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How Much Does It Cost For On-Demand App Development?

On Demand
Oct 14, 2020
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On Demand App Development

The smartphone revolution with other technological advancements has transformed the code of conduct of businesses. They have become more scalable and approachable, thanks to the on-demand app solutions.

There are many reasons behind the rising popularity of on-demand applications, from the operator’s perspective as well as the customer’s perspective. 

If you own a business that lacks an online presence, investing in on-demand services apps can be a profitable business venture. However, it is important to know the elements of an on-demand app and the overall cost (at least the estimate) of the app development. 

Read this article to gain knowledge about the concept of on-demand service apps and an average cost that it might take to develop a platform that caters to your business needs.

Why App Development?

As a consumer, everyone has come across various applications, mobile and web, that caters to fulfil different needs. There are many use cases of applications that make it popular amongst various private and public enterprises. 

Applications allow different entities to showcase their products, services and vision to customers in a completely different manner. 

Moreover, the technologies like the Internet of Things augmented reality, virtual reality and many others are used to power the modern applications for an enhanced, immersive and interactive experience.  

All the major sectors are investing in on-demand app development services to introduce a new experience to the viewers. Healthcare institutions, grocery stores, restaurants are some of the prime examples that are investing in on-demand app development.

Some Trending On-demand App Ideas

Trending On demand App Ideas

Grocery Delivery development

Soon after the announcement of lockdown, an increasing interest in on-demand grocery app development was recorded. Apart from the brick-and-mortar grocery stores, restaurants and other businesses were also seen investing in the grocery app development.

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Food Delivery

The popular on-demand app development for restaurants business owners is to invest in food delivery applications. Customers enjoy the convenience of ordering hot and sizzling foods at the comfort of their home via their smartphones. 

E-Commerce Platforms

The concept of E-Commerce is known to all. It provides a virtual shopping experience where the customer can toggle between the products that are categorized on the online platform. 

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Moreover, the involvement of other advanced technologies like virtual and augmented reality gives an immersive shopping experience that is similar to retail shopping. 

Railway Tracking App

The railway sector has been lacking technological advancements, especially for the passengers availing the services. However, after the deployment of railway tracking apps in the app market, customers can now easily keep an eye on the train schedules that are as precise as they can be. 

Bike Servicing App

On-demand bike servicing applications can also be considered if you have not settled on an on-demand app development venture yet. Bike servicing apps focus on bike service with pick-up and drop facility that makes the whole procedure effortless for the customer. 

Fitness App development

Fitness apps have emerged as a growing sector amongst the many other on-demand app solutions. These apps feature a ton of workout plans that accommodates every individual with varying definitions of fitness. Moreover, the app also deals with meal plans that become a major attraction for fitness enthusiasts. 

Beauty app development

The on-demand beauty app development services can be a savior at the times of rush to an important event. It allows the user to toggle from many beauticians, makeup artists or stylists and book an appointment at the comfort of their home.

Specifying Target Audience

It is important to identify the target audience at the time of research and planning of your on-demand app development project. You have to decide whether it will be a specific group of youngsters, adults or elderly; or in case it is a service app for specially-abled. 

A well planned approach will help you cover the investment much earlier than expected by boosting up the ROI.

Essential Features In On-Demand Service App

Essential Features In On-Demand Service App

The set of features that you select for your project plays a major role in determining the cost of on-demand app development services. However, there are some basic features that can not be missed no matter the budget or quality of the product that is required. 

  • Customer’s Application

Push Notifications

A must-have feature that tends to keep the user informed about the products or services status. Skipping this feature at the time of app development can keep the users away from receiving the maximal benefits. 

Real-Time Tracking

Missing out the tracking feature can be a serious turn off for the customers. It should be ensured to integrate a robust and precise tracking mechanism that can help users to track the status of the product or services availed.

Payment Gateway

To accept money from the customers, it is important to add a payment gateway system. Make sure that you partner with a reliable payment gateway service provider as any leak at this side can seriously affect the brand image.

Ratings And Review

No matter how good you are at what you do, there is always some scope of improvement that is left. Ratings and review will allow you to identify the scope of improvement and work on it, eventually improving the quality of services at every stage of the business journey.

  • Service Provider App Feature

Push Notification

The feature of push notifications is as crucial for the service provider as it is for the customers. It will alert the service provider every time when a customer requests for the service.

Accepting/Rejecting Requests

There are instances when the service provider will have to be selective before making any booking. Hence, integrating a feature that allows the operator to have control authority over accepting and rejecting customer’s requests is a must to have. 

Track Earnings

There should be an effective mechanism laid out to track the daily, weekly and monthly earnings. It will help the operator to strategize the business better and also make the monetary decisions accordingly. 

Setting A Schedule

The on-demand service apps these days adopt a flexible approach when it comes to scheduling the employees or say the partners. It signifies the importance of flexibility and hence is suggested for you to integrate such a feature that gives the freedom to set working schedules as per the availability. 

Cost Of On-Demand Service App

Cost Of On-Demand Service App

Integrating the list of features that are mentioned in the article might be or might not be enough for a smooth operation. It is at the discretion of the software development company along with the client that it can be concluded what all features can be considered for the project.

However, if calculated roughly, the cost of app development can be somewhere between $50000 to $100000. The range is mentioned to provide the basic idea, and the actual can vary depending on the app functionalities. It can get lower or even much higher than the upper limit.

There are several other factors as well that play an essential role in determining the cost of on demand mobile app development. Factors like the location of the software company and its brand value are one of them. Others can be the time required by the development team to complete the project and its complexity. 

The number of platforms that the app targets are another influencer. The higher the number of platforms, the higher will be the cost of development. However, it is to be noted that the more platforms you will target, the more audience you can target and hence eventually increasing the profit-making capacity. 

But to get a more detailed description of the cost and the accurate budget that you require, consulting an expert software developer like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is recommended. 

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a class-leading software development company that has an operational history of more than a decade. Having a team of more than 450 professionals that excels in the dedicated software department, making it effective in front-end as well as the back-end processes. 

Final words

After getting in-depth knowledge about the on-demand service apps and the cost associated with the development process, there is no point in delaying the project.

Consult an expert software development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. to get a detailed overview of the development of an optimal on-demand service app that is just right for your business. Hurry up and invest in an online on-demand service app to flourish your business before the competition gets tough.

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