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How To Make an App Like TikTok: Build Short Video Making App with BR Softech

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Feb 24, 2021
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How to make an app like tiktok

Currently, we have various apps for our entertainment, such as Snapchat for photo editing, Spotify for music, and Twitch for live streams. But what about an app that can provide us with all these things into one? Yes, there was an app called TikTok and some other TikTok clone script, that provided all the things at one place but unfortunately, it got banned due to some issues.

How To Make an App Like TikTok: A Complete Guide for Beginners

As it is said that every exit is an entry for someone else, the same happened with it. With the ban of TikTok, many new video streaming apps came into existence. Even, in the present time, there are so many businesses who are still trying to develop TikTok clone source code.

Are you also interested in TikTok clone app development? If yes, then this following guide will help you for sure. Consider below-mentioned points to develop an appropriate and rich-featured TikTok clone app. 

Overview of TikTok App

TikTok app was providing services like record short video clips, stream live broadcasts, add favourite tracks, and also post the videos on other social media apps.

This idea was developed by Alex Zhu, a TikTok creator of mixing video, music, and social networking in one app. It came to his mind when he saw that youngsters use different apps for taking selfies, listening to music, and recording the short videos and then sharing them with friends. 

After the implementation of his idea, it got so famous that after a while, there were so many TikTok clone apps. Other than this, here are some facts you should know about-

  • TikTok is known as one of the most influential startups that were installed by around 1 billion people. It also recorded 500 million active users monthly.
  • As per stats, a user spends his 52 minutes daily on TikTok on average.
  • The primary revenue stream of this app is in-app purchases that record $3.5 million monthly.
  • TikTok is so famous among the young population that it has 41% of TikTok users of the age group between 16 to 24.
  • The global revenue of TikTok reached $39 Billion only in the first half of 2019.

Footsteps You Must Follow for Thriving An Amazing App Like TikTok

How to make an app like tiktok

For creating a staggering TikTok app clone, you need to adhere to these below significant steps-

Investigate Your Aimed Audience 

If you have decided who the audiences are, you are going to target, then understand them deeply. Do more research about them and what they want exactly. What are their interests, their habits, where they live, what type of devices they are using currently, etc.? 

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Additionally, learn about their attitude towards things like slow loading process, app security, app utility, user interface, and other things that can affect the desires of the target audience who will use your app.  

Hire a Professional Team

You must have a team full of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who can help you to develop a similar app like TikTok. A team is responsible for making or breaking your app, so you are required to ensure your hired developers. 

If you don’t have an appropriate team in-house, you can outsource them as it is much more cost-efficient. It will also help you to search for wonderful talent in the market to build a strong social media app. 

Always try that your team has the whole idea of what you want in your app exactly. Make them understand your priorities, business model, target, as well as your monetization strategy. Ask them to concentrate on the user roles and features, select the right technology stack, and also cost estimation. 

Make the Proper App Design

While preparing for TikTok app development and design, ensure that you are relying on your usability research. It will provide your future customers with an easy to use the product with an amazing experience.

Your designed app should include an intuitive and user-friendly interface that should be free of bestrew. It must be both functional and visually appealing and must drive people to install the app and use it consistently. For attracting people, it should include these below features-

  • Video editing
  • Video uploading
  • Effects and filters
  • Likes and comments
  • Social sharing
  • Notifications  
  • Reactions
  • Hashtags
  • Video previews
  • Real-time analytics 

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MVP Development

Creating a minimum viable product (MVP) before deploying your app is crucial for success. It permits you for app testing and stores valuable reviews and feedback from users.

You can also make adjustments if there is any and ensure your app is fully-functional while launching it, via this way. For developing a social media MVP of TikTok clone script, you will need this below guide for sure recommended by us, have a look-

MVP Features  Detail  Hours   Estimation
 Basic UI/UX design  App design with only main screen aspects 48 hours
 User Login system  Login through social media accounts and via email & password Around 25 hours
 User Profile creation  Add profile picture, contact details, password, name, gender, and, bio  More than 30 hours
 Geolocation  Sharing of location where a photo or video is taken.  More than 100 hours
 Posting Features  Post images and videos and apply editing tools, filters, effects. Emoticons, smileys.  Up to 200 hours
 Search option  Custom search through username and hashtags  70+ hours
 Sharing on Social media apps  Share the posts and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  60+ hours
 Notifications  To keep the users notified about anything new.  25-30 hours
 Hashtags  For the chance to search the trending videos.  Up to 40 hours
 Analytics  To check the data about the account and posts of users.  25 hours
 Total  500+ Hours

Launch & Marketing Activities

Before launching or make an app like TikTok, ensure app optimization for a specific marketplace where you are going to release it.

Add an allure description that can define what is included in an app and how people can use it as well as describe them, the important features. Ensure there are tempting screenshots of the app with suitable keywords in the title tag and also, a memorable logo.       

Announce how people can learn more things about the app, you can do it on your social media or website, and promote it regularly. Include links and screenshots to the app marketplace from where people will download the app. Run paid ads consisting of social media ads and Google ads. 

Highly Desirable Features for Similar Apps Like TikTok

Highly desirable features of tiktok clone- How to make an app like tiktok

Here are some must-have essential features to include in your similar app like TikTok. It will help you to connect with your users, check out these-

Video Editing

Similar to Snapchat, it has an impressive feature of video editing app that includes tools of AR effects for modifying the eyes colour, hair, and also to add makeup. There are available various sounds, animations, stickers, and masks.

Video Uploading

People can post the ready-made videos to the TikTok account, can crop or rotate them and change the playback speed. They can also share the videos to other social media accounts.

Live Streaming

By using the premium TikTok features, users can make a live stream to get virtual goods from fans bought from TikTok coins.

Duet Option

In this, users can ask their friends or someone else to make a duet video with them. They can add a #duewithme hashtag on that video.

QR Code Scanner

Developing an app like tiktok permits users to subscribe to each other, and they can do it with a different QR code.  

Monetization Strategy of TikTok App

After having a better understanding of your prospective audiences, choose the appropriate business model for applying the right strategy to make money via the app-

  • Fundraising– Attract investors by collecting donations from businesses and individuals. It is known as the major source of revenue of TikTok.
  • Advertising- Cost per click, cost per action, and cost per mille are the three most strong pillars of TikTok.
  • In-app Purchases– Users have permission to support the virtual currency and live broadcasters, bought with the real money. Here, users can swap coins or virtual currency for gifts.  

Evaluation of Cost Indulge in Creating an app like TikTok

The cost to  develop an app like TikTok  will be somewhere between $30,000 to $50,000 that includes specific features. Meantime, the cost factor for building an app like tiktok relies upon various aspects such as must-have features, technology stack, functionalities, platforms, resources, etc. 

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What Makes BR Softech Stand Aside to Make an App Like TikTok?   

We, at BR Softech, provide dance and music lovers a one-stop place in the form of an app like TikTok, where they can enjoy. They can display their abilities, skills, and can share it with others as well.

We understand your interest, and therefore, our skilled team will provide you with an app that will give tough competition to other similar apps.

call to action tiktok

Our dedicated professionals will deliver you an amazing app solution as per your project requirements. If you think that TikTok clone apps can be the next big thing in the entertainment industry and want to own it, then start working with us now. For further query, connect with us!  

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