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Why is Golang better than Python for Web Development?

written by Nidhi Sharma | Dec 28, 2019
Golang & Python

We live in a world of web, where everything revolves around us because we are interconnected with these web applications. The rise in web development is touching new horizons and leaving no stone unturned in developing new-age web apps using the most popular programming language, be it Golang or Python. A powerful language can be decided on the basis of its functionality; a user took only 5 sec to determine whether they want to stay or leave. Considering this issue, In in 2020 Python and Golang Web Development are the most popular and widely used languages in the programming community.

In other words, Golang and Python flooded with millions of web app developers due to recent trends and innovations. Choosing the best language can be a tedious task, and comparing between Golang and Python is quite challenging as both languages stand on similar policies. Both languages are easy to work with, and both have a robust vast community that performs well on major platforms.

We all are witnessing that mobile phones are booming, and the technology is continuously progressing too, every day there is a discovery that makes a wonderful change in this techno world. Businesses are gaining momentum due to hardcore app development companies are providing advanced usability, and remarkable features can give the user seamless user experience.

With a 1.5 % change overall from the past quarter, the Golang web development industry has risen nearly 7 % overall.

What is Golang?

Golang is a language that follows modern style; it is one of the best programming languages that are developed by Google. It is specifically designed to run on open-source multi-processor applications. Golang development company provides safe and fast services in C or C++ parallel process with a user-friendly syntax. Let’s have a look at the advantages of Golang.

Fast Services

Go is a fast language that has complied with machine code and other interpreted machine code language that works naturally. Golang programs are quite fast, that results in API files can be executable in seconds without any hassle. Golang is one of the fastest programs that can sense agenda while writing; these senses can compile all the work in just a blink.

Easy to Understand

Quite Easy to LearnGo is quite easy to learn as compared to other following languages. It fits your head quite well, and there is no need to waste much time on understanding this language. Even non-programmers can also read these programs. Go is smooth with a minimal layout that can clear your specification language.

Rapid Advancement

Golang is growing by leaps and bounds, and although it’s a new language, it has an excellent robust programming language. These languages can demonstrate users to get an excellent outcome, which is quite motivating for web developers.

Dynamic Language

GoLang is a dynamic programming language, but it gives a sense of dynamic language to developers where they can detect lots of hidden problems that require syntax errors. There are a lot of packages where a developer can identify issues, and on that matter, they can syntax errors.

What is Python?

Python is a programming language that was created by a Dutch programmer called Guido van Rossum. Python is an interpreted language that translates to a computer-readable format where the most programming language can be compiled. These languages can be used in a scripting language. Let’s have a look at the python development services provided to its users.

High-Level Programming Language

Python is a programming language of a high level. Compared to other languages like C, Java, etc. Python is very easy to learn the language. Coding in Python language is very easy, and anyone can learn the basics of Python in a few hours or days. It is also a language that is developer-friendly.

Portable Language

Python language is also a portable language that runs this code on multiple platforms like Linux and Mac, where they do not need to change. Python web development company is trying very hard to achieve a considerable outcome in this cut-throat competition.

Libraries and Frameworks

One of the most significant benefits of using Python is the extensive collection of available libraries and frameworks. Python also offers a rich selection of libraries in specific areas, such as data science and artificial intelligence, data security, development of apps, and enables fast prototyping.

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Comparison of Python vs Go

Python vs Go 2020

Although Python and Go have many things in stock, it is effortless to work with the latest language for individuals who are well versed with Python. Python web development is the world’s second most widely used language, having a robust network-wide community, and performing well for many apps. Let’s have a look at the brief comparison on Python and Go.

1. Faster Time to Compile

Golang is a programming language that helps to develop dependencies on files and other records. Go itself is a compiled language, compiling all the programs in just a gap of a blink of an eye. Compare it to Python. Go starts a low-level assembly code and does not contain inline features, whereas Python has an extensive standard library that includes a multi-programming paradigm.

2. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Golang supports a regular mobile library compiling its native code on its platform. It suggests support for developing a version that appears to be highly convenient with the assistance of binaries, this cross-language platform that is quite simple to use. Python is a scripted language that has emerged as a more accessible language that becomes an excellent choice for startups and leading entrepreneurs.

3. Clear Syntax

Go provides a smooth syntax that enables elevated readability, which is a major turn-on for developers using Python. The structure of Go consists of a relatively small set of blocks that offer uncomplexed simplicity.

With Golang, you can accomplish an exceptional velocity with the binding of several frames. Unlike Python, Go is not expecting you to dive into the framework of growth. Still, you can now concentrate entirely on growth alone, as Python is good for basic programming, where one can enhance the complexity if one wishes to.

4. Error Count

A beneficial instrument is an error that is expertly handled by Go. It helps to write test codes, check the coverage of the code outcomes, and easily recognize mistakes with every mistake that crops up with a row of code — witnessing that Go handled many mistakes that Python failed to manage. Python has proven to be more concise than Go.

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5. Performance

Go is very quick. The efficiency is similar to Java or C++ performance. Go is usually 30 times faster than Python for our use case. Definitely, Go is fast, but Python is also fast enough, but Golang encounters the projects more significantly. Both are handling concurrency, but they both have a diverse approach to encounter. Goroutines are less demanding, whereas Python is less resource-efficient.

To Sum Up

Go is a language that is indeed performing with excellent competitive assistance. It’s as quick as C++ and Java languages, and the good thing about Go is performance. Go’s is a combination of a productive programming environment and strong competitive support that makes it the best option for the growth of indigenous and cross-platform applications, while Python is still facing some issues and becoming less verbose Python. Those who want to develop a web app can hire Golang developers or Python for considerable outcomes.


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