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Micro Sports Betting- Everything You Should Know

Sports Betting
May 10, 2023
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Micro Sports Betting

With the advancements in technology, legal online sports betting platforms are coming up with creative ways to provide greater access to their users. Nowadays, live sports betting platforms offer a plethora of betting options. The newest addition to the betting world is micro-betting. Contrary to live sports betting or in-game betting which allows players to bet on a game or event in real-time, micro betting enables users to bet on individual moments in a game and is not affected by the final score. Micro Betting Software is in high demand as it provides users with different betting options and some instant betting action. 

With the rising popularity of micro sports betting now offer cutting-edge platforms with a wide variety of bets. The rising demand for in-play betting has urged sports betting platforms to provide a wide variety of bets and features to stay ahead of the competition and make a profit. Micro-betting is fundamentally live betting on individual elements of the game. It contains the elements of both live sports betting and prop betting.

What is Micro Betting in Sports?

Micro Betting is similar to Prop Betting and involves betting on individual elements of the game that are not affected by the final outcome of the game. It can be referred to as the combination of live betting and prop betting. While live betting focuses on the final outcome of a game and prop betting relies on certain aspects of the game. Meanwhile, one of the major differences for micro betting is that they are settled rather quickly and punters are not required to wait till the end of the game to claim their winnings. 

Micro bets are gaining immense popularity due to their ability to provide instant action to bettors. Instead of betting on the money line, spread, or the final outcome of the game, micro bets explore the depths and provide options to bet on specific elements like the next ball, projected score, no, of runs in an over, etc. Will it be single or double? Can the striker beat the defender? How many runs will the bowler concede in an over? Micro Bets like these provide virtually endless possibilities for bettors 

Types of Micro Sports Betting

The rising popularity of live sports betting and the increased demand for micro bets has opened various new opportunities for Micro Betting Platforms to provide various types of Micro betting. Segmented by sports, these are the most popular micro bets available in micro betting software. 

Types of Micro Sports Betting

1. MLB Micro Betting

Baseball is a popular sport that offers plenty of micro betting opportunities. Look at some of the most preferred options. 

  • Inning Moneyline or Total: Wager on which team will score more runs in the inning or combined runs of the next inning. 
  • Team to Score in Listed Inning: Wager on whether a team will score in the upcoming inning. 
  • Result of at-bat: Players can wager on individual at-bats.
  • Result of Pitch: Bet on the outcome of the next pitch

2. NFL Micro Betting

NFL is one of the most popular leagues in the United States. Similarly, it also features a staggering amount of micro betting options. 

  • Next Play Result: Outcome of the next snap. 
  • Next Drive Result: Bet on the outcome of the next drive. It is considered easier due to stats like points per drive. 
  • Field Goal Make/Miss: Bet on whether the kicker will make or miss the upcoming field goal. 

3. NBA

Bettors need to be attentive if they hope to make micro bets in the NBA. The fast-paced action makes it difficult and doesn’t provide a lot of options when it comes to micro NBA bets. One popular example is whether the next free throw will be a basket or miss. 

4. NHL

NHL is also a fast-paced high-octane game. However, fewer points in hockey make it easier to place micro NHL bets. A potential NBA micro bet is which team will score next. 

5. Golf

Golf is the perfect sport for micro betting as bettors get plenty of time between holes and swings. If you are looking for a micro betting option that is slow-paced and provides plenty of micro bets, Golf is the perfect pick. 

6. Soccer

With plenty of soccer games happening around the world, you will find no shortage of micro Soccer bets. Take a look at some options. 

  • Next Goal(three-way moneyline): Wager on which team will score the next goal( the third option is neither)
  • Next Goal(two-way moneyline): Same as above but neither is not a bet option anymore. 
  • Total Corners-listed time: Bet on the total number of corners in a specified period of time. 

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Micro Betting vs. Live Betting

Micro betting and live betting are fundamentally similar but quite different. While both include betting on sports, the bets are quite different and explore greater depths than live sports betting. Take a look at the primary differences between Micro Bets and Live Bets. 

Micro BetsLive Bets
Instant Action and PayoutsRequire the completion of half, or quarter game for bet results. 
Micro Bets Go Deeper. Examples include at-bat in baseball, next pitch, next goal, free throw, etc.Live Betting generally involves the outcome of the game or halftime.
Quick Results Requires the Completion of the Game
Low Entry-point for budget bettorsRequires Big Bets 
Can place bets anytime during the matchBets are generally placed before the start of the match. 

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Benefits of Micro Sports Betting

Micro Betting offers various benefits to punters that aren’t present in live betting. Now that you are familiar with micro bets, let’s take a look at the benefits of micro-betting software. 

Benefits of Micro Sports Betting

1. Flexibility

One of the best characteristics and benefits of micro betting is flexibility. It offers to bet on various opportunities and elements of the game. Moreover, each opportunity is different from the one before, making sure that players are never out of options. Due to this flexibility, micro sports betting offers an exciting betting experience and is also profitable for Micro Betting Solution Providers too. 

2. Instant Payouts and Actions

Micro Betting is faster than live betting and provides results in a manner of minutes. Contrary to live betting, micro-betting doesn’t require the match or game to be completed for the results. Quick results help in managing your bankroll and preparing your budget for future bets. This way players can bet more but in smaller amounts which removes the fear of going bankrupt. Micro bets can be more beneficial and exciting for an average bettor if they don’t change their bankroll. 

3. High Entertainment Value

Thanks to its fast-paced nature, micro betting always offers a high-octane and thrilling betting experience. Micro betting always offers a fruitful experience which n turn ensures user retention. User retention provides plenty of benefits for the operators as it provides higher ROI. Micro bets provide benefits to businesses as well as users by increasing profits and providing an immersive user experience. 

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Challenges of Micro Betting Solution Providers

While Micro Betting provides a lot of benefits to both operators and users, it also requires operators to work harder to provide the best possible betting experience to users. Which results in a variety of challenges for operators dealing in micro bets. 

1. Streaming

Since micro betting involves betting on specific elements of the game, it is necessary to provide high-quality streaming of the matches to ensure an immersive user experience. While live betting providers can make do without a streaming service, micro betting works best with it. A fast-paced experience is facilitated with a constant stream of the live match by syncing the wagering options with their particular events. 

2. Latency

One of the hardest challenges of Micro betting Software Solutions is the problem of latency. Since it relies on fast-paced match streaming, specific events to bet on can come and go in the blink of an eye. It is important that a Micro Betting platform provides minimal latency streams so users are updated with the events of the game. 

3. Scale

Scaling a micro betting software is significantly harder than a traditional sportsbook betting platform because it requires more computational power and bandwidth speeds to properly function. The Micro betting software receives a lot of concurrent users every time a betting opportunity shows up, which results in a lot of data being submitted in a very short time. This could overload the server or crash if the software is not built with the highest industry standards. 

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The popularity of micro sports betting has given rise to various sportsbook micro betting sites that offer a variety of micro bets. We have handpicked the best sportsbooks that offer micro betting in 2023. 

Micro Betting Platform
DraftKings20% upto $1000Variety of Betting Options, Various Rewards, DFS and Pools, Licensed Platform
Caesars SportsbookBet Refund upto $1250User-friendly Interface, Odds Boosts, Mobile Friendly, variety of betting markets, lucrative rewards program.
BetMGMUp to $1000 in Bonus BetsVariety of bets, Dedicated mobile app for Android & iOS, Odds boosts, daily promotions.
FanDuel SportsbookBet $5, get $150 in bonus betsLucrative Promotions & Offers, Dedicated Mobile app for Android & iOS, Daily Fantasy Sports.
BetRiversSecond chance bonus bet for up to $500Multiple betting markets, Accepts major payment options, Betting Tips, Promotions & Rewards

Why Choose BR Softech as a Micro Betting Solutions Provider?

BR Softech is a veteran Micro Betting Solutions Provider that offers cutting-edge Micro Betting Software to its clients. Our Sports betting developers are well-versed in advanced technologies and utilise their in-depth knowledge and skills to create highly robust and secure Micro betting platforms that are able to handle a large number of concurrent users. We also provide betting script APIs, micro betting APIs, and sports betting platforms that are packed with interactive features. We offer- 

  • Cutting-edge Micro Betting Platform
  • Integration of the Latest Technologies
  • Micro Betting APIs
  • Feature-packed platform
  • Customised Micro Betting Platform

If you are interested in sports betting software development and want to create your own sportsbook solution, you can contact BR Softech. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 Do you provide Micro Betting APIs?

Yes, we provide a wide range of sports betting APIs including Micro betting APIs, sportsbook APIs, live line APIs, analytics APIs and more. 

Q.2 Do you provide customized sports betting software?

Yes, we develop highly personalized sports betting software that is bespoke and tailored to the client’s requirements.

Q.3 What is the best micro betting platform?

Major sportsbooks now provide micro betting services. However, Drafts Kings is considered the best micro-betting platform. 

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