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What Does it Cost to Develop an Secure Mobile App?

App Development
Oct 20, 2020
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Developing an amazing mobile application is an uphill battle in today’s date. Both the developers and the business owners make great efforts to know about mobile app development from soup-to-nuts. At times, business owners do find it difficult to select the best platform for developing a feature-rich mobile app, and there are times when the developers are not able to figure out the exact requirements of their customers.

Being a developer, you will definitely not want the user to uninstall your app from their smartphone. So, to be perfect in mobile app development, you must know the 5 mobile app development tips for the app developer. By following these incredible tips, you will be able to develop innovative apps which will help the users in generating more revenues.

Now, the question arises, how much does it cost for developing a wonderful mobile app?

BR Softech is well known for creating the best in class mobile apps. It is difficult to get the best app developer at the right price.

Again, hiring the offshore developers will not cost you a king’s ransom, compared to hiring the domestic developers. And opting for the established firm for app development will not cost more than a freelance hire.

The cost of developing a mobile app can be around $5,000 to $500,000. The price can increase to $100,000 to $300,000, and the complete mobile app development process can take around 12-20 weeks.

Factors which affects mobile app development budget:


While designing the wonderful mobile app, two things are to be considered, designing and app functionality. An impressive icon in the mobile app is sure to win the hearts of the customers. They will love to use your app by having a glance at the breathtaking design of the app.

A function-rich app must be a blend of the awesome splash screen, an icon, interface elements like the tabs, buttons and many other different design features that will be enticing for the users to use your app. But, the lovely app designing will cost you a king’s ransom, so get ready to make a dent in your pocket for getting a beautiful looking app.

For example, shopping apps involve astonishing design for users to make good use of it. If the design of the shopping apps is wonderful, more and more users will download the stunning app on their smartphone. Cost of developing a similar app like amazon will be more if you desire many users to use that wonderful shopping app on their smartphone.

Apart from shopping apps, cost and time to build similar app like laundry will also differ as per its design.

Platform for the app:

You can develop a beautiful app which can be accessed on any mobile platform: ios (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows phone.

Again, the price will differ as per the mobile operating system. Mobile app development on the Android platform is trending in today’s date at a rapid pace.

Many app developers create the first app first on the ios platform and then for the Android platform. Developing apps on Google’s platform is more complex. It takes more to develop apps on Android platform devices.

Business model is another factor:

Next question comes is, to monetize the app. When the app is being made, then how will you make a profit from it? You have a variety of options available with you. You can allow the users to download the app for free, or sell the lustrous app for a fixed price or earn the money through in-app purchases. The pricing will vary in the option you choose for monetizing the app. In-app purchases require much time to implement.

Distribution of app:

You can opt from a variety of distribution channels that will utilize your app. The costing will differ as per the option you select. The giant commercial channels like Google Play and iTunes involve more charges. Moreover, the app will require the approval from the hosts to ensure the security policies regarding the app.

Apart from Google Play and iTunes, there are various other options like a corporate app store.

Functions of the app are also the factor:

The purpose for which the app will be used is also the factor which affects mobile app development cost.

You need to think about these questions like, will the app be made for public use? Who is the target audience who will use that particular app? Will the app be used internally? Who will be the internal users for the app? How will the app be beneficial for the users who use it?

All of these questions will affect the cost of mobile app development. As per the functions and uses of the app, the cost of developing a mobile app can be low or high.

Integration factor:

Another factor which can decrease or increase the cost of mobile app development is third-party service. B2B services will increase the cost of mobile app development. There are some health apps which require to host their data on HIPAA compliant backend. If you desire to build your own, then it will cost you a king’s ransom.

Cost of Mobile Apps Development Conclusion 

The uphill battle is to find the right kind of developer in your budget. There are 7 awesome tips for hiring dedicated mobile app developer, who will understand your requirements while developing a perfect mobile app for you. You must opt for the mobile app developer who is commendable and will understand the goals and objectives of your business and accordingly develop the perfect app having good functions.

Have you got an idea of an app? Feel free to share with us. At BR Softech, we have a team of laudable mobile app developers who have 10+ years of experience in developing best in class apps for the clients around the globe.

Hire mobile apps developer of BR Softech, who will assist you in turning your app idea into reality on your trendy smartphone.

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