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15 Best Whatsapp Clone Apps List of 2020 – Whatsapp Alternatives Apps

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Oct 01, 2020
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15 Best Whatsapp Clone Apps

There is no doubt that WhatsApp Messenger app is the most famous messaging app across the world that is possessed by Facebook. It has taken the messaging app development to a whole new level. And, most of all, this app never disappointed us with its performance and came up with something new every time. By providing new updates and features to the users, it remains at the top always. 

However, some people are not happy with the WhatsApp messaging app, and they want an alternative to the app. If you are also one of those people, then here you will find a tailored guide of the list of best WhatsApp alternative apps of 2020. 

15 Best Alternatives of WhatsApp that You Can Use in 2020

15 Best Whatsapp Clone Apps List of 2020

However, WhatsApp is best in its own way, but various clone apps are available in the market as well as WhatsApp alternatives. If you are also looking for a WhatsApp clone app, let’s explore the list with us and pick the suitable clone app for you. 

  • Skype

It was the first app that introduced the video calls of high-quality, Skype can be the best WhatsApp alternative. You can use it for connecting SMS, sending messages, and replying to the SMS of phones directly, HD video calling with 24 members simultaneously, sending emojis, and interacting with the people all over the world. 

Through it, you can also send various media files and images. It also includes interactive UI and cool themes that are best to use for messaging.   

  • Wire

Want a fresh and new looking messaging app? Try this one; it has got so much popularity because of its different and attractive features. This open-source app provides end-to-end encryption along with rich-features while permitting you to use it on more than one device at a time. It has several kinds of features including self-destructing messages, group video calls, link previews, deleting messages from recipient’s end, etc. 

  • Snapchat

If we talk about the technical aspect, it is not purely a social media app that can also be used as a messaging app. For instance, you can send messages that will be self-destructed after a limited period. If a person tries to take a screenshot of the chat, then the app will alert you. It provides the best collection of the face mask of all the apps that make it different from other apps. 

  • Telegram

There is no doubt that it is counted as one of the best messaging apps like WhatsApp due to its amazing features. Despite its messaging services, it offers you to develop your public channel, self-destructive messaging, sharing big files, secret messaging, and so on. It protects all your messages with end-to-end encryption completely. Also, it offers customization features, in which you can change the chat theme containing night, dark, and other arctic colour themes. In this, you can also make a personalized chat folder where you can see the specific chat list separately. A hidden feature of this app is that it allows you to download all the latest web series, movies, and dramas in HD quality. 

  • Bridgefy

This clone app is beneficial for those who face internet connection problems frequently or living in remote areas. This app can be operated in 3 modes that are- Mesh mode, person-to-person mode, and Broadcast mode. 

Person to person mode– It permits you to interact with your friend within the range of 330 feet by using Bluetooth connection.

Broadcast mode– It will help connect all the Bridgefy Users at a time.

Mesh mode– It works on the principle of Bridge as you can connect 3 people at once. And, the middle person will be a span to connect with the third person. But even in this situation, all your messages will be encrypted, and the middle person can’t read your chat.     

  • Voxer

It can be used as a walkie-talkie messaging app like WhatsApp, containing privacy and encryption. It also contains making calls, saves them, records them for future purpose. You can do messages and make groups as well with the limited 500 members. This app is available in premium and frees both versions. App’s premium version contains recall of the messages, unlimited storage for messages, and also admin control.

  • Threema

It is the most secure messaging app to provide privacy to your messages. There is no longer required to register with the mobile number as it will give you an 8-digit ID to access the app. In this, all your files and messages will be encrypted and you can lock-up your private chats as well. It is developed by using WhatsApp clone script so that it can also be used for group video calls, voice calls, messaging and scanning QR code. 

  • Signal Private Messenger
    Signal Private Messenger

This WhatsApp clone app provides various security benefits in comparison to WhatsApp. Although it is a clone app, it still provides screen security, self-destructing messages, and so on, unlike WhatsApp. Despite that, signal offers encryption to the calls, backups, and for other data available in the app. Also, the files sent through the app are secured. You can disable the dark mode of this app if you don’t like normal or brightening mode very much. 

  • Keybase

For maintaining the privacy and anonymity of the app user, it is the best alternative. It doesn’t demand you a phone number to sign up, and you can write up on any social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter without using your real identity. It doesn’t provide the feature of taking screenshots and has 4-star ratings on the Google play store. Give it a chance. 

  • Viber

It is another WhatsApp clone app and has similar features like WhatsApp. It gives full privacy and security for messages, phone calls, and distributed media. Despite that, messages saved in more than one device are also secured, and that offers multi-device support for messaging apps packs. Consider that WhatsApp does not offer this feature to date. This app also gives you access to a community page, where you can join and also part your ideas with so many users. 

  •    Kik

This WhatsApp alternative app allows you to use your Email ID instead of mobile number for using messenger. You can do all the things through it like video calls, chats, send files, group video calls, sharing media files, etc. After sign up, it will provide you with a unique username, and it also supports bots, unlike WhatsApp. The bot will be beneficial for you to get news updates daily, solving quizzes, and some other related tasks as well.

  • Dual Space
    Dual Space

To use this app, you don’t even need to uninstall your WhatsApp. This app permits you to make more than one account in one device of the same app. This WhatsApp clone is the best clone app you can use at present for Android. Users who need double social accounts for personal and work-related activities, this app is useful for them to do both the works at the same time.     

  • Hike

It is known as the most expressive chat app for multiple platforms like Android and iOS. Media sharing and private chats are also safe with this messaging app alongside document sharing. Among all the same looking messaging apps, it is one of its kind with some unique looks. With unlimited chat themes, unique and fun stickers, facial features, etc. it is exciting to use. 

  • Dr Clone
    Dr Clone

You can sign in into various accounts through this one app, and you can make your system private at the same time. Also, you can hide all the built apps so that no person can access your personal data without your permission. It is also known as the interlinked version of double accounts, aligned social accounts, and also secure your messages with strong and effective locking mode. 

  • Google Hangouts
    Google Hangouts

This is counted as one of the messaging apps like WhatsApp that permits you for group chat, including 150 members only and also, video calls with 10 members only. By using this, you can connect with the Google Voice account for messaging, voice calling, and voice integration as well. You can join with any person across the globe by using hangout. Also, you can sync all the chats through all devices and can access them as well with ease.  

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Final Verdict

In this blog, we have rounded up 15 best WhatsApp alternatives that can bebeneficial for you to replace this popular app. These all WhatsApp clones are selected as a replacement as per the rates and reviews of the users. Please choose the best clone app to use and get benefit from their amazing features. If you want to develop a WhatsApp clone app or a double WhatsApp account app, get in touch with the BR Softech. We will provide you with premium-quality services along with the guidance of expert and skilled professionals. Connect with us to enjoy the awesome clone app with vivid features at the appropriate price.

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