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Why Is The Uber Clone App Development Service Getting Fame?

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Jun 15, 2020
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Uber Clone App Development Service

App-based taxi services are one of the most sought-after businesses in 2020. The success stories of companies like Uber has inspired many entrepreneurs to invest in the on-demand taxi booking application.

Developing apps like uber has become convenient with the help of uber clone scripts. There are many benefits that are associated with the use of clone script in the process of app development that we will discuss in this article. 

If you also want to boost your recently started taxi business venture or expand your existing taxi business considering these on-demand app development services can be a game-changer.

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a one-stop solution for all your software needs that will help you to expand your taxi business with a capable taxi booking app.

Start by unfolding the on-demand services, we will cover the maximum aspect that is associated with apps similar to Uber. The article aims to educate you about the benefits of owning a taxi booking app along with clone scripts and its implementation.

What Are On-Demand Services?

There used to be a time when to avail any service or to purchase any goods, the customer had to walk up to the service provider—the process used to be time-consuming as well as costly. 

On-demand services allow the user to receive products and services when they require the help of a mobile-based application. Also, the user gets the privilege to scroll through a variety of products and services, unlike the limited choices that were available in a retail store.

One other advantage of using on-demand service apps is that the user receives products and services on their doorstep or any other chosen location that adds convenience and saves fuel costs.

After the success of on-demand food delivery and grocery delivery, one industry that is blooming with the help of on-demand applications is the taxi services. Due to this Uber taxi clone app development is high in demand, making it a multi-billion dollar industry.

Let us discuss the on-demand taxi services and how investing in it can benefit you.

Rise Of On-Demand Taxi Services

The taxi services did not used to be the way they are now. Many factors contributed to the stagnation of the taxi services. They were not so cost-efficient, and indeed there used to be only a few specific car models available as taxis. 

Booking a cab required the customer to reach out to a taxi stop and wait until the cab arrived or visit travel agencies for booking a cab for long distances. Lucky ones managed to find the cab instantly and others had to wait for a few minutes or sometimes hours for a vacant taxi to arrive. Furthermore, the high fares made them selectively affordable. 

There were so many factors involved in making the taxi services obsolete that it demanded some innovation. As a result, with the help of developers, taxi booking via a mobile-based application came into existence. 

Now booking a taxi has become an instantaneous process. Customers can easily book a cab with the help of their smartphone with just a few taps. All that is required is an internet connection and a taxi booking app.

Let us discuss some of the benefits of on-demand taxi services-

  • Booking a taxi is no more a time taking process; instead, you can book a taxi instantly using the app.
  • The apps have led to standardizing the price and eliminated overcharging.

Basic Features of the on-demand taxi app

Features of the on-demand taxi app

Considering the necessary features for app development helps in determining the scope of success. The app should be user-friendly and promote enhanced user-engagement to establish a broader client-base. Have a look at the ideas provided below that might help you in the process-

  • Registration: The first thing that a user comes across is the registration page. Users should be able to conveniently sign-up using its active email address, phone number or any other popular social networking platforms.
  • Instant Search: Search bar to locate any nearby rides is a must-have. Users should be able to manually enter the location and select from various cabs.
  • In-app navigation: The built-in navigation system will not only display the route being travelled but also notify about the estimated time to reach the destination that updates on a real-time basis.
  • Payment methods: App should boast a variety of payment methods. The customers are likely to transact using their debit or credit card, net banking and hence the feature of saving the account or card details for faster checkout will encourage the motive. 

Also, the option to select cash as a payment option will enhance functionality.

  • Rating and reviews: These form an important feature of the taxi booking app. Rating and reviews options help to better scrutinize the functioning of the app and quality of services.

Rising demand of Uber clone app development

Uber clone is the platform that lets the developers provide an app having functionalities similar to Uber with personalized branding. It eliminates the need for developing an app again from the beginning. 

Indeed, there are many advantages associated with using the Uber clone app that makes it famous amongst the taxi startups.

Let us go through the benefits one-by-one:-

  • Easy to launch: As it is not required to build an app from the start, it makes the app development phase hassle-free and provides quick results.
  • Customization: It does not include the features that power the original version but also provides the advantage to modify it with advanced features.
  • Cost-efficient: Using a clone script means less effort and hence saves time, ultimately saving you the cost that otherwise would have invested in the new research. 
  • Less-effort: App developed on the platform of Uber clone scripts will save time and effort of investing in new research and resources, eventually saving the efforts of the developer.

call to action - tax

The benefits, as mentioned above, are the reason behind the popularity of using clone scripts for the development of Uber clone apps. However, there are a lot more benefits than stated above that makes the Uber clone app beneficial for the customers, the drivers and the business owner. 

Keep scrolling down to learn about the reason behind the rising fame of the Uber clone app services.

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Rising fame of Uber clone app

Many reasons altogether contribute to the increasing fame of Uber clone app development service. The app is not only a successful business venture, but also the users are quite satisfied with the quality of service they receive from these taxi booking apps. Let us see how the Uber clone app development services benefit the user, driver and the business operator.

  • Users

Not struggling to chase taxis: Booking a taxi is no more a tedious task as the Uber clone app allows the user to book a cab in a matter of a few taps on the screen of their smartphone.

Security: Availing taxi services provides the user with all the necessary details that are associated with the cab and the driver. It eventually leads to enhanced security that was otherwise not available. 

Service 24 x 7: Does not matter whether it is an emergency or a late-night trip up to your favorite bar, the app allows the user to access the cab facility 24 x 7.

Price lucidity: Booking a cab using the app provides a precise estimate of the fare charged eliminating the room for any discrepancy.

Free apps: Taxi apps are available for free to download, making the services accessible to any person having a smartphone and an internet connection.

Flexible payment: It offers users the convenience to pay as per the choice. The traditional way of hiring a taxi required the exchange of paper currency however with the help of the Uber clone services the user can go cashless and make the payment using the debit/credit card or the net banking. 

Cost-effective: The taxi services had become a lot more cost-efficient as compared to the times when the customer used to hire a taxi without it. 

  • Driver

Discover passenger: The drivers can discover the passengers who are searching for a taxi nearby. Also, they can accept or reject any booking, depending on their availability.

Identify user profile: Drivers get to see the remarks of other drivers that eventually contribute to better management.

Eliminate the room for price bargaining: Taxi booking apps have eliminated the room for negotiation and has resulted in the standardization of the fare charged by the customers that makes it a reason for its popularity amongst the drivers.

Flexible work schedule: The drivers can work as per their availability as the app allows the drivers to find passengers and accept bookings with ease.

  • Owners 

Tracking taxi: Talking about the advantages for the business owner, tracking taxi drivers and passengers have become convenient and accurate with the help of the Uber clone apps.

Hire more drivers: The business owner can hire more drivers with effective management using the mobile-based application. It lets the driver connect with the app and offer services without occupying any physical space.

Brand marketing: Using a Uber clone app service will eventually lead to target a large audience base and hence result in marketing.

Get commission on every ride: The taxi booking app provides an opportunity for the owner to earn a commission on every ride that is booked and completed using the mobile-based application.

Cost of Uber clone app 

Cost of Uber clone app

We cannot precisely estimate the cost incurred in developing an app similar to Uber. Various factors drive the cost involved in the development of Uber app clones. Typically, the price varies with the features to integrate into the app, fee charged by the developer and their expertise. 

Further, the rate also varies with the region where the developer is located. BR Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leading software development company that can provide Uber clone apps in a budget ranging from 3000 US dollars to 20000 US dollars. 

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However, this range is superficial and can vary according to the project requirement and time took in app development.

Closing words

This article is the ultimate source to shape your business ideas of providing taxi services. After knowing the concepts and benefits of the Uber taxi clone app development, developing an app that targets multiple platforms is likely to improve the success rate of your project. 

Getting an app that is developed under the supervision of an expert software development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. will help boost up the reach of your business.

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