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What are the Smart Features of Ride Sharing Apps ?

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Apr 01, 2021
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create your own ride sharing apps like Uber, Ola, and Lyft

In this complex world, technology advancement has made it easier for commuters to move from one location to another. It’s an inevitable part of everyday life that we often have to travel a distance, and common transportation such as buses and trains run according to our choice. The  ride sharing app doesn’t need to bring convenience with millions of rides and comfort in everyday aspects.

A taxi company can make it easier for customers to book a ride while also expanding their customer base by developing a mobile ride sharing app to complement their existing service.

Stats- To support this fact, it should be pointed out that apps like Uber and Lyft completed almost 35 million more rides than standard taxis in NY in 2017. Aside from that, Statista predicts that the annual growth of the global ride-hailing service market will reach $126,521 million by 2025.

What is Ride-Sharing App

Conjointly, the above things form the major backbone of a ride-sharing app. It leverages all the various riding essentials of today’s users so as to make the traveling interesting and comfortable. In today’s era, all people like to come by vehicles, seeing this, taxi mobile applications allow you to share the ride with safe services, which provides customers the convenience of riding comfortably.

Emerging Features of Ride Sharing App

To develop an app you must ensure and keep in mind the emerging trending features for the market prospectus. Here are the best Emerging features of Ride sharing app.

Increases Visibility

Developing an app that is an effective way to promote your business and engage a large number of the target audience. These apps provide perfect ease to its users with a high range of functionality like easy sharing, earn coupon codes. 

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking enables the user to track the cabs and help drivers to find the location of the commuter more accurately. With these live tracking functions, it helps both the parties to reach their destination in the shortest possible time. It helps you to increase efficiency and reduce all the possible outcomes. 

Generate Revenue 

Ride sharing apps help the user to increase their business productivity and earn a handsome amount of money. While creating an app, one must consider a few latest and innovative things that can help you to generate revenue.

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Create a Brand Value

Developing the brand value is quite essential in order to expand the business. An excellent taxi booking app helps you to build a brand reputation around the globe and can also help you to build a relationship with your customer. 

Step-by-step Process of Ride Sharing App 

After the enormous success of the Ride Sharing app, it is vital to revolve around time. As the taxi business is very much in demand, it inspires lots of the younger generation to develop an app and help them to go beyond your imagination. 

1. Identify Your Business Goal

The foremost thing any developer needs to understand. What kind of Ride Sharing  app do you want to offer and who is your target audience? There are numerous clone scripts used by the taxi app development company to build an app like an uber application or other leading taxi apps. 

  • Car rental services
  • Shuttle services
  • Sharing services

To start an app, you must have a layout. These apps are providing a great option to grow for those who are kept updated with time. 

2. Analyse the Market Demand

After identifying your business goal, analyse the market demand and prospects of the business. With this in-depth knowledge, it helps you to make the best possible decision. Major significant points that you need to research before putting a step in the online taxi business.

  • Know your competitors
  • Understand market Demand 
  • Analyse customer behaviour
  • Know your competitor weakness
  1. Prepare a Business Model

The business model has proven useful for taxi booking apps. It would be best if you determined the scope of earnings, revenue resources, costs and other monetisation strategies. Determine the taxi booking app business model and choose the best possible featured product that helps you gain momentum in the business.  

  1. Choose locality and city

It is vital to select a specific place and location while planning. Before making any kind of decision, it is essential to know what is the need of your business. It is required to learn how you are going to gain profit and what are the future courses and locations you can choose while attaining considerable clients from the online market. 

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  1. Hire a skilled Game App Developer

Online taxi business is emerging technology, and it is quite evident that it is not going to fade up soon. It is now a challenging task for you to hire those developers that help you to stand out from the crowd. It is always advisable to take a bit of expert advice and consult with a taxi app development company.  

Smart Panel Feature of the Ride-Sharing Application

User Panel:

This panel is based on the user activity which provides these features in this application service.

  1. Register:

A user can register personal details like email-id, the mobile number with a password to use this application service.

  1. Find a Ride:

According to the requirement, the distance user selects the ride or enjoy short-range or short walks on the short path.

  1. Real Time Updates:

The real-time update feature provides the facility of an actual process like drop location which indicates the proper way of using the ride.

  1. Location Tracking:

The tracking location provides the best facility to track your booking taxi driving that provides tracking with time arriving.

  1. Scheduling:

You can use the time scheduling of your taxi ride which provides you instant or simple service on fixed time arriving.

  1. Cancel Booking

The user can cancel the ride on the last time due to late arriving, route error, and many other issues taken by the co-traveler.

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Driver Panel

  1. Login:

Below this division, the driver can register personal detail into the app with the help of credentials given by the admin.

  1. Accept/reject request:

Owing to the exact location of the co-traveler and destination, the taxi driver can accept a user ride request or reject the assigned request.

  1. Trip information:

The Taxi driver can examine the journey information such as the drop-off stop; user and co-traveler pick up position along with the estimated distance location.

  1. Built-in navigation:

This is the common attribute of a taxi ride-sharing app. The driver can recognize the pick-up location of both the user and co-traveler and can reach out the most optimized route to be taken.

  1. Contact Passenger:

Contact passenger: Driver can connect the passengers as well as on call. The driver can ask about the specific landmark or the exact palace for pick-up the users.

Admin Panel

Features of Admin App

  1. Manage Dashboard

All the drivers associated with the app and the rides taken by them on a daily basis are managed and monitored by the admin.

  1. Manage car share preferences and car details:

All the taxi or cab riding organizations attuned including the app and the ones that are several booked by the app users are maintained and stored.

  1. View and manage posted rides:

All ride plans booked by the user and co-passenger are organized and watched by the administrator

  1. Pay for drivers:

As per the total number of trips used, the car model used and total distance covered by the admin can pay the particular amount to the driver.

  1. Manage to pick up suggestions:

Below the application section, all the pick-up charges, co-travelers, and their features are listed and maintained by the admin.

  1. Ride and driver report:

Admin is maintained the report of ride and driver that is called feedback feature and controlled by the application administrator

  1. Manage email templates:

In this feature, the administrator sends a description of each ride, the response on the resulting email, along with payment invoice, to the details of the response sent to the email, which is known as email templates.

Technology Stack:

The technology stack of the application provides some stack used different purposes

  1. Ride-sharing app for Android:

The Google API is developed as a location-based riding android mobile application that handles the route as per google map bases and provides the navigation features and the co-traveler or user use street API to find out the optimized path.

  1. Ride-sharing app for Android:

The iOS user application uses the Core Location framework for location maintenance purposes which are MapKit framework. It is suggested the shortest route be taken.


The world is adopting cheaper and more convenient solutions for mobility and transportation. It is the best time to develop a taxi booking app for those who want to enter in the taxi business. But before that, you must know all the detailed information and capability of the ride sharing app development company and their supportive sales services. 

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 The riding application is the best service at present time. We can say that it provides lots of better service with fully secure and reliable or user-friendly app service. BR Softech develops these types of applications, so you can visit our website to use these types of application service. Hire Mobile Apps developer to develop a better application.

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