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How To Start A Real Estate Portal: Business Model and Revenue Model of a Property Listing Portal

App Development
Jan 03, 2021
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Real Estate Portal

Start A Real Estate Portal business is one of the quickest developing ventures globally, and the necessity of real estate applications is expanding as time passes. Seeing the interest, most application advancement organizations are thinking of specific thoughts and arrangements that are demonstrated productively for the majority of the real estate finance managers.

Start A Real Estate Portal development is creating applications for real estate businesses, which is an unusual thought. You can likewise recruit a real estate application designer and can give your business great height. Hire real estate application developer is an unquestionable requirement while building up a real estate development application. You should think about all the potential results while keeping the most recent models in mind.

Popular Property Listing Websites

  • Multiple Listing Service
  • Property for sale
  • Magic bricks
  • Olx
  • Home Finder
  • Quikr

The consistent achievements that mechanical  Real Estate Portal developments are setting are momentous. Nobody could envision digitization to be embraced at an especially tremendous rate. With the assistance of innovation, it has become conceivable to establish nearly all that looks like growth in the real estate business that helps most people to kick start their business.

The Internet of things, computerized reasoning, increased reality, blended reality and augmented reality are a portion of the remarkable advancements in a real estate world that have added to upsetting the real estate world. These administrations are used for business as well as for non-business purposes.

Putting resources into virtual reality advancement for your real estate business streamlining can be productive. Also, these have all the while given stages of selecting different other specialized administrations, in finding the house or property virtually with the help of AR and VR.

Needs of Real Estate App in Different Categories

Start A Real Estate Portal development business is one of the quickest developing ventures in the present time, and the necessity of real estate application development companies are expanding their reach as time passes. Seeing the interest, most real estate business ventures are coming up with an impeccable planning module that somewhere proven to be lucrative for most real-estate enterprises. Hire a property management website developer that can address the issues of each domain.

Business Revenue Model of Property Listing Portal

Business Revenue Model of Property Listing Portal

Subscription Model: Layered bundles where the specialists get administrators relying upon the participation bundles chosen. This can incorporate things like membership advertising ideas, upheld with the formation of emblem advertisements, Access to Savvy Ads and Call Tracking items, properties meant as Premium for added performances.

Elite Listing:

Permits experts or planners to buy credits to have postings suggested as a “Selective Listing” for improved positioning and performance.

Single Use Premium:

Follows a memberships based model where professionals can buy at least one Single Use Premium Listing Credit to assist them with getting a lift in rankings and delivering to customers

CRM Providers:

Propertyfinder permits CRM suppliers to offer their administrations to real estate companies. This implies that CRM suppliers are charged for their capacity to transfer organization information through the Propertyfinder XML system.


Property Finders own CRM programming that it offers to organizations. It likewise utilizes a membership based model comprising 2 packages, my CRM Lite and my CRM Pro. Specialists get data dashboards, knowledge and the capacity to follow total client excursions to give some benefits.

A report suggests that 50%of buyers found their homes through the internet, while 28% found them through their real estate agent (Source)

Internet to search for home

Online real estate classifieds have undoubtedly become more popular with time. Most of the people are moving their business towards an online real estate business for various reasons like an inexpensive, quick and broader audience.

Process of Real Estate for Buying 

The real estate development technology has made some revolving changes to connect people to buy or sell the product. Keeping the process makes the real estate industry more advanced due to technological upgradation.

It saves time and money in search of good property. Instead of searching for property physically, one can find it online virtually. By saving both parties time and effort, the real estate portal bridges the gap between two parties who want to sell or buy a property.

Let’s have a look at the real estate listing websites forms

  1. Property for Rent
  2. Property for Sale
  3. Property to Buy

Overall Process to Buy a Property

  • Choose the Region of the area or state property you want to buy.
  • Choose the most preferred property among the wide variety of property lists.
  • Register your real estate website portal with your mobile number or email id.
  • You can call seller on his registered number; or
  • An automatic message will generate a message on seller id about your response with your Number.
  • Fix a call and schedule an appointment

Overall Process to Sell a Property

  1. Register on the real estate website portal
  2. Choose property on the site while assuring the territory and the location you need.
  3. Fill in all the list of your property for example number of rooms, property size, number of floors, area, lease,  and so on .
  4. Fill in the nuances and your property will be posted on the web-based interface.

Real Estate App Development Features

Real Estate App Development Features

We develop a great tool that advances innovative features at a reasonable price and makes an excellent experience wseekingnd developing a classified app. It’s time you must include some of these impressive features just like the Olx app clone. 

1. Registration for Users

The user needs to register with an app using devices for posting and Managing Ads.

  1. Search Ads

Search for an option based on the need of the user, which includes Jobs, electronics and Properties for sale.

  1. Wish Lists

The wish list allows the user to add their favourite ads and posts that can be easily viewed later from the wish lists.

  1. Ad Detail

The app can provide you with the option to view and Ad various details like location, availability, and pricing.

  1. Multilingual Staff

Get multilingual language support that facilitates you to add the set of several languages you want to include.

  1. Payment Gateways

This app is integrated with multiple money transfer payment gateway options that make the entire payment process smoother.

  1. Push Notification

Push Notification helps you to keep you ahead by notifying you about the schedule and essential reminders at regular intervals.

  1. Browse Ads

Users can easily scan and display ads by simply filtering the ads in the form of categories, countries, and cities.

  1. Unlimited Categories

Users can easily search for a wide range of categories that can give the user a seamless user experience.

What are the Benefits of Real Estate in our Everyday lives?

Benefits of Real Estate

Among all the leading industries these technologies are inculcated in real estate as well that helps enhance employee engagement, operation efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Let us discuss some reasons how technology affects the industry-

  • Enhanced Engagement: The technology allows the customer to view the property without having to visit it. Also, the user can have a better observation and estimation of the area.
  • Time saver: Using the technology helps the user save their effort of physically visiting the property/site and saving the time.
  • Accurate Information: The customer will be able to verify the information, whether it was provided correctly or not. This will also avoid any chance in the discrepancy.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customers with the help of the technology will receive an enhanced and cost-efficient viewing experience.
  • Employee Engagement: Inculcating technology in the real estate business will help employees in client handling. Also, the use of technology will leave a lasting impression on the client and help in building reliability.

There are more reasons to opt for these services for an optimized experience bbuildoth for employees and customers. Hence, investing in real estate app development while using augmented reality app development can be a good option.

While Summing up

Subsequent to getting mindful of advances and the advantages of these proposals in your business.

As the consumer can get a hassle-free experience in viewing the house, resulting in a higher conversion rate, the real estate sector can be seen implementing it at a quick pace.

BR Softech is a leading developer of real estate scripts that enables users to go and search for the property in the miscellaneous field with top-notch features. With the right use of trendy innovations and the acceptance of digital footprints,

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