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On-demand App Development : Needs, Features,Trending Apps, & Cost Analysis

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Dec 08, 2020
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cost analysis of on-demand app development

Everyone is well-versed with the importance of On-Demand Apps that prevails in today’s market. Due to the encroachment of these On-Demand Apps, smartphones users are no way more dependent on their smartphones than ever before.

This is due to the fact that on-demand apps bridge the gap between the customers and service providers with a nominal cost of internet connection which is far less than fuel exhausted in reaching up to an offline store. 

If you are also aspired to invest in an On-Demand Service Marketplace Script of cost analysis of on-demand app development, then this app is a must-read for you. 

What is an On-Demand App?

On-Demand Applications are the digital solutions that are downloaded on a smartphone for ordering/booking products/services and get it delivered at your doorstep. 

There are numerous products and services that can be brought/availed via the smartphone such as cleaning and laundry services, gadgets and appliances, taxis and much more.

The main purpose behind deploying these apps in the app market is to make the customer’s experience much convenient, time and cost-saving that was unlike in the offline shopping experience. 

The On-Demand App Development Services have gained significant attention in recent years, and there are many reasons behind it that are mentioned below.

Why are they popular?

The experts reveal that the popularity of On-Demand Services App has been significantly raised and reach a whopping 58% since 2017 and the reasons are pretty obvious-

Instant Access:

All that is required is a smartphone and an active internet connection for the users to be equipped enough to order anything and anywhere. The scope of on-demand products and services have been expanded looking at the positive response that it has managed to attain by the gradual progress of on-demand taxi apps, food delivery apps, grocery apps and so on…

It has successfully replaced the long and effort taking the process of stepping out of the house and walking up to the retail stores, showrooms or service providers to meet the requirements of the customers.

High-end Experience:

The high-standards that the on-demand product and service providers sustain were usually never experienced by a customer in the offline experience. The users receive the utmost freedom to toggle between the various products and services that are showcased on the mobile application. 

Moreover, the users get precise tracking that keeps the user informed at every phase since the time order is placed and until it gets complete. 

Also, the user can easily get in touch with the customer support and get the issue addressed and receive quick reimbursements if in case of any inconvenience.

In-App Payments:

Initially, the users were concerned about the reliability of these On-Demand App Solutions in context with sensitive information like a home address and bank details etc. On-Demand applications feature a secure payment system that lets the users make transactions via their credit card, debit card, net banking or any other feasible mode of payment that is listed on the respective app. 

Some Popular On-Demand Service Apps


It is a decisive move to select an appropriate purpose for creating an On-Demand Service App, but its importance can not be neglected. Investing blindly without knowing the purpose or without figuring out the type of products or services that you want to showcase might make your app a complete failure. 

The ideas that are stated below can be referred to as a concept for your On-Demand App Development-

  • On-Demand Courier Delivery App:

With the help of on-demand courier delivery apps, you can connect various courier partners and fulfil the courier requirements of users. Customers are now opting for these apps for a variety of reasons like creating their own shipping labels, real-time tracking etc. 

  • On-Demand Taxi App:

On-Demand Taxi App’s have successfully ditched the old-school concept of availing taxi services and has expanded into a multi-billion dollar industry that makes investing in it worthwhile.

  • Fantasy Sports App:

Fantasy Sports Applications are the web and mobile apps that facilitate the users to participate in fantasy sports featuring a variety of sports such as cricket, hockey, football, basketball etc. 

  • On-Demand Video Game Applications:

Video game applications have flourished in the past decade. With the help of high-end video game applications, the entire experience has now become even more entertaining. The growing popularity of video game apps makes it another lucrative business investment.

  • Online Payment Gateway App:

The concept of payment gateway script that emerged from Paytm has now expanded its domain with many other competitors entering the league. Though with a distinctive approach, you can still manage to grab the attention of users. 

  • On-Demand Classified App:

Yet another on-demand classified app that holds great relevance in today’s world. On-Demand classified ads are often the most sought after for ones who are looking for a medium to list their used old items. Olx and Quikr are two of the most popular classified apps that can be the inspiration for your business model.

  • On-Demand Food delivery App:

The food delivery apps have bridged the gap between restaurants and foodies. The user can get food as fresh and hot as they get in a restaurant via these online food delivery applications. 

  • On-Demand Grocery Delivery App:

Gone are the days when you had to walk/drive up to the grocery store to meet your daily, weekly or monthly grocery requirements. With the help of a grocery delivery app, you can now toggle amongst a wide variety of products that are listed on the grocery apps.

  • On-Demand Healthcare App:

The healthcare industry has been revolutionizing its mechanism via digital solutions, i.e. doctor appointment apps or medicine apps. Patients can now connect with doctors by booking appointments in a matter of a few taps or order the required medicines and get it delivered at their doorstep from the nearest pharmacy.

  • On-Demand Service Provider App:

Gone are the days when we have to go and get our work done. With the aid of technology, it has become simpler now as customers can use the service provider app to search for the preferred services on their smartphone in a matter of seconds.

The relevance of On-Demand Service App Script 

In the process of creating an On-Demand Service App, developers often tend to go for On-Demand Service App Clone Script. 

Clone scripts are the precoded frameworks that replicate the original app on which they are based with an aim to enhance the process of app development, saves cost, reduce the time of app development and hike up the chances of success by delivering a seamless experience to the target users. 

With the help of an On-Demand Service App Source Code, developers can create and even personalize the On-Demand App to cater to the client’s needs and vision. This is attained by extending the source code that has already been structured to accommodate the growing wishes of the client aspired to invest in the On-Demand App Development.

cost analysis of on-demand app development

Creating an On-Demand App is a complex process. The cost analysis of on-demand app development associated with the development goes roughly up to 79800 US dollars. This section will cover every aspect that makes up to this cost helping you to develop clarity towards the subject.


It is the customer’s version of the app that the user interacts with for availing the products or services. The cost of consumer-facing On-Demand Service App Development can go up to $31300. Scroll down to discover how-

User Profile: $2800

The user profile section is dedicated for the users to add their basic details such as name, home address, contact number and email address, profile picture, preferences etc. Some of the basic components of the user profile are- 

  • User registration and login via mobile number, email, social network etc.
  • Refer, invite and earn
  • Real-time notifications
  • Customer’s profile
  • Access to seller’s or service provider’s profile

Market Place: $10000

The marketplace is the main element that the user seeks for placing an order of any product or service. It is a catalogue that lists all the products/services that are featured on an On-Demand Service App along with the details of service providers and various filters that can be applied to get enriched search results. Below listed functionality is a must-have in an on-demand app-

  • Listing of products & sellers or service providers
  • Service provider’s profile and product cards with details
  • Integrated Map to show availability
  • Search and filters
  • Add to favourites

Map: $6000

The map forms an important element of On-Demand Applications these days. There are mainly two purposes behind integrating maps in an on-demand application, one is to show the status of delivery and the delivery agent’s location and the second is to show real-time location of outlets of the service provider that is scattered in the city. 

Chat: $2000

Chat feature aids in the process of establishing a direct communication of the customer with the service provider. It is suggested that you choose the most trusted chat SDK to integrate into your app for enhancing the customer’s experience. 

  • Basic chat boxes with images
  • Group chat feature

Cart: $4000

Cart is that section where all the selected products are added and await the final confirmation or cancellation. Moreover, the cart displays the details of the selected products such as their name, image, price, added tax and many more. Also, the customers can attach any discount coupon (if applicable) to avail an additional discount on the final price.

  • Summary of orders
  • Option to edit address 
  • Selecting the desired mode of payment
  • Feature to attach coupons for availing discounts

Order Page: $5000

The order page helps the user to get a detailed insight into the past orders. It helps the users to review the app usage, add review based on the experience or repeat if required.

  • Order history & details
  • Review and rating 

Setting: $1500

It is a section that is dedicated to edit and update the information that is associated with the user account, such as username, password, contact details, payment details, etc.

Service Provider

It is the service provider’s interface of the on-demand application. Cost for creating the service provider’s panel can go up to $26500.

Profile: $1500

Just like the customer’s section has a profile page, the service provider has it too. It starts with the service provider registering their profile and then signing in to fill up the basic details.

  • Registration: Email, social media account etc.
  • Profile edit and update
  • Real-time notifications

Marketplace: $12000

It is a section of the seller’s app where a seller spends most of its time updating products, searching for customer’s detail, creating and managing job cards, etc.

  • List of consumer products and orders
  • Customer and job card details
  • Real-time notifications & updates

Orders: $11000

This section provides a detailed insight of the orders that are placed, active, completed, cancelled and returned. This makes it obvious as this section is also one amongst the most used sections of the app and hence due emphasis should be laid on every minute detail.

  • Details of active and pending orders
  • Order history and details

Chat: $1000

Just as it was a worthy feature to integrate into the customer’s panel, so it is in the seller’s panel as well. After placing some of the bits and pieces here and there, you will succeed in optimizing the seller’s chat option just to meet the purpose. 

  • Chatbox With Images
  • Group Chats

Settings: $1000

The ‘Setting’ option holds equal weightage in the seller’s part as well to modify the details, manuals, passwords, service terms etc.

Web Dashboard

The web dashboard is basically dedicated to the admin. The aim of deploying it is to take into account grievances at both ends, i.e. customer and service provider. Also, every single activity that is going on the On-Demand can be monitored via the web dashboard.The cost of creating a full-fledged web dashboard can go as high as $22000. 

All the figures that are mentioned above are just a rough estimate, and the actual cost analysis of on-demand app development will vary with your project requirements. Hence, approaching an experienced On-Demand Mobile App Development Company is highly recommended. 

On-Demand App, a perfect getaway to meet business & consumer needs!

The On-Demand Apps that we see today are the future of meeting consumers everyday needs. The process that started with some basic services such as cabs and food delivery have gradually evolved and been creeping in many other sectors such as education and other services establishing its strong roots

online Booking call to action

All this makes investing in On-Demand App Services a lucrative business venture.  However, finding a company that excels in creating bug-free On-Demand App Solutions can be quite challenging.

Worry not as the developers at BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. excels in creating robust front-end solutions backed with seamless back-end services that makes the entire journey a blissful experience.

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