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Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamic CRM Development – A Detailed Comparison In 2020

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Sep 19, 2020
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Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamic CRM Development

In today’s date, businesses desire to increase customer base by integrating top-notch technologies seamlessly. One such tool is CRM which came into existence for entrepreneurs to generate higher revenues in very less time. When it comes to CRM, people either choose Microsoft Dynamics or salesforce development services for their project. Here, we will discuss in-depth about these two widely known CRM.  

Let’s know something about CRM:  

Customer Relationship Management is the technique which plays a vital role in taking an industry or organization to the next level. Irrespective of the business, customers are necessary for enhancing profitability. Customers are the driving force for any company or industry.

Business owners can eventually make important changes in operating the business by receiving reviews by people purchasing the products or services. Moreover, business owners must plan to increase the satisfaction of customers because it is the main goal of all organizations. It eventually helps in increasing the word of mouth marketing for any business rapidly. 

The biggest asset of an organization is the persons why buy goods or services. Business owners need to understand the requirements of customers. CRM has a vital role to play in providing better services to customers in an organization. The data enables business owners to check the needs of customers, and accordingly, the entrepreneurs work on the areas of improvement in an organization. Eventually, it gives good satisfaction to the customers.  

Know more about Salesforce:

Designed by Oracle, it is a famous tool which is known for creating a massive range of Saas (Software as a service) as per the need of clients. Ever since then, the technique has numerous rivals such as Mulesoft, etc. that has come up with platforms similar to Saas.

Functioning on the cloud, people choose the best salesforce integration service because it helps them to keep the data secure and accessible to very few people. The best part is that Salesforce technology has a wide array of data centres running worldwide. 

Know more about Microsoft Dynamic: 

Developed by Bill Gates, it is a feature-rich office suite that enables ease of carrying out the task of employees. Microsoft Dynamic also has numerous data centres that help to increase efficiency in operating the organization.  

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamic: Points of distinction:  

1. Talking about the interfaces:  

Irrespective of the software, it is vital to integrate the impressive UI that grabs the eyeballs of users at the blink of an eye. As a leading Salesforce development company, we have a team of dedicated programmers making use of new tools such as Lightning, and it enables business owners to be at the edge of competition. The efficient integration of Salesforce hub shows numerous tabs on the smart device. The dropdown feature enables a user to utilize the potential of settings in Salesforce.  

When it comes to operating Microsoft Dynamics, the user can seamlessly choose the software by using the icons on the screen. It also helps the users to keep a watch on previous and current records. Create option in Microsoft Dynamics; enables people to make records afresh without any hassle. The navigation bar on Microsoft Dynamics also offers feature-rich screen layout which simplifies the task of users.  

2. Talking about advanced features in both platforms:  

Another reason why people hire salesforce developers for their project is that it is a world-famous tool for developers. It offers remarkable advantages to the engineers for making new software. The best part about selecting salesforce is the large community. It enables newbie developers to solve the queries that arise while making industry-specific software. There are numerous add-ons available in the Salesforce that eventually helps the programmers to resolve any issues that arise in the procedure.  

Here, the drawback of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not include any set of app stores for their engineers. Dynamics also lacks in offering functionality such as interoperable tools and it lacks feature-rich add-ons in the functioning of Dynamics.  

3. Talking about the database in each tool:  

Database functionality in the software also makes the task of developers easier. When it comes to making use of Salesforce, initially Oracle database was an effective tool to make the task of developers hassle-free. It also helps in increasing the scalability of carrying out various business operations efficiently.  

Microsoft Dynamics is backed with the SQL server technicality, which is highly scalable in improving the profitability of an organization. The database in Microsoft Dynamics is effective for cloud functioning. Furthermore, if a user plans to move from Dynamics, then they get a complete database tool for development procedure.  

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4. Talking about immense security in both the tools: 

Industrial owners must use a secure platform for designing high-functionality software. Moreover, organizational staff must take proper measures to keep strong passwords so that hackers fail to reach success in their motion. Salesforce eventually guides the users to increase or decrease the letters in software. Salesforce tool also makes use of an intermediary 2-steps authentication feature for decreasing the risk of misusing information of the business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM syncs smoothly with the Active Directory for enhancing the security in the functioning of the entire tool. It is important to research in choosing the best Salesforce development services for your software project.  

5. Talking about the easy-to-use dashboards in both the tools:  

For designing effective reports in Salesforce, the users must choose the version of reporting. It can be either custom or properly integrated platform that is simple to function. The drag-and-drop functionality in Salesforce CRM involves numerous filters that eventually make all the work of employees easier.

The reporting in Salesforce includes connectivity of multifarious charts which involves virtual components in a document. The best part is that reports are easy to operate through a mechanized tool which helps in preventing the risk of errors by numerous people. The report procedures in Salesforce are available for the end-users in the form of formatted words.  

When it comes to efficient use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it involves an effective Wizard that simplifies the work of all users. It is very easy to choose numerous dashboards and include the views by using Excel or any other attractive themes for designing efficient reports of business operations. Functioning with the help of PowerBI tool, the employers within an organization use theme reporting.  

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6. Charges incurred in both the tools:  

Costing is one of the essential factors to consider while running the processes in an organization. If you desire to select the monthly plan for payment, then Dynamics CRM is one of the best tools to consider for generating higher revenues in your organization.  

Here, Salesforce is not highly admired by developers because users need to select the tool for contracts annually. The biggest drawback is that Salesforce lacks add-ons because it involves higher costing.

It eventually leads to design and keeps features securely on its platform. If a business owner requires extra space, then the charges are higher and reach 250 dollars monthly.

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Here, Salesforce is the clear winner to decrease different costing.  Salesforce integration service enables business owners to multiply their profits and sales.  

7. BI functionality in both the tools:  

It is vital to transform data in a particular figure for increasing the efficiency of an organization. Microsoft Dynamics tool includes various BI techniques that integrate well with the Cortana tool, and it involves the smooth running of PowerBI and Azure techniques. Business Intelligence functionality offers high-quality virtual mode and charts that enhance the productivity of administrative staff in very less time. The BI tool also helps in solving your business queries efficiently, which in turn improves the scalability of an organization.  

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Salesforce tool offers advanced technicalities of Business Intelligence tool that helps employees to carry out numerous tasks without any hassle. For instance, mining of data within an organization, warehousing of data, etc and predictive analytical competency is very easy through Salesforce tool. It helps top-level management to keep an eye on all the business operations. It is advantageous for integrating the tool in an organization’s system to augment the revenues rapidly.

Here, the BI functionality has an important role to play in the functioning of Salesforce CRM to improve business profitability to a lot of extents. As a business owner, you must select the best salesforce development company for creating effective software. The dedicated developers will listen to your queries and assist you in designing the right application that increases business growth.  

8. Consider about deploying the software:  

One of the major tasks after the development of software is deploying the app properly on the right platforms so that businesses can utilize the full potential of software. Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool helps the industrial owners to single out the effective deployment alternative as per the requirement of their business. Here, business owners can select either the cloud platform or on-demand software according to the requirement of their organizations.  

Furthermore, it is vital to choose the tool that shows future signs of the organization’s success. The best part is that Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows people to alter their requirements as per the need of business. Here, the cloud tool plays a vital role for business owners to keep their data secure digitally.  

If we talk about the Salesforce platform, it has the only single tool for deploying numerous apps. It is a time-consuming process for the organizational staff. Here, the staff are not able to host data properly on cloud tools. It eventually increases the charges incurred in possession. Moreover, another drawback is that it is not a portable platform for the employees in a company.

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It is not the right platform because it decreases the security of each platform developed using the Salesforce CRM tool. It is not the right fit for designing government sector applications for the benefit of a nation. The government finds it difficult to secure the data, and there is a risk of misusing the information of people.  

9. Consider about the integrating functionality of a software:  

The major role that plays in an organization is to properly integrate the software within each system in an organization smoothly. Here, Microsoft Dynamics CRM works wonders for numerous business owners. Designed with Microsoft tools, all the applications sync well with Office 365 technique and the Power BI technicality. It is also simple for the employees to use an appealing interface to perform numerous business operations. PowerApps also play an effective role in conducting high-functionality tasks effectively on various platforms.  

When it comes to using the Salesforce CRM, there are a lot of discrepancies arising in performing a wide range of tasks with ease. Here, there is no smooth sync between each data category. Moreover, it provides less functionality for the staff in an organization. The best part is that staff must make use of Salesforce development services according to the requirement of an organization.  

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Final Words:  

In this cool post, we have made the points of distinction between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamic CRM Development. Well, it is not easy to tell which the best CRM tool for your organization is. It solely depends on the day-to-day task of your organization. Accordingly, you must plan for creating a function-rich application that enables you to take your business to reach new heights. If you are a business owner and looking forward to designing the right software for your organization’s growth, then feel free to contact BR Softech Pvt Ltd. We have a team of skilled programmers having rich experience in designing effective software as per the requirement of industries.

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