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Top Video-On-Demand Service Provider Amazon Prime vs Netflix vs Hulu: Compare & Review

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Sep 11, 2019
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Video Service Provider Amazon Prime vs Netflix vs Hulu

We are all witnessing changes and the way the internet is emerging, and everyone sees an opportunity to expand their business in the path of Digitisation. But if we remember our times a few years back in which we have to buy expensive discs in order to watch our favorite shows and movies. Now we can simply boost up one of the best streaming services and watch our favorite shows anytime, anywhere. 

We need to consider ourselves fortunate that such impeccable services have reached us and made our lives easier; otherwise, it would be difficult to continue our daily lives. In today’s time, most of the online video streaming apps are there, which provides a wide range of services to its users. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu offers excellent selections of TV shows, movies, and original programming. 

  • 32% of TV households worldwide will be a video on demand subscribers by 2022. With this penetration rate, VOD services would completely replace the TV broadcast, eventually.

The convenience of viewing your favorite programs at your own leisure time makes these videos streaming services, grabbing customer’s attention. These popular On-Demand video streaming apps have been delivering engaging services with impressive features. There are many platforms providing video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and which have been continuously entertaining us for years. 

Comparing Best Video-On-Demand Service Providers between Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu!

The on-demand video streaming services are providing their users with high-quality features and impressive services at affordable prices. Choosing the best platform is not an easy task it has to fit with the user’s lifestyle as well as budget. 

Comparing Best Video On-Demand Service Providers

1. Price

The price of the product can make a big difference in choosing online video streaming services. Although all the platform prices are quite reasonable, fortunately. 


  • Netflix charges about $8 a month for a streaming membership, but you need to pay an extra $8 a month to access the complete digital library and to deliver DVDs at your doorsteps.

Hulu Plus 

  • Hulu Plus also costs about $8 a month; however, with limited choice and minimal show episodes, Hulu offers a free version to grab the customer’s attention.

Amazon Prime

  • Amazon Prime charges are almost $99 per year, which equals $8.25 per month. It is quite similar in making the above options in terms of pricing. Amazon has the ability to offer live streaming options to its users. It gives you additional features including free-day shipping for purchases made on 

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2. Content Library

Providing a wide variety of features that can easily engage customers and can also restrict themselves to switch to other platforms. 

Amazon Prime

  • Amazon Prime has the largest catalogs of content at affordable pricing. But we must agree that quality and quantity are always different things. Amazon has a large collection of new releases content, and it has more movies and TV shows than Hulu and Netflix combined. 

Hulu Plus

  • Hulu is a part of renowned Disney media. It ties with significant broadcasters; they offer current TV shows within 24 hours of air time. With its unparalleled collections of TV shows are making a great choice for the user. It replaces cable TV and works as a better source of options for the major networks. 


  • There is always a reason behind what is currently available in other networks but also getting access to other networks also. Netflix is still the reason behind currently getting access to too many popular shows.

3. Selection

All consumers want to be sure of having the best possible choice after committing to a membership fee month after month.


  • Netflix has the most extensive shows to select, Netflix has offered thousands of shows and movies to choose from. Netflix has licensing deals with NBC, Sony, NBC, and many more all of these platforms that contribute to the title of Netflix content library. 

Hulu Plus

  • It has its own licensing deals including Disney, Fox, MTV, NBC, and other cable channels content. Hulu Plus has continuously updated its library more frequently than other platforms. It offers you to watch the latest episode quicker than other platforms like Netflix and Amazon.

Amazon Prime

  • Amazon also offers the same titles as other platforms, but as it’s pretty new, the library isn’t that big yet.

4. Extra Features

Each video streaming app has its unique services and features that make it even more attractive.


  • It offers free marketing platforms that can rate user preferences and provide them with personalized suggestions based on previous ratings and reviews for movies and shows.

Hulu Plus

  • It shows limited ads and promotions during the shows and movies. It also offers a wide range of new selections of TV shows and movies than its competitors.


  • It provides you the free Tv and movies. Furthermore, it also gives you free shipping and exclusive cashback or discounts at sales to those who have its membership.

5. Plans and Trials

Providing types of plans or free Trial is a better choice to grab customer attention. Most of the leading streaming services provide free Trial, which helps you to prefer to choose which one to prefer. 


  • It provides free trial membership for 30 days. Netflix provides unusual kinds of plans; the basic plan provides $7.99 per month for unlimited streaming and an extra $7.99 per month for DVD delivery. Netflix is the only company that offers a wide range of facilities like DVD rentals, online streaming, and many more. Those who do not want to live video streaming services can simply sign up for DVD plans.

Hulu Plus

  • Hulu Plus provides a one-week trial period to its user and even if you dislike the plan you have to cancel it before the end of the week– otherwise, users will be automatically charged for a complete month’s service. Keep an eye out for promotions; however, as in the past, with a coupon code, Hulu Plus provided three months free and may offer these promotions again in the near future. 

Amazon Prime

  • Amazon Prime gives 30 days free trial period to its users. You are required to give credit card numbers before starting to try. If you choose not to upgrade options, it will not be charged any fees once the 30 days trials ended. 

6. Audio-Video Quality

Providing the best Audio-Video quality can easily grab customer attention and stand out strong in front of other competitors.


  • In addition to 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound encoding on selected content, Netflix provides selected titles in Dolby Atmos.

Hulu Plus

  • For the vast majority of its content, Hulu is restricted to stereo sound, despite the reality that the same shows are accessible elsewhere in 5.1 audio types. With limited to stereo sound despite numerous shows being accessible on nearby 5.1 surround sound. 

Amazon Prime

  • Amazon provides assistance for 4 K Ultra HD resolution and HDR streaming without charge. Amazon provides the best surround sound content, including Dolby Atmos, although support for both services varies on the device, Amazon is the clear winner in terms of audio-video quality. 

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While concluding this, one thing is for sure is that Netflix is the king of the streaming world. Although Hulu and Amazon Prime offers unique features with impressive services. By providing high-quality services with a wide variety of programming with distinctive prices, it’s up to the users whether they want to choose quality or quantity. Most of the leading Video-On-Demand Service Providers offer multiple options to develop a video streaming app using clone scripts like Hulu clone script or Netflix clone script.


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