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What are the Impacts of 5G Network on App Development?

App Development
Aug 05, 2020
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5G Network on App Development

Nowadays, there is a hot topic buzz that includes 5G technology and its impacts on the next generation of mobile app development and its connectivity. In the perspective of the mobile app development industry, the 5G network’s introduction will not only affect the way of people using mobile apps but also present new chances for development. 

As per the reports, 5G technology will be accountable for 15% of the global mobile industry by 2025. Going ahead, 5G will allow the developers to build new platforms, explore, and creating apps to offer more personalized and faster user experience.

Here we will provide you with details about 5G technology and its impact on the recent mobile app development. You will also get to know about the influence on future mobile app development.

Introduction of 5G

People who believe that 5G is a modified version of 4G, it is not true. It is a whole new network infrastructure that has the potential to revolutionize the method of mobile networks functionality. This 5G networks promise to power-up the mobile connectivity and also improve your smartphone experience by delivering faster data sharing with the speedy connectivity that reaches to 10 gigabits per second approximately.

High-speed data transfer by 5G will change the way of people communicating with each-other completely. But for App development company and mobile app developers, only speed is not the thing that will provide new possibilities for the app development. Here are some of the provided benefits by 5G-

  • Faster Speed

5G has the purpose of providing a fast and smoother cellular connection. Even, this wireless network also promises 100 times the speed offered by 4G networks. When 5G data transfer speeds range from 50 Mbit/s to over 2Gbit/s, the downloads and file transfers with the light-fast speed will be around the corner.

  • Enhanced Connection Density

The 4G network can connect with about 2,000 devices within 0.38 square miles, but with the 5G, it can support up to a million devices. It can be combined with better connectivity and speed, alongside low power usage and latency. It opens up an entirely new arena for mobile app developers in the dominion of the internet of things (IoT).

  • Low Latency

4G networks can exhibit an average latency of 50 milliseconds at the moment. But, this 5G network assures you to slash this to one millisecond. It provided ultra-Reliable low latency communication (URLLC) will permit the data to be shifted between different devices in real-time with the minimum hindrance.

With the delays and less network influence, android app development will be better and will offer a more increased UX.

  • Increased Bandwidth

5G will have all particular cellular spectrums, and hence, better connectivity will be there. Also, it will have shorter wavelengths than 4G and higher radio frequencies (in the 30 GHz to 300 GHz range).

  • Enhanced Capacity

Service providers or companies often struggle to offer uninterrupted connectivity to a large customer base. With 5G, it can be possible and increased connection densities, and speeds will result in increased business capabilities. 5G offers a greater optimization of network traffic and better handling of usage spikes. Because lots of devices communicate with machines, sensors, hardware, etc. seamlessly. It helps the industries scale to match with the technology initiatives with their objectives.

  • Better Precision

The enhanced bandwidth of 5G will support improved precision capabilities and better responsiveness. It will prove to be significant for high-precision GPS-enabled services.

How Fast is this 5G Network?  

5G provides real-world speed that will entirely depend on the infrastructure, but this technology is impressive so far for mobile app development. Here are some of the rough speed benchmarks-

  • 2Mbps speed is possible with 3G technology.
  • 20Mbps through 4G globally.
  • 5G will run at 10 to 50Gbps or even higher too.

This 5G network has reached to 1 terabit per second in a test environment that is 65,000 times faster than 4G. But, for the real scenario, the EE network of UK achieved continuous2.8 Gbps in a lab that is designed to simulate a real-world environment.  

How 5G Will Impact Mobile App Development?

5G Technology Impact App Development

5G technology will be like an usher in a new world of interconnected and always-on devices in the businesses as well as in homes to share data in real-time. People will enjoy a new standard of connection and speed reliability. Multimedia experiences like fast 4K streaming should be out, but high-risk technologies such as remote-control surgery and automated transport will take time to build, test, and rollout.

With the release of 5G connectivity, mobile app development will be improved, integrated, and will use technologies like virtual and augmented reality to the fullest. This technology will enable the developers to build a richer user experience that will be deciding factor to use an app or deleting it simultaneously. With the low latency and high speed by 5G networks, developers can offer end users an amazing user experience.  

For instance, video and gaming apps will need less booting time that allows for having more responsive and immersive experiences. Enhanced network ability and speeds to handle more data to make able the mobile app gamers to download different gaming packages over a mobile network despite being needed to download over a Wi-Fi network. Here are some of the ways how 5G will have an impact on mobile app development-

  • Increased VR and AR-Based Apps

It is a starting step in the form of VR or AR apps into mobile app development by Game development companies. With 5G, users can experience a wonderful and better online experience. Due to the zero latency and better operational speeds, these technologies can be integrated into mobile apps seamlessly. 

Using VR or AR will diversify with the 5G incorporation. More of that, enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) will make the app developers able to offer amazing interfaces suitable for particular users like schools, factories, homes, etc. 

  • High-Quality Video Apps

360-degree, UltraHD and live streaming already have a great deal of purchase. But with the promise of decreased latency, high-resolution, smoother performance, and faster speed, video apps are going to offer a substantial improvement. So, 5G can bring a lot of change in this category. 

  • Greater IoT Implementation

It starts with the desire of connecting with all the devices conveniently, be it a smart TV, a smartwatch, or an integrated security system. Now, we live in an advanced world, including IoT things like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. 5G is a threshold of taking the whole concept to the next level. 5G apps will affect everything with more interconnected and advanced devices in AI. From customers to businesses, 5G is providing seamless global connectivity that is smoother, faster, and have higher capacity.  

  • Applied 3D Technology

There will be a surge in the use of immersive technology and mobile app development. 5G will enable the mobile apps to combine with the 3D printing for developing 3D models. Since 5G is wireless, it is expected to improve the entire system capabilities and energy efficiencies. Hence, it is expected to have an essential influence on various sectors like construction, education, healthcare, etc.

  • Accurate GPS-Enabled Apps

5G uses short wavelength and higher-frequencies and also offers improved coverage and more connectivity. It provides high-accurate outcomes that are a significant feature for GPS-enabled apps. With improved connectivity, enhanced speeds, and uninterrupted communications and app development based on GPS access can improve vastly.

  • Increased UX

5G technology can improve the responsiveness and performance of mobile apps. It will provide decreased load times, better connectivity, and visual clarity, despite that, significant changes for the user interface. 

In mobile app development, this feature is used for enhancing app functionalities and boosting UX. And, improved app performance can drive reduce app abandonment and more downloads.

  • Faster and Larger File Transfers

The data-transfer procedure will be faster, improved, and better functionality with the 5G. App developers can concentrate on enhancing user experience and productivity. Above that, it will allow businesses to use the large volume of data efficiently. 

  • Increased Battery Life

Along with the increased speed, less dependency on hardware, and reduced latency, battery consumption will also decrease. Hence, 5G has the power to extend the life of battery and IoT devices. It will allow users to interact with the apps for a long time. 

  • Reduced Dependency on Hardware 

By situating the data of the app on the cloud. Users can access and run mobile apps without installing them on the device. It will also free-up the processing power of the device and internal hardware. And, hardware limitations of a device will no longer affect the app performance.

Further, 5G makes sure the real-time and high-speed connection and communication between different devices. With the capabilities of faster data transfer, mobile apps will be no longer dependent on the processing power of the smartphone’s hardware.

  • Upgraded Integration

5G will make the developers able to integrate different technologies into android app development effectively. With the enhancement in customized interactions, cloud-based services, and prompt feedback, 5G is expected to take these elements further. And, app developers must be prepared for more advanced human-machine interactions and machine-machine interactions as well. 

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When Will 5G Devices Enter in the Market?

Network providers globally are testing 5G services in different cities, and the first entering devices are expected to sale, as soon as they hit the Market. As for now, South Korea is the first-ever Market with a commercial 5G service that went live in December. Most of the main manufacturers are expected to execute 5G smartphones at earliest. Here are several largest manufacture’s stands on 5G smartphones-

  • Samsung

It has announced the plan to release its 5G smartphone, and it is also developing their 5G modem- the Exynos 5100 that is likely to be used for international alternatives of the 5G smartphone.

  • Google

Google still has not made any relevant announcement, but Verizon did that. And, it has been Google’s choice of carrier partner for many years, and now they are planning to roll 5G service out that opens the door to adopt 5G capabilities.

  • OnePlus

5G technology will be a part of a new range or a special edition of OnePlus 6T or 7. Even, it could be revealed at the McLaren and OnePlus’s Recent event.

Final Verdict

In this blog, we have provided significant details regarding the impacts of 5G networks on mobile app development. This technology is used to support the next generation of android apps that is going to be advanced due to 5G and its features like low latency, high data transfer speed and enhanced connection density. BR Softech that has a reputed name in the mobile app development is also providing apps including high-quality 5G services for their clients. Contact us for app development services with emerging technologies.

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