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How to Start an eSports Business? A Complete Guide

written by Nitin Garg | Apr 28, 2022
How to Start an eSports Business

eSports is a type of event where top players of different video games come together and compete with each other. It is a kind of Olympics for video gamers. The craze of eSports is continuously increasing among the youth of India. Competitors of top different like, call of duty. League of legends, etc., are coming on a common platform to compete with each other. It provides a great business opportunity. 

According to statistical data, there are an estimated 234 million esports enthusiasts worldwide, and the number is continuously increasing. In the year 2021, the total market value of the eSports industry was around $1 billion. The top-earning eSports players are earning over $7 million. 

These are some of the general ideas about the eSports industry. Let’s have a look at the growth of the eSports industry. 

The Growth of the eSports Industry 

The eSports industry is one of the fastest-growing industries around the world. It is like a world cup event for video game enthusiasts. Moreover, these factors make it a great business opportunity for people worldwide. The increase in viewership is one of the most significant factors contributing to revenue growth. 

After seeing a good investment opportunity, game development companies and brands are investing in the eSports industry. The Esports industry has seen rapid growth after the surge of Covid-19 and is continuously increasing. It is an industry that has seen growth in several other aspects, providing a great experience to the users. 

According to statistics, the total eSports audience is reaching 474.0 million, with over 8.7% per year. Let’s look at the money-making eSports business ideas and opportunities. 

Money Making eSports Business Ideas & Opportunities 

There are multiple money-making ideas in this exponentially growing industry. Moreover, the rapid growth of this industry is not going to stop shortly. As the craze of cricket is neverending in India, the same is the craze of eSports that will not end in the coming future. 

A white label eSports betting software development is a game-changing opportunity you can use as a great business idea. 

Here are some of the money-making ideas in the eSports business.

  • Wagering sites: 

According to the definition of wager, it is a bet or money that you spend on an online slot, casino, bingo, or poker game. Sports betting is one of the most wanted industries, and it is going to shape the future of eSports gaming. Sports betting development can be a great option. 

  • Influencer marketing

Sports and the brands looking forward to promoting their products have always walked parallel. It is a great business opportunity to set up an influencer marketing agency covering virtually every niche, sector, and social network. 

  • Recruiting agency

An eSports recruiting agency can be a great money-making business idea. Moreover, as the industry is dynamic, you need good employees that work with their whole heart and soul for the company. It can be a great business opportunity and a great idea. 

  • Event organizers

The ESL is responsible for conducting and organizing the major tournaments of eSports around the globe. You can use this opportunity to work in this direction and make good connections in the market. As an eSports event organizer, you may need to organize an entire festival or exhibition of shows and more. 

  • Content sharing sites:

 Translation and localizing is the best thing to attract maxim eSports fans. Not everyone speaks English perfectly, and you can use this as an opportunity. It can be a significant function of your local eSports portal, and you can set up a content-sharing site. 

  • Collective organizations:

 As the size of the eSports market increases, traditional sports emerge, and the governing bodies quickly become necessary for providing disciplinary action for rule infrastructure. There will be a massive demand for the organizations leading the esports governing ecosystem. 

  • Build eSports tournament hosting platform:

Another great opportunity in the eSports industry is to build a tournament hosting platform for multiple agencies. Video game development provides multiple business opportunities and employs millions. 

  • eSports news station

You can also work on building an eSports news station that can shape the gaming industry’s future. News is the one thing every gamer will look for after any event. You can cover all the major news of the industry and make good profits out of it. 

  • The eSports T.V content:

 You can also work on discovering the eSports T.V content to entertain the gamers after or before any gaming event. The gaming enthusiast continuously looks for content after the completion of any event. So, it is a great business opportunity for you to make the best use of the eSports interest. 

These are some of the opportunities and business ideas in the eSports business that you can try to earn a good income. It is a vast industry and provides revenue opportunities to millions of gaming enthusiasts. 

Let’s have a look at the business plan of an eSports business. 

eSports Business Model to Earn Efficiently

Before starting any business, you need to have the proper business plan. Similarly, starting an eSports gaming business also needs a proper business plan that helps in the smooth execution of your idea. 

You have to follow a proper format while making a business plan. It should include all the risks, opportunities, and uniqueness of your business. 

Here is a quick guide to making the business plan for your eSports idea. 

  • Executive summary:

 It is the first and most crucial area of your business plan. Here you need to include every tiny detail about the business and how it will sustain itself in the future. It should include, Services and amenities, a vision statement, and a mission statement. 

  • Business Overview:

 It is yet another essential aspect of your business plan that needs to be covered. The first thing in this area is the business structure. You should have a good business structure to stand apart from the market. 

The second important thing the business overview session should have is roles and responsibilities. You have to be very clear about the managing board of your business and what roles should be given to which person. Deciding the CEO and other top executive officers is also a tedious task.

  • SWOT Analysis

It is yet another essential part of the business plan. It gives you an idea and a bird’s eye view of your business. Here in SWOT analysis, it would help if you decided on the critical factors that make your business unique. In this area, you have to list the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats your business can have.

Deciding on these factors before working on a business is very important. These factors enhance your business’s uniqueness and help you stand out and win the race. You need to be aware of the market trends for the next step. 

  • Market analysis

It is one of the essential parts of your business plan as it gives you an idea about the business. You have to look at the market trends to know the direction you need to move in the future. Moreover, you can target the market according to the market needs. 

You have to also which market you need to target to get the best return on your investment. Here, you can get a competitive advantage as the market runs in one direction. You can easily find the loopholes and use them as business opportunities. 

  • Sales and marketing strategy

You can use the sales and marketing strategy to get the best return on your investment. Here, you need to choose your income source and sales forecast that includes several players v/s revenue chart. 

Moreover, you also need to decide the pricing strategy that includes the payment options. These things can enhance the beauty of your business to plan to establish great essential connections. 

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  • Publicity and advertising strategy:

 This is vital to outreach your business to a local audience. It would help if you had an effective advertising strategy to reach a maximum audience on minimum investment.

  • Financial plan:

 Along with the advertising and publicity strategies, you should also have financial planning. It would help if you decided on your startup expenditure and generating funds plan to get the initial investment. 

  • Sustainability and expansion strategy

: It is the strategy that works for the future. It helps you improve and push the limits of your business in the future. You can use this strategy to grow your business faster and enhance its performance over the years. 

These are the things that you should include in your eSports business plan. You should be ready to accept the challenges of the eSports business. Let’s look at the essential steps that you can follow to start an eSports business.



Following Steps to Start an eSports Business

While starting an eSports business, you have to be a little curious and follow a format to have a great return on your investment. A white label eSports betting software development is a great business idea that you can have on your bucket list. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow. 

  • Market research is the first step you need to follow before starting an eSports business. Moreover, it is easy to generate an idea but generating revenue from an idea is a complex thing. Market research is the first step in turning an idea into reality and success. 

You have to check whether the product you want to provide has a demand in the market or not. You can make any product, but it should be relevant in the market. 

  • Decide what type of business you want to launch: From the above-given ideas and opportunities, decide the type of business you want to launch. After doing the research, it is the most crucial step that you need to follow. 

There are plenty of areas where you can focus on getting the best return on your investment; after doing the proper research, it is now the time to make the final decision. 

  • Budget and forecasting your revenue: The next important step is to make the budget and forecast your revenue in the coming future. It would help if you looked at the financial opportunities in the market while doing your research. 

The research and the financial planning are the backbones of your business. You need to create a budget to plan out the profit and loss in your account. Make an accurate and exact forecast and track your cash flow. 

  • Pick your specialism, focus on your niche and concentrate on one esports game: After doing all the initial steps and following the basics, it’s time for you to select the niche you want to work. You have to be very specific while selecting the business you want to work for.

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Moreover, the specialization allows the entrepreneurs to build their reputations and skills in a specific niche, enabling them to expand their strong base. It can be overwhelming to try and cover too much ground. 

  • Collaborate and network: The last and final step is to collaborate and make connections in the market to be more efficient. It would be best if you had excellent and good connections in the market to establish your business. 

This competitive industry is like an ocean with rising waves of competition; you should have great helmsmen and co-captains. 

You can follow some steps to be on the top and earn a good return on your investment in the export business. You can follow the above-given steps and the ideas and opportunities to establish a tremendous profit-giving business. 

Video game development is the next big thing that will shape the market of the gaming industry. Moreover, eSports will be on trend with the increase in the craze of the gaming industry. 

Let’s have a look at some final thoughts. 

Bottom line

There are multiple ideas and innovation opportunities in the export industry, moving like a rocket. It would help if you had great thinking and an innovative brain to discover the idea that could turn into a successful business. BR Softech is a video game development company that supports innovation. Be ready to accept all the challenges to achieve excellence in the video gaming industry. 

Nitin Garg

I am Nitin Garg Founder of BR Softech PVT LTD - an Award-winning, app, web & game development company. We are armed with 180+ geeks & 2753 clients worldwide, I have driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and dream to build a billion-dollar-company.

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