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How to Create an App like TaskRabbit – Get a Complete App Solution

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Nov 25, 2020
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taskrabbit app development

Whenever we face any issues related to something to be done, such as home cleaning, electrical appliances repairing, beauty services, etc., we think that is there an app for providing these services at home? So yes,  How to create an App like TaskRabbit would help you to sort out your problems.

Introduction of Taskrabbit 

TaskRabbit can be referred to as a freelance platform to reach out to the appropriate contractor for having various services like packing and moving, home repairs and improvements, general maintenance, etc. It is good for providers who want to have premium placements and reach more and more customers.  

 App like TaskRabbit is known as an online marketplace to help you search your adjacent area to complete the day-to-day jobs such as gardening, cleaning, plumbing, handyman services, beauty cleaning, electrical appliances repairing, etc. Taskrabbit  works as the mediator stage between the customers and workers. 

It is recognized as a recipient to the people with more money than time, allowing people to provide their service outside.

This service provider’s main aim is to help people by taking back their lives and working as a manager while making money as well.

How TaskRabbit Works? 

Working of TaskRabbit is easy to understand by clients or consumers to get desired facilities by few clicks.

working of taskrabbit

 The development team should have a keen knowledge of work flow, Before make an app like taskrabbit. Here are four steps through which you can hire a tasker or professional on the app:

#1 Register & Select the Task Category

Open the TaskRabbit app on your mobile phone and then register into the app. If you have registered already, then sign-in to the app.

When you sign-in to the app, you will be on a home screen with various categories. You can select your desired category of the task or can find it through the search option.

#2 Post About Task with Its Description

After opening the app, firstly post your needs and description of the task you want to fulfill. Despite it, define the time and date for your work, address, task size, and other essential details.

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After putting all these in, you can post it. If any professional will find it suitable, they will contact you for sure.

#3 Get an Expert

After posting your requirements on App like TaskRabbit, it can match any needed expert after tapping on ‘see taskers and prices.’ It will show you a list of experts from your nearby location with their prices and other details.

From this last of taskers on your mobile screen, you can have the best and suitable among them. You can tap on the tasker’s image for further details like hourly rates, reviews, etc.

#4 Choose and Chat with the Tasker

After having the desired tasker, claim promo code if you have any, then click on ‘confirm and chat with tasker.’ It will then connect you to your desired tasker via chat so that you can talk to them regarding your work.

You can also tell them other essentials like timing and pricing. If they complete your given task successfully at the right time, then you can process the payment to them. 

Factors Affecting the overall Process of Develop an App Like Taskrabbit

There are few factors contributing to the overall process when developing Taskrabbit app development clone. Let’s quickly have a look

  • Budget

While choosing the Taskrabbit app development, the foremost thing that plays a significant role is total cost of the budget of the client.

Take a look at the market need and choose wisely that can match all your requirements and help you to get the possible outcome. 

  • Security Process

Choosing the right platform with a great security encryption tool works best to hook large numbers of audiences on a platform. One must ensure that the client data are fully protected and all the payments come under security compliance. 

  • Analyse Market Needs

For any outsider to know the outcome and advancement of specific sports in our country, data collection is very important. Take a wider view and assume that the platform can be used globally .

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Proper analysis of market desires and other trends will give a better picture of the growth prospects of a particular arena.

  • Hire Experienced Developer

Gather the best agency for app development that will provide you with the best outcome. Based on the developers’ level of experience and feedback of past projects deployed, you need to evaluate their level of competence in the developing market. You can hire a dedicated developer from a leading app development company.

What Benefits Does TaskRabbit Give – Let’s Have a Glimpse 

benefits of taskrabbit

Benefits provided by TaskRabbit App Development are essential to have customer’s attention. It will help you to have more bookings for your services, have a look at these benefits-

Have More and More Customers

This app is helpful for contractors to reach out to more consumers quickly without a lot of promotions. With this online marketplace, contractors can find out various potential jobs in a wide area. 

Convenient for Customers

Through the app, it is easy for consumers to book the services by sitting at home, and if their requirements match with any person’s job order, he will be available for them. This match is based on various aspects like time availability, hourly rate, rating, etc.  

Secure Payment System

TaskRabbit app lets you have a secure, fast, and easy payment method for using their services. Not only one, but it also provides you with multiple payment gateways for your convenience. 

Multi-cross Platforms

This app supports both the platforms iOS and Android so that your company can earn maximum portability. So. small businesses can have their devices without worrying regarding app compatibility.

Personalized and Reliable Services

TaskRabbit offers personalized utilities to consumers. This app is more beneficial for contractors who have clear records and amazing services.

It makes the customers sure that they will only have trustworthy and excellent services. 

Build Strong Network

 TaskRabbit App Development is supportive for the local vendors to have a great network and relationship with their customers by providing them with amazing services so that customers can refer their amenities to other people. 

Challenges Related to TaskRabbit 

There are various challenges faced by TaskRabbit app development that work as a hurdle in the app progress. Take a look at them-

Relentless Competition

It is one of the biggest challenges that include competition with other established apps or websites. Many ventures get scared and sometimes vanish due to not winning this war. So, the app needs to widen its provided services to become an all-in-one service provider app. Also, it is broadening their service areas than being settled into a specific one. 

Non-fulfillment of Demands

In starting, Taskrabbit Clone Scripts faced an issue of imbalance in the number of taskers and posters. There must be sufficient experts and professionals ready to complete their posted jobs to make the app successful. 

Outliers of Local Market

Another challenge for TaskRabbit and similar apps is their location and twists of local markets. Because of the economic and cultural specifics, various ventures have vanished like Butler, TaskIsland, etc. 

How Much Does a TaskRabbit App Cost? 

To know about the approximated development cost of develop an app like  Taskrabbit  based upon these below factors-

  • The next-generation features set
  • Included tech stack
  • The location of the partnered agency of app development
  • Multi-platform compatibility of the app

Based on these above factors, we can estimate that the overall cost of the taskrabbit app development will be around $30,000 to $40,000 (USD). Keep in mind that this cost is not fixed as it can differ according to the designing needs and platform choice.

It would help if you considered that app development costs like TaskRabbit for native platforms such as iOS and Android would be high rather than developing a cross-platform framework such as React Native or Flutter.

Right from the app’s front designing to the number of types and design aspects are the reason for cost increment or decrement. Despite it, the team composition can be another factor for cost variations.  

Do You Wish to Develop a Mobile App like TaskRabbit?

Nowadays, most people prefer these on-demand service provider apps for completing their regular chores. These increasing numbers of apps are the excessive use of smartphones and people’s busy lifestyles.


In this case, a mobile App like TaskRabbit helps people in their busy routine life to complete household jobs such as furniture assembly, cleaning, everyday handyman work, moving and shifting, etc.

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They can easily hire a professional for these tasks via an app, and they will do all the work on your behalf with perfection. If you also want to develop an app like TaskRabbit, then contact BR Softech.

They are a top-notch mobile and web app development company with years of experience. 

They will provide you with an excellent app with rich-features at a reasonable cost.

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We build cross-platform and native mobile apps and are known as the most trustable organization for app development. Here are more services provided by us-

  • On-time project delivery
  • Multiple payment options
  • App Compatibility to multi-platforms   
  • Easy sign-up processes
  • 24*7 flexible support and provides maintenance
  • Skilled and professional app developers

Final Verdict

In this modern time, when we are all busy with our daily life and work, apps like TaskRabbit help us sit back and relax by doing our household chores.

Maybe not now, but these apps have a shiny future ahead, so if you also want to benefit from it, then hire Taskrabbit App Developers from BR Softech and get your app.

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We ensure you to provide an amazing app with striking features and affordable app development facilities. Connect with us, and we will resolve all your queries related to this.

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