8 ball pool games with our mobile game development solution. With private games, players can choose the players they want to play with. The private game can be joined by their favorite people.

  • Invite and Earn

The 8 ball pool game app includes an invite and earn program to help you acquire new players and keep existing ones engaged. Your game app allows users to invite friends or other 8 ball pool fans and win rewards for successful referrals.

  •  Attractive Chips

During 8 ball pool matches, you can give gamers attractive chips.During any stage of the games, gamers can upgrade these chips via in-app purchases. Adding this feature to the game is another excellent way to make it more enjoyable.

  •  Online sharing

Various social media platforms allow gamers to share their games achievements, scores, or other updates. Gamers will have more fun and new players will be attracted as a result.

Our next paragraph will discuss the benefits of developing an 8 Ball Pool Game.

What are The benefits of our 8 Ball Pool Game Development Solutions & Services?

The benefits of our 8 Ball Pool Game Development Solutions & Services are:

Share of Revenue is Zero

Due to our extensive experience in the gaming app development company, our Unity mobile game developers can provide you with top-notch solutions that meet your specifications.

Entry into the Market Quickly

We provide ready-made solutions for developing 8 ball pool games so that you can launch your gaming solutions rapidly.

Support for multiple languages

We Develop a game app like 8 Ball Pool in multiple languages to enable your players from multiple regions to engage with each other.

In-app purchases generate additional revenue

By offering in-app purchases of gaming-add-ons to your players, you can generate additional revenue from the 8 ball pool games.

Ability to adapt

You can play our 8 ball pool games on a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices and other gaming consoles.

Guidance on SEO

To improve your gaming solution’s relevance, our SEO experts will provide you with precise guidance regarding various aspects of SEO.

A variety of billiards-themed games

With our 8 ball pool game development tools, you can choose from a variety of billiard-themed games.

8 Ball Pool Game Mechanics Offered by BR Softech

For eight ball pool game development and to play this game, BR considers some essential things that are described below. Check them out- 

  • Breaking Off

If you get to break off, you will be able to move the cue ball anywhere to the left of the white line. By putting one or more balls during the break, you can get another chance. Although, the table will remain open in the game so that you can select the stripes or spots. But striped and spotted balls will not count except the pattern. If you pot the cue ball on the break, your competitor gets the ball-in-hand.

  • Using Spin

It can help you to position the cue ball after taking a shot and use it to snooker the competitor. You can put the ball spin through a moving red symbol on the cue ball with the arrow keys or mouse. It will spin the ball in the direction after hitting the ball. By tapping the cue ball in the top right of the screen and moving the red circle to apply rotation in that direction. 

  • Having a Ball in Hand

It will be possible to move the cue ball on the table anywhere. Although, the mouse over the cue ball will be changed into a hand symbol to pick the ball up. You can just swipe to drag the ball around the table.

How to Play 8 Ball Pool Games?

Play 8-Ball Pool Game

You have to know about the process to play this game for eight ball pool app development. It is played with one white ‘cue ball’, and 15 numbered balls containing one black ‘8-ball’. A player will try to pocket the solid colored balls, while other players try to knock in the striped balls. Before pocketing all proper balls, a player can’t sink the 8-Ball. The player who will pocket 8-ball first will win the game.

Setting Up the Game

  • It is a game played with 15 object balls and a cue ball that is numbered 1 through 15. To win, a player must pocket either group first and then pocket the 8-ball legally.
  • Consider a triangle or small dot in the lateral centre, down the length of the table. You can place the cue ball for the game beginning. The lines across this point are called a head string.
  • Have a triangular pool track and keep 1-15 balls inside. Place the rack to the opposite end of the table to the head spot along with triangle’s one corner facing the break. We ensure that the rack is centred laterally along the food string. Also, remove the racking frame.
  • The pool is filled with different terminology that can be tough for new players to understand it. You can ask a veteran player to get knowledge.

Game Beginning

  • 8 ball pool game developers consider it.  Player lines up the clue ball opposite the head string and targets at the rank. Hit the ball into the ball’s triangle with precision and force. For applying a legal break shot. The breaker has to pocket a ball or drive a minimum of four numbered balls to the rail.
  • If the breaking player scrapes on her or his shot, then this game has begun partially. Now, the coming player has two options- re-rack the balls for open9ing break redo, or accepting the table as it is. He can choose whether to have a personal break or allow the original breaker to try again.
  • The table is open before choosing the groups. The first player to a numbered ball sink efficiently selects to aim the ball groups throughout the entire game. Your goal should be to pocket all the striped balls before the competitor pockets all the solid balls and 8-ball too.

Playing the Game

  • If you are shooting on stripes and make a striped 12 ball, then it is still your turn. You can try to pocket any other striped ball. If you get success, you can shoot again.
  • If you are interested in shooting solids, then make all the balls numbered 1 to 7 to pocket the 8-ball. And if you are shooting stripes, then make all the balls numbered 9 to 15. If you make the ball of the component, then your turn ends as a scratch.
  • Players must call every shot they take into consideration for making it to be legal in many official pool games. It refers to before every shot, announcing which ball to knock into which pocket. You can say, 4-ball, corner pocket and indicate with the pool cue to choose pocket.

Finish the Game

  • Eightball pool website development is incomplete without this last step. In this, you can legally shoot at the 8-ball after making all the numbered balls in the group (solids and stripes). Be sure to call the pocket and look over the table for deciding the easy place to sink the 8-ball. Be the first to legally pocket 8-ball to win the game.
  • This game ends when a player sinks the 8-ball legally after pocketing all numbered balls in the group. However, a player can also lose the game if he commits some specific infractions.

Some Common Game Rules to Consider

  • As a player, you should keep in mind to call a pocket, and all you require to do is click the pocket you desire to put the ball into. In this, some of the mid-ranked tables also need you to call the pocket on 8-ball, and the higher rank tables need you to call pocket for each ball.
  • Also, you can challenge your friends or other people if you have linked this game with Facebook or Miniclip accounts. You can search for a person if you know the name of that player. After searching, they will show on top only if they are online. By searching a player’s id, you can add him through clicking the + sign on their display picture.
  • A user can earn 25 coins by every 30 mins on the web and 1 hour on their smartphone. Click for the free coins button for more coins. Get one pool cash every time you level up and earn coins by watching short adverts.

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What is the Business & Revenue Model of an 8 ball pool?

The revenue model for 8 Ball Pool Game is shown below;

Coins and cash in the pool

In addition to table skins, users can purchase cue stick skins and powers using pool cash. Pool cash and coins can be earned by winning, or they can be bought with money. Players are more likely to buy upgraded sticks since they have more power.

Packs for chat

You can only save a limited number of texts to the 8 Ball Pool. Texts other than those saved cannot be used. As a result, the user can purchase the pack of texts they want if they wish to have more.


Free games earn the most money from advertisements. Either before the game or after, the player is required to watch a short advertisement. It is also possible to place the advertisement as a banner.

The YouTube channel

The YouTube channel of 8 Ball Pool has many subscribers because of the popularity of the game. In order to keep users engaged, they upload interesting videos and tricks, and thus they earn revenue from this source as well.

Various mini-games

After you score a shot, you receive a lucky shot, pool cash, and exciting gifts. In addition, you get a second chance to do the same, but the price is 100 times higher this time. 8 Ball Pool offers a number of such mini-games.

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An industry leader in game development, BR Softech

At BR Softech, you’ll gain the experience you need for game development while taking advantage of the latest technology such as artificial intelligence and amazing graphics for an experience like no other. You can Develop a game app like 8 Ball Pool websites on Android, iOS, as well as on web platforms according to your requirements with the help of expert 8 ball pool game developers. Our team of professionals will also provide you with the best solutions

What is the best way to develop a mobile game app like 8 ball pool?

The following factors should be considered when creating your own 8 ball pool app clone:


It is crucial to plan effectively and efficiently when developing creative game apps. A game app’s success is heavily dependent on its planning. In order to create a successful app, you should determine what materials to include, how to execute them, and what you want to achieve. As the game evolves, it is also important to use modern games.

  • The implementation process

Code development and game development are both part of the process of creating a mobile game. Taking this step seriously is one of the most important steps in the process. The final stages of the game should not be hampered by a planned approach that introduces a bug. This pool game app was developed by developers, UI/UX designers, artists, and coders.

  • The testing phase

After the development process is complete, test all features and functions to make sure the system is bug-free. Errors in online gaming applications can negatively affect the user experience, so they cannot be tolerated.

The complexity of this process makes it very difficult. Testing is conducted at every stage of the process in order to ensure a smooth user experience. Regression testing is one type of testing. Functional testing is another type of testing. If you want to eliminate bugs, you should eliminate the last stage.


Imagine you have a creative application with all its advanced features at your fingertips. For it to be a success on the market, effective marketing is required. An intelligent marketing approach is required for a big band launch. It is important to reach out to customers and to answer their questions. It is necessary to designate a budget for the marketing application in order to improve ranking and visibility in the store market.

However, after knowing the game development process now explore the cost associated with the development of game like 8 ball pool.

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Costs Associated with Development

Development ProcessesiOS Platforms ($)Android Platforms ($)
Development in native languages15-22k12-20k
Design of UX/UI3-6k2-4k
Development of the backend5-7k4-6k
Admin panel 4.5k4.6k
Quality Assurance and Testing6-8k5-7k
Ten to fifteen percent of the total budget is devoted to project management4k3.8k
The final cost40-60k30-55k

App development technologies for 8-ball pool

Expertise and Technologies

We A proactive leading 8 Ball Pool game development company offer a comprehensive set of services and frameworks. Improvements in existing web services or mobile applications that are experiencing technical and business bottlenecks.


Top gaming app development company commonly use the following technology stacks. These tech stacks can significantly increase the cost to develop game apps . These technologies include:

  • AWS
  • Studio for Android
  • FCM
  • Fabric iOS
  • Mantis BT
  • Google API
  • Facebook API
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google Analytics
  • MEAN Stack
  • Sass
  • Swift iOS 
  • Xcode
  • Zoho
  • Sketch
  • Sendinblue
  • Stripe and many more
Call to Action

Why Should You Hire BR for 8 Ball Pool Game Development?

Those people who want the updated and latest version of 8 ball pool game development and searching for an 8 ball pool app development company, we are here to provide them with wonderful development services. We have a dedicated and professional team of experienced people to offer you the best and suitable solutions at an appropriate price. We will provide you best of such games along with the options to link them with the other social media accounts and in-app purchases. Here are some more services:

  • 24*7 customer support
  • Affordable solutions and development services
  • Rich experienced and knowledgeable team
  • Impressive dashboard and attractive graphics
  • Easy process for registration
  • Multi-platform apps and website development 

Game entrepreneurs have chances of high-end returns when they apply business ideas and solutions provided by us. Our eight ball pool game developers also help the clients to establish their tie-ups and in promotion of their gaming applications and gaming websites as they very well know about their designing and specifications. 

We also take care of the methods of payment to provide ease to customers at the time of any in-app purchases. We provide multiple options for that, such as Visa, PayPal, wallet, GooglePay, Paytm, debit card, etc. At BR, we make sure that all possible sources of payment are secured and safe as it includes the user’s data. Our team is focused on emphasizing their experiences and learning over the 8 Ball pool game development to make the BR a leading game development company always.

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