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Messaging App Development: Cost Analysis of Developing an app like Telegram

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Dec 23, 2020
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cost to develop an app like telegram

Gone are the days when everything was done manually, technology up-gradation has taken a giant leap that has made things effortlessly. Staying in touch is quite smooth these days and become extremely ideal for loved ones with the help of numerous messaging and chat apps.

Digitalisation can boost your business and help you to grow briskly with these innovative apps that are somewhere keep you engaged. 

These days telegram clone script and Whatsapp clone are creating a buzz all around the world and somewhere securing a top position in the corner of everyone’s heart.

If your business mind wants to dive in this instant messaging business or want to develop an app like telegram then this blog will help you to know all the nitty-gritty of the digital world. 

Let’s take a tour and learn everything about How to build an app like telegram and convert your passion into a million-dollar industry. 

According to Statista, the number of global smartphone social messaging app users have exceeded from 1.58 billion in 2016 to currently 2.01 billion in 2018 and is expected to shoot up to 2.48 billion by 2021.

What we can know about messaging apps like Telegram?

Telegram is a popular face amongst Millennials as it has more than 365 million downloads since its launching. An app like telegram does not rely on major external forces for data storage with encrypted messaging core features. 

Telegram is one of the applications that has no restriction on the age limit, it can be accessible by all age groups. Telegram works for the multi-purpose option it provides you with the flexibility of chatting, video calling or downloading latest videos directly.

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Telegram is available on major platforms with its security features that keep users engaged all around the world. Making an app like telegram can be the most ideal option for young entrepreneurs at this lucrative time.

Things you need to consider while developing Telegram?

things to be consider while developing telegram

Proper Research

Profound research always works well in every particular manner. Before developing apps like telegram one must know about its demand, functionality, coding and other required mechanisms. With similar messaging apps like whatsapp can be proven beneficial to know well about the needs, features and market competition.

There are numerous leading app development companies that strive to deliver top-notch functionality apps while estimating your costs. 

Strategize the Demand 

Moving your business from offline to online can be a tricky task. A small ignorance can sometimes lead you to great repercussions. Before planning out anything you should plan and strategize the marketing tactics more profoundly.

Choosing the right team with the right audience can be a great combination to stand out. Develop an app that fits your market needs. 

How unique is your product?

As already mentioned before, thousands of startups come and go every day which means there is no idea that is new and unique anymore.

Therefore, before setting up an online business, it is mandatory for you to figure out what makes your product or services better than other service providers that are already out there. Your niche is your primary concern that needs to be sorted before going any further.

Who is your target audience?

Once you know your product is ready to be rolled out, you need to figure out who is your customer. Because let’s face it, you can’t sell groceries to a fish! It is always best to do your research and pan out your target audience so you can accordingly plan your business strategy.

How secure is your website?

When a customer visits and registers on your website, they provide a lot of personal information that can be misused by any third party for lack of proper security. To ensure that your customer’s sensitive data is never compromised, it is a must to maintain top-notch security practices. It goes without a doubt that your customer’s security comes first and foremost. 

While these are just remarkable points that can determine the success of your online venture, there is certainly more that goes into the plate. Digital marketing strategies, advertising plans and a lot more to go into the making of a successful online business plan.

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To ensure that your idea is successful, it is important to research through and through the market, the audience, the competition, and a lot more other factors that can make or break your business.

Overall Estimation cost of Developing a Telegram App

cost estimation of telegram app development

There are several ways where your total estimation cost can be varied accordingly. With all the elements that are considered while the cost to develop an app like telegram. If you are curious to know about the elements affecting the costs here are the top factors you need to know about all.

Strategizing the app can somewhere reduce the overall burden and give you an estimated idea about the development cost of the telegram app. Let’s quickly find out the factors on what basis total costs are calculated.

  1. App Platform

The significant factor affecting the cost is the app platform you choose. There are multiple options where you can choose accordingly according to your market needs and demands.

Most companies go for android while others go for iOS. These decisions solely depend upon nature, demand and the cost to develop an app like telegram multiple options are also available these days where you can choose both android, iOS and web.

Native App Development: Opti native app development for multi purpose options that help you to run your app on multiple platforms.

Hybrid App Development: If you are a young entrepreneur who wants to start their own app like telegram online, hybrid app development can be the preferred option as it works on single platforms.

  1. App Design

 To get the recognition of its users, an attractive and attractive app design is needed. App design needs to be innovative and unusual that can capture the attention of users. Although app development services expenses are quite high, many firms offer expert developers at affordable prices.

  1. App Size

The scale of the software refers to a device’s total amount of features and functionality. It is the key factor that has a huge effect on the expense and assists the manager to choose the right performing apps. It is possible to obtain a favourable outcome by carefully picking this out.

  1. Geographical Location

Development costs can vary accordingly on the basis of geographical location. While evaluating the total cost of your app, the development location plays a huge role.

The labor-intensive process in other developed countries is huge than in developing countries like India. Choosing a developing company for app development can be proven much beneficial in terms of value for money. 

  1. Size of the Project

Size of the project can be one of the significant factors affecting the major cost of the product. More will be the features higher will be the amount, all these cost depending factors are affecting the size of the project, those ecstatic features that seem in demand will automatically enhance the overall costs. 

online Booking call to action

An exact overall cost is sometimes hard to predict but we can assume a lump sum amount that can help us to examine the overall cost of developing an app like a telegram. There are certain measures to calculate costs it can be in hours, dollars, or as per the region. Market prices sometimes differ as per region based.

  • The United States of America can cost you around $60-250 per hour
  • Europe can cost you around $50- $150 per hour
  • India or other Asian countries $ 10 – 110 per hour

This way, the final cost for one platform is expected to be between $20000-$25000, but if you plan to hire app developers in the Indian area, the cost will hit $50000 for both iOS & Android platforms.

In the end,

Now that all the key points associated in developing the telegram and whatsapp applications have been addressed, you would be able to get a clear image of how to continue with the development process and the costs involved in the project development. Your app’s progress relies not only on business strategies but also on the telegram app developer you hire. Choose wisely!!

BR Softech that is home to brilliant minds will help you launch your app with complete guidance and excellent user experience. We are having a good knack in developing chatbot app development that suits the needs of the market.

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