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10 Effective Key Points Hospital Management Software (HMS) 2020

written by Nitin Garg | Jan 21, 2020
Key Points Hospital Management Software

Key Points of Hospital Management Software

Technology is changing rapidly day by day; hence there is a need for us to change with time and adapt technology. Managing a hospital requires a lot of human resources as well as time and money. By developing hospital management software, medical organizations can help their employees to avoid processing of loads of data and paperwork. Apart from this, hospital management software helps medical organizations to keep track of their patient’s history and reports.

A hospital management software (HMS) is software that collectively combines and manages all the departments of a hospital, like administration, medical, finance, service department, laboratory, medicine, OPD, and much more.

The market value of healthcare software is projected to reach around $29.9 billion by 2023, with a CAGR of 7.4% from 2018 to 2023, which was US$ 19.5 Billion in 2017. (source)

Hospital software has information in all these categories. These are-

  • Patient
  • Doctor
  • Staff
  • Reports
  • Insurance
  • Billing
  • Medicine
  • Inventory
  • Laboratory
  • Occupancy
  • Services

Features of Hospital Management Software

Features of Hospital Management Software HMS

Hospital management software helps to bring efficiency to the medical industry. It should invade every stage of the healthcare process. If you are planning to build a hospital management software, these features will help you to understand about HMS.


HIMS software minimizes the time that is consumed to register the patients, along with seeing the number of patients are there in the row. Patients need not rush themselves to register physically. Now it is convenient to make an appointment with an application online.

Online Appointment  

By entering some necessary details of yours, you are good to go to make an online appointment. It asks you about the symptoms of the disease you are currently facing and want to discuss with the doctor. It also asks you about the category of doctor you want to appoint.

Finance Management

The hospital management system brilliantly manages financial activities like the cashier in a hospital does. It keeps track of all the payments during a day as well as the payment history of a particular patient. To make it more secure, it would be best if a few people have access to a financial activity.

Data Analysis and Reports

Hospital software helps to keep track of all the data and reports of every patient. It can analyze data and combine them for a user who is repeatedly visiting. Also, it stores all the data and reports about the doctor and patient interaction.

Laboratory Management

All the results of medical tests are sent to both doctors and patients as soon as they are ready. If they are not prepared, then send a notification of the expected delivery date of the medical tests. It also allows the user to access these reports on any device after asking permission from the user.

Medical Inventory Management

Hospital software tracks the record of medicine and other clinical requirements. It makes a report of the product that is out of stock and needs to restock those. As well as keep a keen eye on the products and drugs which are expired or about to expire in some time. 

Customer Support

If a user is facing any issue regarding the software, service, or anything else regarding the application, then, there is a team to support those users in every Hospital Information Management System (HIMS). Patients who are suffering from chronic disease and frequently visit the hospital, the system creates a personal treatment calendar and contacts them regularly.

Insurance Services Integration  

The hospital management system asks users about their insurance details like policy number, the insurance company, information about policy if they have one. According to the insurance policy, they can help a patient in a better way without any financial problems. 


Reasons to Have a Hospital Management System

  • To avoid human errors
  • To achieve good quality scores
  • Improving clinical decisions
  • For better financial management
  • Device Firmware Security
  • For Augment data security
  • To track every detail

Advantages of Hospital Management System

Before starting to make a hospital management system, you need to identify your requirements and priorities by having a look at the benefits or advantages. Have a look at the advantages of hospital management system.

Digital Medical Records

All the medical reports, either a prescription from a doctor or a medical test, and all the medical documents are saved in a digital wallet. Whenever a user or doctor requires that document, they can access them from the digital wallet without fear of losing documents.

Consumes Less Time

It reduces the time that is wasted in standing in queues and waiting for their turn to come. HIMS software not even save the time of the patients but also of the service provider and doctor by providing up to date information.

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Financial Control and Tax Planning

The hospital management software has the ability to detect all various financial transactions like profit, loss, outpatient billing, expenses, tax and bill paying, and other financial operations. Better financial awareness help to grow business in the right direction.

Facility Management

Hospital management software helps hospital authorities to manage their optimize the supply chain, analyze staff work, available resources, reduce equipment downtime, etc. It helps to do these tasks efficiently because the hospital staff doesn’t work on endless paperwork.

Market Strategy

The medical industry is still open for all innovation, due to the highly competitive nature. And the competition is never going to be less until there is any change in population. Service providers can work on marketing strategies that enable them to establish communication among patients, doctors, suppliers, and service providers.

Reduces Human Errors

There is no room for errors in a hospital, and the manual system can not reduce that. Because a single error can drastically change someone’s life. The hospital management system provides error-free medical reports and other data for the users.

Improved Data Security

Hospital management systems are designed to keep their users’ data safe and secure. This reduces the chances of cybercrime or data theft. Hospital software works on an access-based approach. So, the one who will have access will be able to access the data and reports.

Other Services that HMS Covers

    • Ambulance Management
    • Ward management
    • Waste Management
    • Mortuary Management
    • Blood Bank Management
    • In-patient Management
    • Out-Patient Management
    • Operation Theatres Management
    • Stores and Pharmacy management
    • Laboratory Management
    • Maintenance
    • Housekeeping
    • Dietary
    • Laundry

Best Hospital Management Software

    • Medixcel EMR
    • Aarogya
    • eHospital
    • Mediface Software
    • HIMS HospiLogix
    • Insta HMS
    • Intelligent Medical Software
    • eVisit
    • Medstar HIS
    • MediSteer
    • MyNapier
    • ProMed
    • Caresoft HIS


Taking all the points in mind, it is clear that the hospital management system is an unavoidable part of our lifecycle in this modern medical world. By developing a hospital management system now, it is easy to keep track of records, data, and any other medical-related tasks that we have discussed earlier. HMIS software has been a usual need of the medical world that no one can deny. For any healthcare organization, the hospital management system is an excellent solution. If you are willing to develop hospital management software for your medical institution or have some ideas about it, you can share them with us. Our team of experienced developers will help you to provide software according to your requirements.

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