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How Much Does It Cost To Develop ERC20 Token? [Token Cost Calculator]

Oct 31, 2020
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ERC20 Token

Blockchain technology is flourishing at a pace that was never ever imagined, neither by its inventors nor by the people witnessing its deployment. 

However, the increasing hype has led to increased demand for crypto token developers

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Recently, ERC20 token creation service is getting a lot of recognition in the market. 

This article aims to highlight its readers the concept of the ERC20 token. Also, following the points that are mentioned in this article, you will be able to create tokens in a lesser time. 

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Moreover, the article also tells the cost of the ERC20 token creation service and its determining features.

Understanding Ethereum And ERC20 Token 

Ethereum: Ethereum is a constantly evolving, open-source software platform that derives its foundation from the blockchain. Furthermore, Ehtereum is one of the most preferred and utilized blockchain networks that exist in the market. 

Ethereum tokens are the crypto tokens that are circulating on the Ethereum network. They are secured by assets via a peer-to-peer network and can be conveniently exchanged like any other cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin. 

According to the experts, ERC20 token specification has become the bare necessity for the Ethereum tokens. Cracking the code in a simple way, most of the Ethereum contracts in existence are ERC20 compliant. 

Some reasons behind its popularity:

There are many reasons that make the ERC20 token creation service popular amongst the many token development services. Scroll down to get to know about them in particular. 

  • Not only are ERC20 tokens easy to create, but equally easy to deploy. There are many tutorials available on the web that justify the fact.
  • ERC20 tokens serve as an effective solution to the most significant problem between the blockchain-based marketplaces and the cryptocurrency wallets and encourage efficient interaction via the systematized series of commands to manage a wide range of tokens.

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  • The popularity of the ERC20 has made it capable of becoming the industry standard.

An Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM helps implement the ERC20 tokens as smart contracts in a decentralized manner.

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Types of Ethereum tokens

There are many types of Ethereum tokens that exist in the market. Each of them exhibits different characteristics and hence are deployed for a various specific purpose.

Various types of Ethereum tokens are mentioned below.

  • Security Tokens
  • Utility Tokens. 
  • Equity Tokens.
  • Asset-Backed Tokens. 

Knowing about the programming language

To gain a better understanding of the ERC20 tokens, it is important to know about the programming language that is used to create smart contracts

The programming language that is used to code Ethereum smart contracts is ‘Solidity.’ It is a popular choice for developers over the other alternatives that are available in the market. 

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What makes ‘Solidity’ even more exciting to play with is that it is easy to learn. A person having good knowledge of popular programming languages like JavaScript or C and Java-like programming languages will be able to easily code in Solidity without having much trouble. 

All this makes creating an ERC20 token a blissful experience. An experience Ethereum token development company can create tokens for your utilization in a few hours.

How is it created?

To create Ethereum tokens, Ethereum token development company uses smart tokens. To make you understand in a better way, smart contracts are the digital and automated agreements that are present in a coded format and run on a blockchain network. There exists a wide variety of Ethereum standard tokens in the market; however, ERC20 is the most popular of it.

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There are many things that need to be considered while developing an ERC20 token. Scroll below to get to know each of them.

  • Token Name.
  • Token Decimal Places.
  • Code Of Contract.
  • Verify The Source Code.
  • Number Of Token In Circulation.
  • Token Symbol.

However, the list does not end here, and approaching a team of expert crypto token developers will help you get a more clear picture of it. 

Token Cost Calculator

Token Cost Calculator

There are many ways to calculate the cost of ERC20 token development, and so are the various determining factors. A variety of tools are available in the market that can help you figure out the exact cost of an ERC20 token. However, approaching a company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. can provide you a piece of more detailed information about the pricing model.

Talking about the tools, Token Cost Calculator is based on formulas that highlight the basic price of developing an ERC20 token. Other factors that are also considered to determine the price are mentioned in the next section that follows. 

However, no tool can match the accuracy of an expert software development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. while determining the price. 

Cost Of ERC20 Token Development

Cost Of ERC20 Token Development

Determining the cost of ERC20 token development is a dynamic process. There are a lot of factors that influence the total cost. Factors like token design, token features, token platforms are a few of them. 

However, one should not compromise with the quality of the token or the app developers hired for the development process due to the limited budget. It is advised to stretch the budget a little bit rather than compromising the ERC20 token development. 

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To provide a basic idea, the ERC20 token can be developed at a price of $2k to $5k depending on the idea and the number of tokens that the client needs to deploy. However, deploying ERC20 tokens that are in compliance with the smart contracts can raise the bar up to a figure of $10,000. 

Make sure that the ERC20 tokens that you invest in are supported by a number of crypto exchange platforms. A reliable software development company will help develop tokens that are versatile in nature. 

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The service fee imposed by the software development company will be based on a variety of factors that have already been discussed above.  

Role of BR Softech Pvt. Ltd.

It has been more than a decade since blockchain technology made its debut in the market. Being a complex technology, it is quite a difficult task for the new emerging software companies to invent effective solutions to meet the client’s needs, and the lack of expertise is one of the biggest reasons behind it.

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable Ethereum token development company that has existed for more than 10 years in the market. The company has successfully created and deployed over 7586 projects (and still counting) in its 10 years of history.

Moreover, it hosts a team of more than 450 full-time employees, out of which more than 250 excels in software development, providing you quick and efficient solutions.

The developers in BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. adopt optimized strategies as per the clients and their business requirements. Moreover, the fast response and regular updates will further enrich the user engagement and experience, eventually building a positive image of the brand.

Moreover, there are many other services that are associated with the ERC20 token development that the client should look after to enhance the capability of the Ethereum tokens that are being developed and deployed in the market.

Refer to the points mentioned below to get a glimpse of it.

  • Token creation.
  • Token web wallet.
  • Verify on Etherscan.
  • Token transfer.
  • Cold Storage.

With its complete front-end and back-end assistance, you can rely on BR Softech Pvt. Ltd for a complete ERC20 token creation service.

Final words

There are many Ethereum token standards that one needs to work on; however, out of the many, ERC20 is the most popular. Different Ethereum token standards boast different functionalities and therefore fulfills a variety of purposes.

However, a team of expert crypto token developers will keep every aspect in mind while working on your project for an exceptional user experience.

If you are looking out to venture into an Ethereum based token, an Ethereum token development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is highly recommended.

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