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How Do I Start a Courier Company with Flipkart, Fedex, Ekart and Other?

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Sep 25, 2020
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Have you ever imagined starting your own venture, working in your hours, and behaving like your own boss? If you haven’t, then start thinking in this direction as it can be proved as the best career option for you. In this blog, we are going to guide you with some essential points to start your own courier occupation. With the courier delivery app development, courier business is also getting new heights. Even, Flipkart is also offering its courier service partnership to local courier companies. And, if you have a little engrossment in this, then this blog will be very beneficial for you.    

Firstly, whenever you think about starting a business, you must have ideas for its establishment as it is necessary to make people aware of your business to make it successful. So, do you know everything about how to start a courier business? If not, then you’re at the right place, here you will get to know each detail to start and grow your courier business and also essential things to tie-up with the Flipkart courier services.  

Tips on How to Start Your Courier Business

How to Start Your Courier Business

It is never easy to start a new business when you have no idea about it. So, here we are to guide you with some points for a smooth start of your business and helping you to make smart choices as well. Though, you can also use an on-demand courier delivery app as it will be beneficial for a startup and also you will get to know about user’s feedback. Despite it, always avoid making common mistakes and follow these below-mentioned tips to grow your business at the fastest speed.

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Select Right Type of Vehicle

For a courier business, you must have a trustworthy transportation source to deliver the packages to customers. There are so many full-time courier services that use cargo vans for the delivery services as they offer cargo space or the biggest amount to deliver the items that belong to customers.

Courier businesses choose these cargo vans to decrease their monthly payments. These vans don’t have high maintenance and can be got easily on lease. A pick-up truck with a shield bed is a good resource despite the cargo van. 

Purchase the Suitable Equipment

Having appropriate and suitable equipment by your side for the courier business will help you to make your business efficient in every possible way. Also, it can save you from carrying the boxes. What type of equipment you will require depends upon the item’s type that you are going to pick-up and deliver to the customers.

For delivering a lightweight parcel, a simple hand truck or dolly will be enough. You can get the dolly by spending just $20. Other items you may need are- moving blankets, cargo straps, tape, etc.

Create Your Identity by Naming the Business

Your business name works as your representative and shows-up your company’s mission and its business values. Courier app development has become so advanced that now you can also name the app the same as your business name. So, be selective while deciding the name and ensure to check the secretary of state where you want to establish your business if the decided name is already taken by someone else or not? 

Also, get your domain name through the sites like GoDaddy. And after naming, you will be required to set up a legal structure. It will be good if you are the sole owner of your entire courier business. If not, then a limited liability corporation (LLC) will be best. To find if your business name has been taken or not, you can use LegalZoom and can also register your business entity into the state.

Business Insurance

There are so many things in a courier business that requires insurance such as cargo insurance, vehicle and liability insurance if possible. Having insurance when you are running a business is significant to gain the trust of customers. No individual or businesses want to work with a company that doesn’t have proper insurance. You can contact your local insurance broker to know about the cost of business insurance. Also, this cost can vary as per the delivery type, location, and the perceived risk. 

Keep Track of Your Business’s Expenses 

As a business owner, it is necessary to keep track of all your expenses as it will give you an idea about the overall cost of business. Some expenses that belong to running your courier business can be used like a tax write off. So, it would help if you recorded the miles you drive as it may also be used in some cases. 

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Market the Courier Services

Now, when you have all the necessary things such as equipment, vehicle, business name, etc. it’s time to market your business. Firstly, interact with your family and friends and ask them to share the business on their social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They can also share the link of your courier delivery app as it will help a lot to grow the business. Develop a business page on different social media apps and share it as much as possible. 

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Most of the courier businesses require to market themselves to other businesses who need courier services. You can do it through creating a list of such businesses who need delivery services and then via emails or calling or business cards; you can get in their touch. Despite these, online advertising and marketing can be proved as an effective and low-cost way to attract business owners. Both Facebook and Google Adwords provide easy to use platforms that are self-served. Customers can also get attracted by keywords they search on the internet as per their demographics, interests, or location. 

Connect with the Different On-demand Courier Services

When you operate your business by yourself, there are so many things you can do to grow it. They are provided with some of the platforms that are helpful to connect all the drivers with vans and trucks to businesses and people who require instant on-demand courier service. Consider only trusted platforms that can manage payments, offer supplemental cargo insurance and also a skilled team of marketers creating demands from new consumers. 

Some points to Check out at the Beginning of a Courier Business

Points to Check out at the Beginning of a Courier Business

As we know that a courier company is used for transferring the packages and items from one place to another by paying some amount of money. Beginning a courier business can be a profitable venture for sure. Still, there are some logistics and practical considerations you can overlook that require to be taken into consideration. By investing in little efforts and time, you can also start an amazing courier business. Also, check out these following points- 

Make Initial Determination Regarding Packages Type and Service Area

Courier services and courier delivery apps are used for taking orders and delivering packages from door to door. If you are looking forward to starting your own courier company, take a deep breath and take some time to make the right choices in terms of package type and the service area you will be delivering.

  • What type of packages and parcels you want to deliver through your company. Don’t avoid it as it is essential for resources. If you are thinking about using bikes or small cars, then you can only deliver small packages. If you have bigger trucks, then you can deliver larger deliveries. Also, consider particular regulation on some specific kinds of packages. Industrial chemicals and medical goods have particular care and handling needs, so you need some certifications to carry these substances based on your state. 
  • What are your service areas? What have you decided? Do you want to deliver all over the world? Or want item delivery across the territory? If you want to get attached to only local or small regions, then what scope are enough to handle reasonably? As we know that a local and small courier business may be easy to handle, but coast-to-coast delivery can be very expensive, and you also have to compete with the larger scale companies. 

Join the Business Advisers

If you don’t have a strong business background, you have to make all the important business contacts on your own. You will be required to connect with the various advisers to establish your courier business. You can do it by sharing the link of your on-demand courier delivery app to various social platforms, so that big banners and business persons can notice it. 

Consult with a business attorney familiar to have advice on the matters like local zoning laws or consult an accountant on how to track the business records, the pros and cons of employees, tax filings, etc. Talk to an insurance professional on getting the appropriate business insurance for the office and commercial vehicle coverage, worker’s compensation insurance, cargo insurance, and health insurance as well. 

Collect All the Important Equipment  

No matter, it is a courier business or any other business, it requires some physical and basic things to start it. Take some time to collect all the materials when you are at the first stage of starting a business. Determine vehicle type and keep them tracked with the help of courier delivery app. If you only want to deliver small packages or letters, then you can go for small vehicles like bikes and cars, but if you have some bigger plans, then you should take cargo vans or trucks.  

If your employees would agree, then you can ask them to use their transportation as long as their bikes and cars can clear the specific tests of running properly. In the case of bigger deliveries, you have to provide employees with your transportation. Clipboards, mobiles, maps, and navigation are also important for courier business.  

Flipkart is Looking for Tie-up with the Logistic Partners to Offer Services in More Areas 

After starting a courier company, it is significant to gain people’s trust. And, it will be more beneficial to have a partnership with a reputable company such as Flipkart for this. It will be beneficial for your business in various ways as people will start to recognize your courier company, and you will get more business. Want to have more details about this, then keep scrolling.

As we know that Flipkart is already a big name in the field of e-Commerce, and still it is trying hard to provide its services in more areas. For this reason, Flipkart is looking for a partnership with logistic partners for offering services to more customers and increasing their reach as well. 

What Will be the Changes?

There will be no changes at a high level, and also, it will not have an impact on the present delivery and pick-up procedures in place. Although it will change the shipping labels a little bit. Now, products will have two barcodes except the one-

  • For tracking, there will be used AWB numbers of the courier.
  • For scanning, there will be used the vertical barcode. 

There will be some more service areas added to the list, and the return shipment will be amended now to 30 days. But, there will be no delay in the product’s delivery by the adoption of the courier delivery app

What You Will Require to Start a Courier Company with Flipkart?

Requirement to Start a Courier Company with Flipkart

As we all know that Flipkart is known as one of the trusted online shopping sites in India. So, you can do a partnership with this company, or you can also choose any other reputable company to deliver their orders door-to-door. For this, send your application to the company via email, and they will respond to you within seven working days. And, if you want to start your partnership with Flipkart, then firstly you have to consider some essential things that you need to apply to get the partnership from them. Take a look here-

Things to have for Flipkart Courier Services

  • In terms of storage space, you require a 400-700 square foot space at least to run the franchise of Flipkart courier service. 
  • Also, you will require an internet connection, computers for staff, barcode scanner, printers, papers, etc. Have an on-demand courier delivery app too for your courier business.
  • You also need some essential document to submit such as-
  • Documents of Business ownership verifications
  • Identity proof- Aadhaar card/ voter card/ PAN card
  • Cancelled cheque and demand draft
  • Electricity bill
  • Valid rental papers if you have rented property for office

So, these were some important things if you want to be a partner with the Flipkart courier services. 

Final Verdict

For starting a courier business, these points, as mentioned above, will help you a lot. After starting the business, you have to work a lot to establish it. Nowadays, Flipkart is offering partnership opportunities to local courier services, so it is a good chance to grab the benefits provided by this well-known website. On-demand courier delivery apps are also playing an important role in the development of the courier services. 

For having a suitable courier delivery app that can help you to grow your business, then connect with the BR Softech, a well-known mobile and web app development company with skilled and experienced developers. They are always supportive of their clients. Give yourself a chance to experience quality services with us!

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