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Food Delivery App Development Cost, app like Swiggy, Zomato
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How much does it Cost to Make a Food Delivery App in India – App like Zomato, Swiggy

written by Harshita Khangarot | May 12, 2021
food delivery app development cost

Online food delivery industry has come a long way with an accelerated rate. It has now become the topic of the town and everyone wants to take a deep dive and wants to boost their income stream to a certain extent. Online food delivery business is a blessing for most of the people and becoming one of the most desired apps of all time. People these days are vigorously working on developing a food delivery app, but taking a step back thinking about food delivery app development cost.

But, as the world is shifting from local to global, the latest trends are being inherited by the entrepreneurs for their benefits to manipulate the taste and taste buds of the new era.

Gone are the times when treating yourself would be a hectic job requiring you to step outta hideouts, all thanks to the smartphones, the smart creators and the food delivering apps.

These food delivery apps offer you the convenience to soothe your taste buds with just a few taps on the bluescreen. Be it a student or a working professional, the active lifestyle and busy schedule or blame the lazy Sunday, the apps are being widely used amongst the new generation who either don’t have the time to cook or does not know how to cook!

The U.S. National Restaurant Association of the U.S. has recently conducted a survey, and they have found that 37% of the restaurants offer online ordering, while 32% accept mobile payment. 

The immense amount of competition, most companies are unable to cope with the pressure and sometimes get lost in the sea of deals and food delivery app development cost of large apps. So embracing new technologies and creating an app that can simplify most people’s lives and offer unique features that can help you stand up to competitors is important.

Between 2018 and 2023, online food delivery startup businesses are projected to grow at more than three times the rate of brick and mortar restaurant sales.

One must consider the thriving Factor of Indian Online Food Delivery Services such as:

  1. Consistent spending capacity
  2. High-speed access to smartphones and web
  3. Variety of cuisine with a cosmopolitan taste
  4. Serving delicacies with different price tags
  5. Promotional offers and discount


How to make Online Food Delivery Business Successful

Keeping business in mind, everyone wants to make a huge profit and want to stand out strong in front of others. To do so, food delivery app development is coming up with a wide range of features. Most companies are taking great steps to improve their productivity and performance. Entrepreneurs are also wondering about the cost to develop an app like swiggy  that gives them a great possibility to aim profit.

To achieve the food delivery model you need a large number of orders. Here are the impressive range of features needed to make your online food delivery business successful. Development companies are offering numerous features and the cost varies depending on the functionality of a platform just like zomato, swiggy app development cost would be higher than any other apps.

Plan Your Budget 

To start the food delivery business you are needed to first settle your mind and think accordingly. Choose the best options you want to pursue with but after analysing the market research and the demand of the product. You also need to sell the products at a considerable rate. Prepare your budget accordingly and focus on setting your business with great ideas.

zomato app development cost

Analyse Target Audience

It requires proper planning and target-market research before beginning any business. First, you need to assess the company’s size and location by evaluating market trends properly.

Easy Search Options

Food delivery is the most popular app these days, and with these devices, if there are no user-friendly services are provided, there is no use of it. An easy to use option helps all age group people to use the app more appropriately. Users can easily track their order and get proper knowledge of the arrival of food locations. With the help of a real-time app, users can keep themself updated and track their orders.

Easy Navigation

It is easy to use the online food ordering delivery system, helping everyone use those apps without much technical understanding. Failure to navigate quickly is one of the major setbacks that need to be avoided for any mobile app.

 Easy Payment Options

Gateways are the main thing you need to have and allow the customer to pick up your internet ordering system, as there has been no internet ordering business without smart payment gateways. It’s important to have a variety of ways to pay for every order buyers place. Offer the best payment gateway solutions that fit well in the place where your business operates the best. You can also provide cashback and discount deals by catching the customer’s attention.

Steps To Follow to Start an Online Food Delivery Business

swiggy app development cost

  • Use an attractive and unique name for your business.
  • Generate extra income from home delivery orders.
  • Tie up with good brands and earn good revenue.
  • Go on a fixed commission basis
  • Promote products on both social media and print media.

Monetisation Technique of Online Food delivery apps

The U.S. National Restaurant Association of the U.S. has recently conducted a survey, and they have found that 37% of the restaurants offer online ordering, while 32% accept mobile payment. 

By providing conveniences like food delivery at the doorstep at minimal charges, this results in a tremendously increasing Demand. It is becoming famous which results in most of the leading businesses moving towards online food delivery.

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Top Monetization Techniques of Online Food Delivery Apps

Any startups require investment and to cope up with the expenses companies need to find some techniques to make money via food delivery apps. Let’s have a look at the major sources to generate revenue with the help of a food delivery business.

Delivery Charges

Most companies offer a free delivery facility that attracts the attention of millions. The delivery charges are based on the locations and the percentage of the order customer placed. Food delivery companies earn a huge amount of money with a considerable amount of goodwill. There are several online food distribution companies that use monetization strategy in the online model with a significant amount of revenue. The companies have to charge a substantial amount of money for the delivery services.


Advertising can be seen as the main way of raising revenue. Online food delivery apps can earn money by offering an advertisement service on the app with the aid of proper ads and promotional. It means showing restaurant advertisements on your phones, and paying the restaurant a certain amount of money to view images, videos, or advertising. Another advertisement mode can be mentioned the restaurant name at the top of the app results.

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Peak Hours

The method of monetization involves peak hours, or high demands. With this process, the best online food delivery apps start taking advantage of and levying high fees during peak hours on food delivery. Charges can vary according to the location and amount of the food. Companies generally boosted the prices during peak hours such as lunch dinner, they are available with extra fees for their customers.

On the Basis of Commission

The platform charges the restaurants a significant amount. Organizations partner with restaurants and shops that can help create business models for them. The commission is usually fixed according to size and location.  Deliveroo app implements these kinds of techniques of monetization which can help to make business growth important.

How much does it cost to build an app like Swiggy in India

Cost to make a food Delivery App in India

The cost to develop a food ordering app depends upon various factors such as:

  • UI/ UX of the application Design
  • Application requirements
  • Complexity of UI designing
  • Concept of Project Purpose
  • Designing of UI
  • Testing of an App
  • The platform/OS of the application
  • Developer’s Expenses

Based on the factors listed above, the average cost to develop a food delivery app like Foodpanda, Swiggy, Zomato or UberEats is around $5000-$30,000. Costs can increase if you want to add more features to it, and can be lower than the approx. minimum cost price for a basic food ordering application.

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The online delivery service is sure to fill the gaps between the local restaurant’s professionals and delicious food with the help of monetization techniques. If anyone wants to enter the online food industry need a skilled developer, who can develop an app like Swiggy Clone that enhances your startup with the help of innovative ideas. If you want to develop a food delivery app at affordable cost then, BR is a one step solution for food delivery app development.

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