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How to Increase Student and Teacher Engagement in the Classroom While Using Online Classroom Software?

Jul 15, 2020
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Online Classroom Software

The global pandemic of covid19 has changed how the world is functioning. Every industry has moved to online platforms for smooth running. One such industry is schooling. In such a scenario, it has become essential for teachers to keep the students engaged in learning through some exciting ways. The virtual classroom app includes unique features that attract students instantly.

It has become easy to teach students through digital platforms. But there are also certain challenges which are faced by school management during online teaching. Whenever any student is not listening properly, it gets difficult for professors to notice them. By following the right strategies, this can easily be achieved to make studying fun for all students. Teachers find it difficult to keep an eye on different students to check if they are paying attention properly or not while studying through online class software. This is the reason it involves more creative measures to keep the students concentrate on the lessons being taught.

Why does student engagement matter during online live class platforms? 

When it comes to school studies, student’s full concentration eventually leads to their successful life. Online teaching makes the teachers more inclined to keep the students engrossed while enhancing their undivided attention in the class. Creativity and fun are more important parameters to increase the concentration of students so that it leads them to grow in career. A good teacher has to come up with new ways of making the students learn in an effective way through the live virtual classroom

The engagement of students in an online classroom learning is based on different factors such as participating in any discussion going on regarding a topic which teacher is teaching. It can also be regarding the enthusiasm of students while studying, etc. There are 3 pillars which form the engagement of students in classes. 

  • Students who show signs of being interested in studies by setting the example to the classroom in the way they finish up the task provided by teachers on the right time, or by taking part in any discussion that goes on about any subject, etc. In this way, these students also become an inspiration for other students by obeying the teachers in every field.
  • Teachers must make the students engaged like they are active in the class through being fully self-motivated and in this way they become inspiring for other students in the classroom. Teachers must engage students to be a part of different activities through an online live class platform.
  • Another methodology by which a student remains a constant listener is through debates that involve thinking in the right way. In this way, students will be able to make the right decision in their life too as per the situation. 

6 Smashing ways to enhance student and teacher engagement in the online class: 

Enhance student and teacher engagement

1. Make the lesson easier for students by doing different parts: 

One of the most important roles of a teacher is to make any lesson of a subject very easy for students to grasp and understand. This can be done by dividing the lesson in different parts which eventually gets simplified while teaching as well as studying by students. Teachers must opt for teaching different parts at different times so that students can easily grasp it. 

By simply breaking the lessons in various sessions, it gets faster for teachers to create interest in students by following the right strategies. Teachers must also know about what pace they should move in making the particular lesson quicker for students to learn in the school online classes app. Following this practice will prevent the teachers from giving long study material to students. 

2. Teachers must plan thrilling activities in an online class to keep students captivated in studies: 

In a physical form of classes in school, teachers can easily enable students to start reading any paragraph from a lesson, for instance, english literature or hindi literature textbook. But, it is quite difficult for students to read so much of the text through online medium. Moreover, in an online classroom, it is possible that student’s concentration gets diverted as they sit alone to study with the laptop or smartphone. That’s why teachers are required to add some fun during online teaching. 

Professors can then think about making the children play activities such as interacting with other students who are studying online, or by asking them to click on any part of the lesson, etc. Teachers can also make students learn the games based on a particular lesson so that students enjoy learning with ease. Teachers must also keep asking questions to each student present in the online classroom to help them learn interactive skills. 

3. Teachers must have a lot of patience while teaching students: 

Another best way to improve student engagement in the live virtual classroom is by teaching your students with immense patience. The smaller classes students have to be taught in a very unique way through an online medium. When the students get engrossed in studies through an online platform, they will enjoy it more. Furthermore, while teaching small kids like kindergarten ones, it is essential to keep their attention focused on the whole session. The online course material provided to them must be easily clicked. 

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As a teacher, you must plan to make the younger students enjoy studying through clicking on the smartphone so that they grasp the concepts faster. 

4. Infographics are the most creative form of explaining any lesson to students in an online classroom: 

When it comes to teaching through online class software, the teachers must use numerous creative ways available. One such method is using the infographic form. Students will love to see the colourful images so that they can understand the chapters in a simplified process. It also enables teachers to keep the students attentive in the online class. This technique can be used for students of all grades. Anything in picture form seems more appealing to eyes than the plain-text form. Infographics are one such form. 

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The best part is that teachers can easily make a concept explainable through infographics. There are various online platforms available to create gripping infographics by teachers. By adding numerous emojis will eventually make the chapters quick to understand by students. There are various online sites that can enable students to make grade-wise designs in the infographics.

5. Attendance can also be taken by teachers in a unique way: 

In the physical form of the classroom, teachers take attendance by making students raise hands after calling out their names. But, in the online classroom, teachers can take attendance at any time so as to keep students active. This methodology can be applied for students in lower grades so that they feel an interacting session during attendance time. While teaching online, teachers have to plan for eyebrow-raising ways to take attendance of students in an online classroom. In this way, it is quite possible to keep all students engaged in the listening and studying of any subject that goes on the online platform. This will eventually take the live virtual classroom to the next level in no time. 

call to action online learning

6. Teachers must give a wonderful online presentation:

One of the most important parts in an online classroom teaching is that teachers must present the lecture in the most exciting and easiest way. They must be well dressed and then begin to teach students near the webcam. When it comes to teaching through online classes for school, teachers should be dressed up in the best way and must be seated in the best place so that lighting is proper while teaching online. This will also enable students to focus better in studies with good concentration. It is vital to increase the motivation level of students in online teaching. Moreover, the online study material must also be presented to the students in a creative way to make them enjoy learning better. Teachers must increase students’ engagement by planning to keep easy to listen to audio clips for every lesson that is taught to students. With the use of study material that the students can listen and see, teachers can make students reach good achievement levels even in the exams that are later conducted. 

Final Words: 

Well, the aforementioned factors will play an important role for efficiently increasing the students’ engagement so that they can enjoy the online classroom in the same way as a physical class. Integrating the creative methods will work wonders to grab the eyeballs of students throughout the session. The online channel is changing the face of how school used to function. It has led to keep an eye on the performance of students as well as the teachers. If you are also looking forward to developing the online classroom software then look no further than BR Softech Pvt Ltd. With 10+ years of industrial experience, we have dedicated developers having a knack for designing feature-rich apps as per the requirement of clients.

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