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Comprehensive Guide on Hotel Management Software Development

written by Harshita Khangarot | Feb 10, 2021

Digital is the new normal. Businesses have moved into the digital frame for enhanced productivity and better profits these days. The hotel industry is also growing in leaps and bounds due to the incorporation of advanced solutions to bring digital transformation. 

These days people are implementing modern ways to modify their hotel business and have evolved in many ways. Since the world is growing quite fast, it becomes quite obvious to predict that commuters are also increasing rapidly. 

Young minds are keen to deep dive into this lucrative business, and a lot of traditional hotel businesses are bringing transformation in their business through hotel management software development.

What is Hotel Management Software Solution?

Hotel management software is an innovative tool that has made the entire hotel management work smoother. It is an automatic software that helps hotel staff to automate their daily work routine and operation more effectively. 

This software process made hospitality services more revolving and much more ally in maintaining the day to day data in a more relevant and effective manner. HMS is playing a great role in the hotel industry as it is helpful in most of the core areas, be it management payrolls, finance, inventory or online booking. All the work can now be done in one place, so now we can categorise it as all-in-one solutions for hotel booking firms. 

What seeks people to shift in Hotel Management Software Development

Everything is at your fingertip in this techno advanced world, making everything quiet streamline while utilising the hotel management software solution to the fullest. 

With the advent of changes, people are shifting their lifestyle from traditional to modern ways. The hotel industry is becoming a prominent player to run successfully in this digital world. The hotel industry’s traction is increasing due to its contemporary facilities provided by the hotel. It seems that travelling business is never going to fade out anytime soon. 

The Global Hotel Management Software market size was valued at USD 7.35 Billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 25.9% during the forecast period. 

In no way any individual can handle all the business management data without making mistakes. To make the whole travel and hospitality process much smoother, hotel management software efficiently evaluates every facet of hotel business while making the necessary requirements. 

It helps hotel businesses to boost their business revenue by automating their day to day management tasks. Keeping an eye on a more reliable option while keeping all the data accessible at your fingertips can be like the cherry on the cake. 

Must Have Hotel Module in Hotel Management Software Development

hotel management software development

Amenities/ Services offered by Hotel 

All amenities and services offered by hotels to their commuters need to be auto generated at the time of booking. For hotel booking services, Top entrepreneurs are using multiple booking software or app clones like oyo.

  • Recreational facilities 

      1. Swimming Pool
      2. Health Club
      3. Fitness Centre
      4. Wellness Centre
      5. Massage / Body Treatment


  • Banquet / Conference Hall

      1. Banquet Halls
      2. Meeting Halls
      3. Conference Halls
      4. Social Gatherings
      5. Event Planning
      6. Kids Area
      7. Play Area


  • Concierge Services 

      1. Parking 
      2. Laundry
      3. Wake Up Call
      4. Locker Facilities
      5. Wheelchair Accessibility
      6. Complimentary Wi-Fi


  • Food & Beverages

      1. In-room Dining Services
      2. Dining Area
      3. Lounge & Bar
      4. All-day Dining Area
      5. Drink & Dine
      6. Take Out
      7. Buffet Breakfast
      8. Local and International Beverages
      9. Rooftop Restaurant


  • Room Service

    1. Locker Facility
    2. Twin Beds
    3. Laundry Facilities
    4. Mini-bar
    5. Kettle
    6. Complimentary Toiletries
    7. En-suite Bathroom


  • Accommodation
    1. Rooms
    2. Suites
    3. Villa
    4. Resort


  • Front Desk

    1. Reservation/Booking
    2. Check-in 
    3. Check-out
    4. Housekeeping Forms
    5. Billing Payment Mode
    6. Checkpoint 
    7. Concierge Services


  • Back Office

    1. Ledger
    2. Accounting and Balancing
    3. Travel Invoice
    4. Billing Deposit 


Advantages of Hotel Management Software  Development

hotel management software development

Hotel Management Software  Development involves a wide range of profits including all the finance, efficiency and accuracy. The Hotel Industry has well understood the need while embracing all the requirements. 

  1. Streamline Process

Hotel management software has the ability to streamline the overall process by automating their everyday tasks. These generate an easy to understand task flow by generating a report that makes almost everything more efficient and manageable.

It removes barriers , what an individual is not able to intervene manually. Simultaneously, maintaining the no error rules that help hotel staff get the possible outcome.

  1. Reduce Overall costs

Implementing the hotel management software requires a huge amount of investment. However, these are a one-time investment that leads you to significant growth in cost-saving. While reducing the number of workforces, work hours leads to a maximum amount of cost-saving.

Management can boost overall hotel productivity as less human involvement is required in many day-to-day processes, while money can also be saved in several other areas.

  1. Enhance customer Experience

Another explanation for hotel management software can be useful as it can greatly boost the customer service you deliver. The use of mobile hotel check-in and check-out systems, making for much more seamless arrivals and departures, is one of the clearest examples of this.

Enhancements, however, continue beyond that. Many PMS solutions have point-of-sale options, making it easier to pay for hotel services, while smart hotel systems also allow automatic optimization of items such as heating, air conditioning and lighting, increasing customer comfort and making the hotel more energy-efficient at the same time.

  1. Increase bookings

This will improve your bookings finally. At the end of the day, improving the bookings that you get at your hotel is the point of any innovation within your hotel management business solution.

  1. Manage your distribution

Throughout the field, it will improve your scope. You would be able to advertise across several networks, while preserving rate parity, with a property management system in place that integrates with a channel manager. You will provide real-time booking details to your agents that will push bookings, from the broad OTAs and GDSs to individual retail travel agents.

  1. Provide one-stop solution

With multiple management solutions, the hotel industry can access all kinds of functionalities, bookings, check-in checkout, amenities, multiple  payment gateways , processing or reporting at one place. 

Features of Hotel Management Software Development 

In order to track the entire economic situation and develop initiative in order to maintain profitability, sales metrics are critical. While OTAs and showy business models help to increase sales, in order to understand exactly what led to gains or pitfalls, it is still necessary to track daily expenses and income.


  • Reservation
  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Housekeeping Facilities
  • Concierge Front Desk 
  • Hotel Amenities
  • Currency Exchange 
  • Limousine service
  • Reports

Human Resources

  • Employee
  • Employee Contract
  • Work Department
  • Contract Template
  • Payroll Details
  • Attendance of Staff
  • Work Schedule of Employee

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Customer Relations Management

  • Sales Analysis
  • Sales Management
  • Profit / Sale Ratio
  • Daily / Monthly / Yearly Analysis Report


  • Asset Management
  • Daily Task Journal Entries
  • Multi-currency exchange record 
  • Online Payment Records
  • Audit Book Record
  • Real-time inventory evaluation  

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Types of Hotel Management System Software

The hotel industry has evolved tremendously over the years. With time, technology has also involved almost every sector, in the same way, the hotel industry has now worked on hotel management system software. The hotel management industry has now been sub categorised into two different categories based on the leverage option. 

  1. Cloud-based Hotel Management Software
  2. On-premise Hotel Management Software

Cloud Hotel Management Software

Cloud based hotel management software has all the functionalities that run on basic operations. The server works on all kinds of operations that can easily be managed with any device at any time. This software is mostly taken care of by third parties as it is easily accessible with a decent internet connection. 

  • Accessible on any device and platform
  • One time investment is required
  • Cloud auto store all the hotel backup data

On-Premise Hotel Management Software

On-premise hotel management software works on desktop versions that operate on all day to day tasks. This software is successfully fulfilling the demands of hoteliers and makes it online by integrating OTA platforms like TripAdvisor, Expedia,, Make My Trip and many more.

It is a local server installed on a hotel desktop and can only be accessible on PCs. 

  • Accessible on Hotel Desktop
  • High investment is required 
  • Hoteliers are required to store backup data manually

Core Functionality of Hotel Management System Software

hotel management software development

Hoteliers depend vigorously on the hotel management industry that keeps every operation more manageable and flexible. Without any ado, lets quickly find out the top-notch functionality of hotel management system software. 

  • Connect with OTA 

 With new trends, commuters are now accepting all these trends with open arms. As the hotel industry falls under the same growth, the tourism and lodging industry has grown to make it more advanced through OTA channels. HMS is working directly to manage all kinds of bookings online without any hindrances. 

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  • Channel Manager

It becomes a daunting task for hotel staff to centralise all day-to-day tasks while connecting with numerous places. With channel managers’ availability, it distributes the whole process much smoother and eliminates all kinds of errors of overbooking or amenities. Integrating all kinds of hotel management software makes it more channelising the work with the aim to enhance productivity.

  • Booking Engine

Booking engines these days work as a cherry on the cake for the hospitality industry. With easy accessibility, it makes every reservation and booking more transparent. With contemporary features and top-notch hospitality makes it an ideal experience for travellers to stay at leisure places. 

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  • Integrated System

The hotel has to undergo numerous tasks daily and lubricate the hotel working process with robust integrated tools. Integrated tools make the entire process much smoother and enable the hotel staff to keep in the loop with constantly evolving travel industry changes. 

  • Revenue Management 

Any business needs growth to keep going. For stable growth, a business needs a great revenue management system that analyses all the records, present and future outcasts based on past performance or seasonal performance. With the help of these strategies, the hotel industry can manage the revenue while accessing for better results. 

Top Management Softwares required while Running Hotel Business

Hotel management software is becoming the core aspect of the hotel industry to provide quality and reliable service. Here are the types of hotel management software solutions that are accessible these days.

  1. Property Management Software Solutions

Property management software solutions are automating the operations of the hotel department. This makes it easier to gain the audience’s trust with a secure e-payment process and safe reservations while meaning all the front desk module systems.

  1. Revenue Management System Solutions

Revenue Management Solutions works on algorithms that help the hotel industry to be more dynamic. It auto changes the cost based on the season or festive season. Their strategic planning makes commuters accessible to get the best possible prices while analysing all the market competitive sides and avoiding any unnecessary expenses. 

  1. Distribution Channel Management 

Distribution channels work well for all kinds of hotels, especially high occupancy hotels. The hotel distribution system’s main role is to connect with the hotel inventory module with all OTA channels.

It manages effectively about the availability of hotels to avoid overbookings or confusion. These kinds of software works well and makes accommodation smoother as it works in all kinds of hotel niches. 

  1. Reputation Management Software

Reputation management software is designed to develop an online feedback service to enhance property goodwill. These kinds of tools work to build and improve all kinds of positive and negative reviews. With its help, hotel owners can share their social media posts and monitor their overall business growth and reputation. 

  1. Mobile Check-in

A mobile check-in is an innovative toil that works well for hotel staff to reduce their workload. It minimises the time wastage of auto check-ins, communication, arrival or any information needed to deliver all kinds of work under hotel management software.

Total Estimation cost to develop a Hotel Management Software 

Cost to Make an app development

The cost of developing software can sometimes be a bit tedious for freshers, as it depends on various factors. These factors are commonly based on the choices we made while developing software. To develop a Hotel Management Software Development Services, one must determine all the factors that play a significant role in a robust hotel management software development process.

These top factors include:

  • Size of the Platform
  • Types of Platforms
  • Features included in the software
  • Design of the software
  • Geographical location

While analysing the estimated cost, it needs to understand how it affects the user’s pocket in most forms. It can help most people in knowing the hotel management software development cost. An efficient and robust hotel management software filled with decent features can cost you around $ 10,000 to $ 15000. All other add-ons can lead to addition on actual cost.

Everything Considered,

The hotel industry is a growing industry, and it is in no mood to slow down. If you are a young entrepreneur and want to dive into this business with great planning, hire a hotel management software developer who caters to your business needs. There are N number of companies providing these software solutions but getting the best one is like a cherry on the cake.

BR Softech is a leading Hotel Management Software Development Company that strives to deliver a wide range of Hotel Management Software Development Services at affordable cost, keeping all market requirements in mind.

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