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10 Trending React native UI Framework 2020

App Development
Oct 06, 2020
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React native UI Framework

React Native is a kind of Javascript framework that provides cross-platform development for mobile applications as well as for progressive app and website development. With the increasing popularity of react-native, it works as one of the most used JavaScript frameworks in this technological world. For having more effective outcomes, use the best react native framework, and it also includes free React Native UI kits that are used for jumpstart the development and design of their next mobile app. 

You can make the best use of these UI components while developing React apps as deciding to use a particular library component can be a little bit of a soupy decision as there are so many options.

What is React Native Framework?

React Native Framework

React is known as one of the most famous web development UI (User interface) in 2020. Also, it is an open-source library based on JavaScript undoubtedly. This framework helps create a powerful and effective interface for all your sustained requirements on the web or also on the mobile. It can be referred to a specific mixture of convenient frameworks that are also known as JavaScript libraries. These different frameworks additionally include lots of standalone bits that are common ‘bits of codes’ called components.  

How Does React-Native Work?

It is written in a language that is a mixture of JSX and JavaScript that is known as a specific markup code resemblant of XML. It can interact with both the realms including existing, native app threads and JavaScript-based threats. 

The difference between cross-platform and React-Native development solutions is that React Native doesn’t show WebViews in their code. It charges on native views, actual, and components. It is one of the causes for the amazing success of the React Native. 

Advantages of React Native

Advantages of React Native

After knowing the working of React-Native, let’s move onto its advantages that why you should choose to make this best react native framework to get more of it. 

Large Community of Developers

As we know that React Native is an open-source Javascript platform that permits developers to share their knowledge for the development of the framework. It is also accessible freely to all. If anyone has a problem to develop an app, they communicate for support to the community. There will be someone to help them and solve their issues. 

Code Reusability

It is the biggest advantage for developers when they can reuse their code. It depicts that apps run on cross-platforms, effectively that is also appreciated by the product owners and CEOs. in this, it is possible to use the code of a web application for mobile apps, if it is both written in React Native. It boosts up the development time consisting of pre-developed components involved in the open-source library. 

Simple UI

For building the best react-native UI framework 2020, use React JavaScript for the app’s interface. It makes it faster and more responsive with decreased load time for better user experience overall. It is because of component-based methods and reactive UI; the framework will be suitable to make apps, including complex and simple designs.

Cost Efficiency

React Native development has improved cost-efficiency. We have mentioned it previously; it is due to the ability of developers to use the similar code for creating apps for Android and iOS. It refers to not hiring two different Android and iOS developers for project finalization. And, a small team is efficient to create it. App development cost in React Native is lesser than apps created using different languages that don’t permit for multi-platform development. 

Fast Refresh

Like the best CSS framework for react provides attractive app design, this fast refresh permits developers to perform the app at the time of updating for new versions and UI modifications. As we know that changes are immediately displayed, and there is no need to recreate the whole app by the developer. It provides you with two essential benefits, including increased productivity, as they don’t lose any state at the time of making the change into the app.     

Fast Apps

There are some claims that the code of React Native might harm the app’s performance. However, JavaScript will not run fast like Native code, and it is unnoticeable for people. To prove it, there is a test by comparing a simple app’s two versions written in a Swift and React Native, and both will give the same performance outcomes. 


By keeping the pace in mind at which the framework overtook the entire market and the simple method to solve the development issues, the React Native looks suitable for multi-platform apps. No matter, there are some disadvantages too.

After knowing lots of advantages of React Native and how it works, do you want to know about the product that is built with the use of it? There are so many popular platforms where it is used. Some of them are-

  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Walmart
  • Shine
  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud Pulse
  • Pinterest
  • UberEATS

These are those popular and effective platforms that are built with the React Native code. People are using them while enjoying themselves, and they are also working effectively.     

Top 10 Best React-Native Frameworks for Cross-Platform Mobile Applications Development

Cross-Platform Mobile Applications Development

Similar to React, react-native framework 2019 also supports creating UI elements by taking the help of some different components. Here, we are going to tell you regarding libraries that can be used to develop a mobile application by using React Native quickly. Take a look-

  • UI Kitten

It is a type of library that includes a set of general user interface components. It has 3,800 stars on GitHub and is helpful for a lot of developers combining all element’s design and also using these elements daily. In simple words, UI kittens collect definitions differently from business logic and form all UI elements in the same manner. It is similar to CSS, in which classes are discrete from the code.   

  • NativeBase

It is the most famous library for development of React Native apps. It has around 12,000 stars on GitHub, and that is obvious as it offers the developers dozens of multi-platform components that can be reused in their React-Native projects. It also permits developers at any level to develop MVPs. It has an advantage that you can control any third-party libraries too with it. It referred to creating a project at a high level with the assistance of NativeBase and other resources. 

If you use components of NativeBase only, then it will be good for the small or medium-size project. It also features an easy starter pack, personalized theme templates, and many more. 

  • React Native Maps

For best react native framework, React-Native Maps is significant. It is a toolkit that permits you for maps integration into both Android and iOS applications. It offers developers a set of personalized multi-platform components for both of the platforms. Also, it provides full support for polygons, markers, and many other map elements. 

  • React-Native Elements 

It is known as the most convenient tool of React-Native, and it has approximately 16,000 stars on GitHub currently. React-Native element’s creators state that the main aim is to provide an easy tool for element structure rather than helping the developers with the UI design. These React Native elements don’t have many templates in comparison to NativeBase, but still, it offers full control over the shown data. It represents React-Native elements as an effective tool for beginners, and it also helps experienced ones to boost the overall work.    

  • React Native Material UI

As the name suggests, it provides developers with UI components set to follow guidelines of Google’s material design. All these components are personalized to mix-up material design with the different style of the app. At present, this material UI has around 2,900 stars on GitHub. It uses the UI theme JavaScript element too. For personalizing it, UI themes can be transferred by context. By default, the UI theme is based upon the light theme. 

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  • Lottie-Web

It is a library to help the developers while working with the animation for creative best react native framework. It has 16,500+ stars on the GitHub. Also, developers can display after effects animations on the React Native, iOS, Android, and web using Lottie-web. It is widely popular and constantly supported by the developers. Its amazing design makes it one of the best libraries for React Native.       

  • React Native Fabric

An appropriate application can’t be created without proper analytics, and this is the reason behind including this library, along with the 1,200 stars among the top libraries used for React-Native apps. This React Native Fabric acts as a bridge between cross-platform apps built by you and fabric analytics. Also, it provides access to crashlytics, fabric, and Answers. 

  • React Native UI Library

This React Native UI library provides an advanced toolset for user interface elements. Also, it offers developers the React Native components to provide support for React-Native Blur and React-Native animatable. Features of the library form a preset consisting of fonts, colours, frame borders, and shades that change into modifiers. 

  • React-Native Vector Icons

These vector icons are a widely beneficial library for customizable and simple icons. And, these support Tab Bar/NavBar/ToolbarAndroid. As we know that many apps use these icons. Even, these ReactNative vector icons are famous among all the libraries not only among ReactNative for components of the user interface. For instance, this library is used by React Native paper for creating standard icons to make the best react native framework

This React Native Vector Icons library provides standard icons set as well as transformed versions of them. Also, it has almost 11,000 stars on GitHub. 

  • React Native Paper

It is known as a multi-platform library for components of the user interface. Also, it follows the flat design standards and supports an extra plugin known as Babel, that is the reason to reduce the app size. React Native paper has almost 3,400 stars at present on GitHub that is making it one of the most famous React Native Libraries.   

Final Verdict

After reading this article, we hope you got all the knowledge about React Native and its top ten best UI frameworks 2020. React Native also provides many advantages for cross-platform apps. It has made these apps faster, easier, and more cost-effective. BR Softech is also providing a platform for mobile app development built by React Native code for the ease of the clients. Our dedicated and expert team is trying harder so that they can provide more effective services at a reasonable cost. And, even BR Softceh allows enough customization for creating a unique app than others, and it is still fast because of its themes that you select as per the app type. To save time, we also offer automated updates and publishing.

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