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The Most Popular Fantasy Sports That Have Big Fans In 2023-24

Fantasy Sports
Feb 24, 2023
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the most popular Fantasy Sports

The concept of fantasy sports has become an enticing topic for people across the globe. Nowadays they love to create an imaginary team of themselves and compete against each other and win from the comfort of their homes as players play in the real world. Every year, people indulge in popular fantasy sports to win exciting rewards and interact with their family and friends in social settings or gatherings. 

The sector is booming in a manner like none other. As per the market stats, the fantasy sports market size was valued at $18.6 billion in the year 2019 and is projected to reach the value of $48.6 billion by 2027, which showcases a CAGR of 13.9% from 2021 to 2027. There are different types of sports covered by the fantasy sports sector, including football, cricket, eSports, golf, basketball, baseball, auto racing, etc. 

What are Fantasy Sports? 

Fantasy sports allow users to create an imaginary or virtual team of players and compete with each other. The winning probability depends on the performance of the players in the real world. The users can play, compete and place bets from the comfort of their homes, which means they don’t have to actually visit brick-and-mortar offices to place bets. This adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement as users challenge each other for creating the best team possible. 

Before you move ahead with fantasy sports app development, you must check out this list of the most popular fantasy sports that are trending and grabbing the interests of players worldwide. 

List of

1. Fantasy Football 

From a simple recreational activity or favourite pass time to a lucrative business sector, football has evolved over time. Fantasy football has changed the entire dynamics of sports by making it an opportunity to earn huge profits as a global community of players or gamblers see fantasy football with a different perspective nowadays. 

In fantasy football, users create a virtual or imaginary team of real-world football players and score points basis on their real-life statistical performance. As per the market research, it was found that there were 45.9 million players who played fantasy sports in the USA, out of which 78% of players were of fantasy football. This implies that the USA is a hotspot of fantasy football among other countries in the world. 

2. Fantasy Golf 

Fantasy golf has evolved over time from being just merely a live fantasy game to a game platform that allows users to implement golf knowledge and compete against both friends and the public.  Both viewers and players can enjoy the functionalities of fantasy golf as it comes with its own share of advantages. 

In fantasy golf, users can create their own imaginary team of real-life golfers who then compete with each other on the real playground. As a result, the results are announced as per the player’s statistical performance in the real world. 

For instance, PGA Tour fantasy golf is a free-to-use fantasy game which lets users play and compete with each other based on the statistical outcomes of their team in a real-life playground. 

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3. Fantasy Baseball 

It’s fantasy baseball that has started the craze for fantasy sports. As per market research, 39% of the fantasy sports gamers in the USA play fantasy baseball. Fantasy points are awarded based on the actual performance of real-world world baseball players. The game typically involves major league baseball which involves other major leagues including American College leagues, KBO leagues, etc. 

4. Fantasy Cricket 

Cricket is widely famous in India. It is not just a sport, it is an emotion and a part of the culture of the Indians. The popularity of fantasy sports in India is widely contributed by fantasy cricket, which is closely followed by a lot of Indian players. According to a recent study by FIFS in collaboration with KPMG, it is found out that there are about 100 million fantasy cricket players in India today. 

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Just like any other fantasy sport, fantasy cricket is played by creating a virtual team of real-world players. In order to win a tournament, players must work towards achieving the highest points and top rank on the leaderboard. 

For instance, the MPL fantasy app is used by a lot of people to play fantasy cricket, helping them increase their analytical reasoning, and knowledge of cricket, increase their skills and enter contests to win exciting money. 

Want to develop a fantasy Sports app like MPL? 

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5. Fantasy eSports 

eSports is gradually making its place in the fantasy sports world. Fantasy eSports software allows players to create a virtual roster and as a result, the points are awarded on the basis of their actual performance. 

With the rising potential of eSports platforms, it will be highly lucrative for you to invest in eSports fantasy sports software development as you get to tap the global audience of different parts of the world and generate a high level of ROI. 

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6. Fantasy Auto Racing 

Fantasy Auto Racing is a motor-based game, in which players are known as fantasy owners. In this game, users are allowed to make a team of their own by selecting a roster of drivers and earning points based on their actual race results. These games are free to play and sometimes pay to play with cash. However, the major thing that one must be concerned about is that there are factors affecting the results of auto racing, which includes mechanical problems, slow pit stops or wrecks. 

It is a most competitive, fun and immersive fantasy sport games which is based on luck. Generally, the race results are demonstrated by the most popular live broadcasters like Formula One, IndyCar, NASCAR, and Daytona Prototype. 

7. Fantasy Basketball 

Being one of the widely popular and played fantasy sports, fantasy basketball is a major Sport played in the USA and across the world. Just like any other fantasy sport, fantasy basketball works on the same principles and concepts wherein players earn exciting rewards and cash prizes as per the real-life performances of the selected basketball team. As per the stats, 19% of fantasy sports players are inclined towards fantasy basketball in the US and Canada. 

The most popular fantasy basketball websites that are becoming mainstream today are NBA, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, ESPN Fantasy Sports, and Dunkest Fantasy basketball. 

8. Fantasy Hockey 

Fantasy hockey is the oldest fantasy sport as its first league was formed a long way back in 1976. Because of its long-running leads and hundreds of updates, it is a little less famous as compared to other fantasy sports. The functioning of fantasy hockey works on the same concept as other fantasy sports, wherein users create their virtual team and the end result is based on actual world performance. 

In some hockey leagues, users are required to pay some amount to enter, while others don’t require any amount of money. For example, Yahoo NHL Fantasy is the best source to get daily fantasy hockey advice. It is the official website from where users can check, monitor and control their National Hockey League players. 

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BR Softech: The Best Fantasy Sports Software Development Company 

Being a leading fantasy sports app development company, BR Softech acquires an experience of 10+ years of experience in delivering excellence and innovation via tech-equipped fantasy sports software. We strive to build solutions that support multiple games and sports like cricket, football, baseball, volleyball, hockey, golf, etc. With 250+ professionals and experts, we focus on integrating top-notch features, visually-realistic graphics, and advanced tech stack to develop end-to-end and promising fantasy sports software solutions. Choose us to get:

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Final Words 

The fantasy sports concept is increasing at an alarming rate among people worldwide. With fantasy sports apps, gamers can enjoy the immersive gameplay experience of their virtual team players and even earn real money from that by placing bets online. Fantasy sports give fans a chance to get actively involved in the game from the comfort of their homes. 

There are different sports covered under fantasy sports such as fantasy cricket, fantasy hockey, basketball, volleyball, baseball, fantasy hockey, etc. If you want to step into the world of fantasy sports, contact our experts to get professional guidance and advice that is beneficial for your fantasy sports business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How Much Does It Cost To Develop Fantasy Sports Software? 

Fantasy sports software development varies on different factors, including the location of the developers, the complexity of the features, graphics, and tech stack. On average, the cost to develop fantasy sports software ranges from $35,000 to $40,000. Read More 

Q.2 How Long Does It Take To Develop A Fantasy Sports App? 

A fantasy sports app development is not an overnight task and hence requires a lot of planning and resources. On average, it takes around two to three months to develop a fantasy sports app from the scratch. Read More 

Q.3 What Are The Most Popular Fantasy Sports? 

As per the market research, the most popular fantasy sports in 2023 are fantasy football, baseball, cricket, golf, basketball, eSports, hockey and auto racing. Read More 

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