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TikTok is Ready to be Miniature of Youtube: Tiktok Ruling out its 3 Minute Videos

written by Harshita Khangarot | Dec 07, 2020
tiktok vs youtube

Tiktok is reportedly entering a new space with a three minute Tiktok videos. In an apparent bid to take on YouTube, Tiktok is experimenting with its very own popular on demand short video features. Tiktok is soon going to start letting their users record their video for up to three minutes of duration. 

TikTok is remembered for its punchy, short-form video tapes that are enjoyable to replay on repeat whenever they feel like. However, presently, decisions propose that TikTok might be exploring different streets regarding a more drawn out, three minute Tiktok videos length limit. 

TikTok’s standard 60-second video length breaking point might be in for a change. Web-based media advisor, Matt Navarra, found that TikTok may be letting users make more extended video recordings. 

Other Top-Notch Features of TikTok

  • Log-in SignUp via mobile phone and social media platform
  • Customise your profile as per as your preference
  • Create a video
  • Add Filter to make your video more attractive
  • Make some editing
  • Upload Your TikTok
  • Do share on social media platforms
  • Get push notifications regarding likes and comments

How User will Take This Three Minute Tiktok Videos Battle?

For the time being, you’ll simply need to watch out for longer TikTok. Since just a small bunch of users can get to the extra length to record for an experimental phase, users might well run over a three minute Tiktok videos very soon. 

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Taking into account that three minutes is a considerable amount added, this opens up TikTok as a totally different group of alternatives for recordings, for example, longer videos and trailers. 

A few clients who have begun to watch three-minute recordings have just begun to impart their dissatisfaction on Twitter, demonstrating that it may not be a much-needed development. Since short and fast recordings have defined TikTok presence, it’ll be interesting to observe how the situation changes once makers can begin transferring longer recordings. 

TikTok Vs Youtube

three minute Tiktok videos

On the off chance that long recordings do come to TikTok, the change will probably be met with blended emotions. TikTok becomes famous off of one-minute clips, and a three-minute length may destroy that charm. 

Whereas YouTube is already running its dream run where they are offering gripping features like trending videos, news, and an extended library of songs that keeps users engaged with trending videos and they continue to grow with time. 

All things considered, TikTok motivates makers to make engaging recordings in small league outlines, and that is the USP that makes TikTok so mainstream. Clients can rapidly look to start with one short video then onto the next, as they never lose interest. Tossing three-minute recordings in maybe a mix blend for entertainers.

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Yet, from a positive perspective, a three-minute length can open the entryway for makers to try different things with new sorts of substance. This might mean more in-depth tutorials and more extended videos. At that point, TikTok might end up becoming a miniature YouTube.

What Makes TikTok Hold Your Attention?

With around millions of users, TikTok offers gripping features that grab the eyeballs of users. People love this entertainment platform to a lot of extents because of some amazing creativity. 

It will be interesting to see this rivalry among two major leading video streaming platforms. Youtube no doubt will enjoy its dominating fan base while tiktok emerging popularity might fade youtube brand value at certain core.

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