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What Is Adobe Experience Manager and How It Helps Your Business to Grow?

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Jun 05, 2020
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Adobe Experience Manager

In this digital world, having cross-channel and personalized experiences are the new standards of user engagement. The expectations of customers have increased and they expect larger sized businesses and budgets. No matter, your business is enterprise-level or mid-size, Adobe experience manager (AEM) will help you with the different requirements of the business. So that you can start to deliver the ultimate digital experiences with an explanation that contains the resources and needs of the future. With the help of AEM development company you’re always ready- whatever the future carries! 

What Is Adobe Experience Manager and What Business Value AEM Sites Have?

Adobe experience manager (AEM) is a kind of Flexible customer management system that takes all your burden off your marketing team by permitting them to create and reclaim the content faster. It is helpful to grow your business as you know that CMS will be there to help you at each step of the way. 

For improving the user experience, an up-to-date digital experience management platform is important. It will be beneficial for making digital experience distribution a core competency. Also, AEM Web Content Management helps the businesses having an average business value of $3.92 million per business over 3 years and 348% ROI by 3 years through applying these-

  • Improvement in the digital user experience delivered by organizations, and hence enhancement in the engagement levels and creating additional businesses.
  • Making the generation and distribution of digital experiences more continuous and streamlined by time acceleration to market for having new experiences. 
  • Enhancing and empowering the productivity and responsibility of employees for digital experiences. 

How does Adobe Experience Manager Works?

Adobe Experience Manager contains various Adobe Experience Manager sites that come under the web experience management component These sites are helpful for the organizations to build, manage, and distribute the digital experience to mobile, web, and other channels in a combined method that helps to improve the content reuse and its consistency. It also empowers content contributors and marketers to easily and quickly publish mobile and web experiences without depending upon developers or IT. Here are some key points of working of the Adobe Experience Manager-

Control Over Multi Site Management

Adobe Experience Manager allows the businesses to have full control over all the mobile and web resources, involving microsites, sites, emails, and landing pages, with the capabilities of integrated translation management and localization. These AEM sites can also decrease the effort and time needed to tailor the experience for different geographies, brands, markets, and user segments to improve constancy and create market value. 

Mobile Content Management

Adobe Experience Manager sites enable marketers to app updates, push content, notifications, and offers to app installation experiences without the involvement of It or AEM Mobile App Development team. This makes sure the in-app experiences are up-to-date with mobile and web experiences. 

Responsible Experience

AEM sites help to deliver full responsive experience across browsers and devices on mobile devices, PCs, digital signs, tablets, and other screens. 

Authoring for Nontechnical Users

Adobe Experience Manager provides ease for updating the existing pages for marketers and other content contributors. It has a spontaneous user interface for creating and publishing new experiences. 

Automate the Workflow

It allows the teams to have robust and streamline workflows that improve time acceleration to market and team productivity. 

Management of Marketing Campaigns

There can be improved content re-use and consistency across launch sites, emails, and other properties by integrating with the Adobe campaign. 

Optimization and Personalization

By integrating with Adobe target, it ensures the marketers to find and define user segments, customize content for various segments, and test a new experience before the launch by making sure the maximum engagement. 

Integration of Commerce

These AEM sites offer an e-commerce framework that allows marketers to create a dynamic and compelling shopping experience. Integration assets add video publishing and dynamic imaging and integration with Adobe target enhance automated references through AEM Web Content Management.

Actionable Insights

By integrating with Adobe Analytics, marketers get the insights they require to consistently expand conversion, customer engagement, and advocacy. 

Reasons Why Adobe Experience Manager Is Better for Business Growth

Adobe Experience Manager Is Better for Business Growth

Adobe experience manager is a powerful solution for businesses to deliver a better customer experience that drives revenue and growth and it would be great if you will have an Adobe campaign along with AEM Web Content Management. By putting them together, you will get top-class marketing and content campaign management. Through this, your marketing team can make email templates with dynamic customization and can deliver related emails to the right users just by few clicks. Here are more reasons that why should businesses use Adobe Experience Manager including the benefits-

Efficient for Businesses of All Sizes

Despite the sizes, businesses compete for the attention of customers. AEM is helpful for both enterprise and mid-market needs and makes you able to scale into more improved capabilities for your business. Other managers can accomplish the business requirements now but some ambitious marketers are setting up with AEM Development Company for success. 

Best of Breed

AEM sites are known as a strong competitor in analyst reports for marketing hubs and content management. Adobe stands as a leader in the category of customer experience across many independent analyst reports. The market has no other provider to deliver the efficiencies provided by Adobe with a fully integrated solution.

Acceleration to Market

All organizations can rely on the Adobe Experience Manager to manage the most difficult and critical deployment across the globe that includes management stages and hosting of the campaign lifestyle. It refers that marketers can occupy customers in less time, enhance their focus on new marketing campaigns, and can drive market share while reducing the IT burden.  

Make Compliance More Efficient and Easier

One of the important features of Adobe Experience Manager is that the experience manager permits you to save campaign emails within its source. It effectively manages the content for as long as you need it.   

Suitable Cost of Ownership

It is difficult to look beyond the primary license fee and accounts for current costs containing implementation, subscription, and personnel. Other services don’t provide management and hosting that businesses should consider. Adobe covers all the elements of delivering and setting up the full-scale customization. 

Get More Improved Adobe Experience Cloud Buck

If your association has already purchased Adobe Experience Manager and Campaign by AEM Development Company, then integration is very much easy as it has no additional cost of purchasing it or resources and it needs minimal time for configuration. If any business takes the decision not to integrate them, then they are making a huge mistake. 

As it can speed up your marketing processes while ensuring the brand consistency, maximizing the Adobe investment, and enabling the content retention compliance. 

Improved Brand Reliability Across Channels 

Websites have the content that aligns with the brand and according to their style messaging and guide. By this integration, it will be easy for content writers to create campaign email templates that have the look and feel of the site and ensure the consistent experience of customers between two channels. This level of brand consistency can enhance your revenue by 23%.

Features of Adobe Experience Manager

Features of AEM

AEM Development Company helps businesses by developing AEM sites so that organizations can meet the challenges that occur with building, managing, and distributing customized content to rising audiences. Here are details of these features as following-


Keep your content on the fast track and pick up the pace of content through the content itself. It will help you to have suitable content right out of the box with style systems and templates, a similarly intuitive environment of drag and drop. Also, it can again use the same content across all the web channels that will enable you to work any other way.


AEM uses the cloud manager to position and tests the updates and features automatically without compromising with security or performance. This cloud foundation makes you concentrate on innovations and forget the other upgrades and operations. 


It enables the delivery of compelling content across devices, geographies, and personal preferences. Automatically you can serve the users, most engaging content with the help of machine learning and analytics, no matter whether you are using a smart device, mobile app, or IoT application


You can use SEO recommendations and web analytics for having performance data on each page so that you can create better content decisions with unique visitors and related data.

Call to Action


Enhancement of great user experience depends upon the ability of the organization to engage digital experience across various channels and connected devices by which customers are willing to transact and interact. You can also implement AEM for your business, so hire the development team of BR softech as this is a leading firm known for best web and app development organization. As these AEM Web Content Management and AEM Mobile App Development help to improve the creation, management, and distribution of digital experience. That’s why many organizations are adopting these AEM sites for making their digital experience team pointedly more creative so that they can meet with changing needs in a cost-efficient and cost-effective manner and thus they improve user engagement by delivering engaging, high-quality, and customized digital experience.


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