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Effective Ways to Resolve the Food Delivery Industry Problems

App Development
Mar 11, 2020
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Effective Ways to Resolve the Food Delivery Industry Problems

In today’s techno world, everything is just one click away, whether it is healthcare, automotive, grocery, shopping, or services. Everything is on our fingertips, so why not food? Food delivery companies revolutionized the food industry as it was a whole new concept. Recently, everyone likes to relax. Many food delivery app development provided that relaxation to the people and also coming into the food industry market with new innovative ideas.

Earlier it was a hectic process to order food from outside. Because of the traffic, time consumed in transportation and standing in long queues waiting for their number to come. After this much hustle and bustle, if someone manages to get food at home, till that time, food gets cold. Online food delivery applications solve all these problems. 

The food industry is directly proportional to the population. The more the population increases, the more the food industry will expand in the upcoming future. And ultimately, the online food delivery industry will also develop. There are many online food delivery app scripts in the market; some of them are Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and many more. 

>>>How does Food Delivery Application Work?<<<

In a recent survey, Frost & Sullivan estimated the online food industry at $82 billion in terms of gross revenue bookings and was set to more than double by 2025, backed by a cumulative growth rate of 14%. Today, only 11% of the world’s population has access to food delivery platforms. Source online food

Top Food Delivery Industry Challenges

Before discussing the solutions to resolve food delivery challenges, it would be great to take a glance at the challenges faced by the food delivery industry. Here are the top challenges that the food delivery app industry faces.

Top Food Delivery Industry Challenges

  1. Irregular Food Quality

Maintaining food quality is the most significant task for any food delivery industry. No matter how good food they are delivering but that food can not stand in front of the food that is served on the table in the restaurant directly from the kitchen, which is a few meters away. Even after taking adequate measures to maintain food quality and packaging, there are some susceptible quality lapses. That is why the food quality always depends upon the delivery.

  1. Logistics Dilemma

It is so confusing and problematic to figure it out about the delivery area. For a food delivery business, it is essential to know in which area it can deliver the food according to the demand in the market. Every customer wants food to be delivered at home on time, but if there is any delay in the services, it will click in the customer’s mind. And when he/she is going to order next time, this point will be a drawback for you because once trust is broken, it is difficult to gain it back.

  1. Cost of Food and Labour 

The increasing costs of food and labor is another big challenge for online food delivery business. If a business is getting a lot of orders because it has developed its right image in front of the consumers. With the increasing number of consumers, the demand for human resources will be high as well as there are chances that the business needs more equipment to handle the challenge. Now the task is to provide good quality food in less time and with no error.

  1. Competition With Giants

With lots of big food delivery giants, it has been difficult for newborns to be established in the market. Now it is so difficult for the newbies to compete with these giants. Like Dominos, Pizza Hut, Mcdonalds, and many more. E-commerce giant Amazon is also considering starting its own food delivery business. Like Uber began its company, “Uber Eats.” Because of these biggies, small companies and startups are facing issues to retain in the market against them. 

Loyalty means the most to the customers in this digital world. Those who do not maintain the reliability of their customers need to face a bitter experience with customers. To earn the loyalty of the customers in a food delivery business, it is necessary to award them with freebies, exclusive offers, and deals. This is a fact that it is beneficial as soon as it is applied. Apart from all these efforts, there is no surety that the customers will stick to your business. 

  1. Unpredictable Pricing

It is very challenging to adopt a pricing model due to the ferocious competition in the online food delivery industry. Small businesses and startups work upon lower capital and margins. If they reduce the pricing of the product, it will lead them to lose. Also, there is no guarantee that by lowering the price, the customers will stick. The less price they will get, the more will attract others who are offering lesser amounts compared to you.

Features of a Food Delivery Application

To know how a food delivery application works, we must understand the features of the app. Here we will discuss some emerging features of the meal delivery application. The following are the features of the food delivery application.

Features of a Food Delivery

  1. Push Notifications
  2. In-app, online ordering and mobile payments
  3. Loyalty, rewards and discounts programs
  4. Location-based services
  5. Multiple platforms (app store & google play)
  6. Table reservation
  7. Staff management
  8. Kitchen management
  9. Social media integration
  10. Personalization
  11. Customer Support Chatbots
  12. Customer feedback portal
  13. Gamification
  14. Influencer marketing

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Resolution to Food Delivery Industry Problems

The world today is spinning around the web and mobility solutions are no exaggeration. There are web and mobile applications that cater to almost any modern man’s need; these create deep breathing space in people’s professional as well as personal lives.In the food delivery industry, on-demand food delivery apps will play a significant role. 

After discussing all the issues and problems related to the food delivery industry, now it’s time to have a look at the solutions. Here are some answers to the problems discussed earlier. Let’s get started.

  1. Interactive Dashboard

For food delivery app development, it is necessary to have a fantastic admin and user panel. An intuitive and interactive dashboard of the application will provide comprehensive information under a single screen about all the functionalities of the system. From the admin panel, the admin will be able to see all the information like

  • Total delayed orders
  • Total number of orders
  • Delayed average time.
  • Total number of available delivery boys
  • Orders that are running on time
  • Orders that are delayed

2. Route Optimization

For any online food ordering app, the priority is to deliver the meal on time. To achieve the delivery accuracy in the system, there is a requirement of the most optimal routes for the delivery boys. The solution also helps you to manage multiple deliveries with the least number of resources, Apart from suggesting the most suitable and efficient route. The route optimization engine considers various parameters like time, location, capacity, and traffic to give the most efficient available ways.

 3. Appropriate Packaging

If an eatery doesn’t get the packaging right, the food might arrive at the customer’s table looking extremely unpalatable. What happens when we order pizza and get a scrambled pizza it happens with everyone. Appearance plays a vital role. If the presence of an edible is right, then it doesn’t matter how good it tastes. Taste comes in the second position after appearing. The appearance of the food should look mouth-watering. And that is possible because of the perfect packaging.  

  1. Convenience in Payment

For a successful online food ordering app development, it is necessary to provide secure payment options to their consumers. Try to provide all the possible payment modes so that if any customer does not have the opportunity to pay through the payment mode, then he/she can benefit from another online payment method. Losing a customer because of the payment method will not be suitable for your business. You can provide payment options like Credit/Debit card, Net Banking, Wallet, Cash, and payment through different wallets and applications.  

  1. Knowledge About The Market

To run a successful business whether it is related to food or something else, market knowledge always plays an essential role in success. It is vital to keep information about the moves of your competitors. Keep track of what they are doing unique and how they are trying to do their business, what strategies they are following, and much more information about the latest trends and technology will help you to improve your food delivery business.    

  1. Customer Interaction

 Communication between the customer and the customer support is necessary to reduce the gap between customers and the food delivery business. With the help of a 24*7 customer support service, the customers can connect via chat, SMS, or call. The best service is when a problem is resolved on the very first stage. The issues could be anything regarding food, delivery, service, payment, quality of the food, or packaging. Customer support is the solution to take back the customers who went away.


There are web and mobile applications catering to almost any need of the modern man; these are creating deep breathing space in the professional as well as personal lives of people. You mandatorily require a food delivery solution to run a food delivery business model successfully. If you have your eatery and want to start your food delivery services, or willing to start a food delivery business, BR Softech is well-known food delivery app development company that comes with the best solutions for food delivery services that meet the needs of the market.

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