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How Much Dynamics 365 CRM Implementation Cost In Business Customization?

Nov 16, 2020
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Dynamics 365 CRM

Modern business challenges demand modern solutions, and this is the reason why Microsoft has its Dynamics 365 in the lineup. You must already be familiar with it; however, even if you are not, then this article will make you well versed with everything that you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics CRM development services.

Moreover, the article will also highlight the cost of implementation of the advanced tool into your business operations. Let us begin with knowing Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

What is Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a product of the tech giant Microsoft that falls in the category of customer relationship management or CRM and enterprise resource planning or ERP

It was released in the year 2016 with an aim to support enterprises and businesses. It consists of many applications within it that cover each and every aspect related to customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning. 

Including the tool into your business mechanics will help you enhance the quality of production, resource management, and make better decisions. 

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Applications of Dynamics 365


  • Dynamics 365 For Sales – (Sales Leaders, Sales Operations)

One of the most prominent aspects of Dynamics 365 is that it helps you manage and monitor sales like no other software solutions. It makes the sales cycle short and effective. 

Sellers can enhance their productivity and efficiency with the help of Dynamics 365. It provides better clarity when it comes to sales reports and helps streamline the associated activities.

  • Dynamics 365 For Customer Service – (Customer Service Leaders, Customer Service Operations)

Another important application of Dynamics 365 is to provide great customer service. It is vital to focus on productivity and efficiency; however, it is equally important to deliver greater customer service to keep the customers engaged and bring new customers to your business. 

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM development services, you can empower your team to have better insights on customer behavior and satisfaction.

  • Dynamics 365 For Field Service – (Field Service Leaders, Field Service Operations)

Dynamics 365 can play an important role in enhancing field service operations. Your team can make smarter decisions when it is about dispatching products and services in a real-world environment. 

Moreover, it comes with tools that can help your team to resolve issues in a way that is unmatched to any other software application that is available in the market.  

  • Dynamics 365 For Human Resource – (Attract, Onboard, Core HR)

Managing employee activities in an organization is a tedious and time-consuming task. Moreover, the slightest of mistakes can hamper the employee’s trust in the organization. 

In an era where employee satisfaction holds as much value as customer satisfaction, Dynamics 365 delivers effective control and scaling of employee activities within the organization. 

Training and certification, attendance, compensation, payroll management, and many more can be streamlined with the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM development services.

  • Dynamics 365 For Finance & Operations – (Finance Leaders, Operation Leaders)

Managing finance is a crucial aspect of every business, and Microsoft realizes your needs. The solution can automate the financial operations and makes it transparent and predictable. 

Moreover, it not only provides insights but can also make smart decisions based on the acquired data. Moreover, it helps to minimize the operational costs to some extent, which eventually helps to maximize profit. 

Also, it helps minimize the operational risk associated with the business and unifies the entire process with the help of advanced technology like AI.

  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – (Streamline planning, production, stock, warehouse, and transportation)

Dynamics 365’s supply chain management system is another important function that helps make the supply chain mechanism more efficient. It provides the operator with a detailed overview of the inventory, logistics, manufacturing, services, warehouses, and any other aspect if included in the supply chain system. 

Hire Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers to develop a better understanding of Dynamics and the supply chain management aspect associated with it. 

  • Dynamics 365 For Commerce

With the help of Dynamics 365, you can create unmatched shopping experiences that can help you amp up the quality of your services as well as the brand image of your organization. 

Not only does it create an exceptional physical channel, but it also elevates your digital channels for added versatility. 

If you have Dynamics 365 deployed in your business operations, then you can certainly expect your customers to be coming with increased expectations, and matching those expectations is as seamless as any other aspect of the solution.

  • Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation – (Operation Leaders, Project Leaders)

This part of Dynamics 365 effectively connects the different segments that play an active role in your business operations. 

Moreover, Project Service Automation helps the entire team to communicate smoothly that can eventually help you keep the different aspects related to your business in sync. 

Also, Dynamics 365 helps the users to plan resource management in a way that makes it a class-leading solution. Hire Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers to get more detailed information about this aspect. 

  • Dynamics 365 For Marketing—(Adobe Marketing Cloud, Dynamics 365 for Marketing)

If you have struggled with the marketing of your product and services, then considering Dynamics 365 is strongly recommended. With just one integration in your business operations, you can enhance the conversion rate of prospects into business clients. 

It can support you to create more engaging marketing content and send customized emails. 

Moreover, the software can help you gain a better understanding of the leads generated and eventually hike up the chances of their conversion. 

  • Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence – (AI for Sales, AI for Customer Service, AI for Market Insight)

Artificial Intelligence is considered one of the most revolutionary technologies that are innovated yet. There is nothing to boast about the concept as everyone is well versed in it. 

However, the integration of AI into Dynamics 365 is something that this section is about. With the help of it, you can make impactful decisions. 

Be it a particular aspect or organizing the entire operation, Dynamics 365 can help you do it without any complexity. All that you need is an experienced Dynamics CRM development company, and you are good to go. 

  • Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality – (Remote Assist, Layout)

This is one revolutionary aspect of Dynamics 365 that is not found on similar software solutions that fall into its league. It can help you connect with different teams based on different locations and work in collaboration, gain better insights, and develop solutions that can boost up the business operations. 

It can be accessed through a variety of devices like the HoloLens, Android devices, and iOS devices

Dynamics 365 Guides on HoloLens

This is helpful in fixing problems on a real-time basis, thus maximizing the team’s productivity and efficiency.

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central – (ERP for SMBs)

Accelerate your business growth by streamlining the business operations and collaboratively make smarter decisions with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

It is an effective business solution that can boost up the operations of any small scale to medium-scale businesses and enterprises. 

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All the points that are mentioned above unitedly contribute to make it a software solution that caters to each and every business requirements that may arise in your business.  

If you still have any concerns about the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we suggest you approach an experienced Dynamics CRM Development Company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd.

Scroll down to the next section to get detailed insights about the cost of implementation of Dynamics 365 to customize your business operations as per your requirements. 

The Best Way To Implement Dynamics 365

Best Way To Implement Dynamics 365

The first thing that comes in the scene for implementing CRM and ERP services for a client is extensive planning. Involving business owners and SME or Subject Matter Expert to carry out effective communication at the planning stage should be emphasized upon. 

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All the modules should be carefully planned along with the required customizations in the dynamics suite after the Dynamics CRM Development Company analyzes the business processes. 

What’s Included In Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Cost?

There are many aspects that are taken into consideration while calculating the total cost to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 into business customization. Refer to the major components as described below:

Let us first talk about the research, planning, and efforts that are invoked in the process-

  • Generating a business case and getting it approved is the foremost factor that adds up while estimating the cost of implementing the solution into business function.
  • The importance of outlying the outcomes of the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 holds a great weightage and is responsible for holding realistic expectations.
  • To draw out the business requirements not only adds up in the cost but also helps in laying out the making up the business case and laying out the expectations. 
  • After all the processes that are mentioned above comes the time to sum up the cost of implementation of the tool into business customization. 
  • Licensing the software that you opt for business customization.
  • The periodic up-gradation of the software solution under which one major update once in a year is calculated. Furthermore, maintenance of the software is also considered while evaluating the total cost of implementation in business customization.

Apart from the major driving factors that have been stated above, there are some internal factors that, most of the time, developers fail to educate the clients for but later on add up. These include the resources that are required from the start to end, dismantling the existing system, and recreating an entirely new mechanism and the cost of professionals who are recruited to conduct activities internally.

What kinds of customizations are supported by Dynamics 365?

  • Web services:

The customization of web services is being fully supported by Dynamics 365. APIs are kept backward compatible; however, to procure additional features, the right to modify API is still reserved.

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  • Ribbon customization:

Ribbon elements can be added or omitted via command ‘RibbonDiffXml.’ Moreover, it can be reused for further customization, but complete right is reserved to modify or eliminate the existing commands.

  • Solution file:

In the case of a solution file that is not managed, it can be modified while customizing with Dynamics 365. 

  • Plug-ins:

The plug-in mechanism is used to create optimized business solutions and is also supported for the business customization using Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

  • JavaScripts:

Yet another important customization that can be done using the solution is using JavaScripts to define actions, configuring event handlers, or scripts in HTML web resources. 

  • Workflow:

Workflows play an important role in enhancing business capabilities, and hence it is fully supported by the solution.

Business Customization and its cost

Calculating the price of implementing business customization using advanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a dynamic process. It takes a lot of things into consideration before a practical cost for your project can be revealed. 

This section of the article aims to cover the cost of business customization and the factors that drive the cost. 

Firstly, the size of your sales team plays an important role in determining the cost of implementation of Dynamics 365. 

The license that you select also influences the cost of implementation. There are many types of licenses that are available; detailed information can be found on the official website or approaching a Dynamics CRM development company

If we calculate the average, then mostly the annual subscription charges that a client pays varies from $5000 and goes up to $10000. Moreover, an additional implementation fee ranges up to $15000.

Unlock Dynamics 365 Calculator Cost


(Image Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Calculator)

It is to be kept in mind that the figures mentioned are just a rough estimate and the actual cost varies depending on the client’s requirements. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to assume the cost instead of approaching a software development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. to get more detailed information about the tool and the costs associated with it.

Dynamic 365- A complete solution

After reading this article, you must be aware of the capabilities of Dynamic 365 and how effective it can be to revolutionize your business operations. 

Hire Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers to integrate the modern tool into your day to day business operations for enhancing accountability, productivity, and eventually entire business aspects to make it match the competition in the technologically progressing world.

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