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The Millionaire Guide On E-Card Maker Mobile App Development

written by Admin | Aug 26, 2021
E-Card-Maker Mobile App development

E-Card Maker Mobile App Development

Gone are the days when sending birthday cards, greeting cards, anniversary cards, valentine cards, etc seems like a hectic task. Thanks to the e-card maker mobile app, now anyone can send a personalized greeting message using their smartphone.

Now, several e-card Maker mobile app developments launched their own e-card maker mobile application. These applications enable people to create greeting cards using their amazing creative skills and let them surprise their loved ones.

Creating and sending an e-card with the e-card maker mobile app is quite an effortless process and comes with plenty of customization abilities. This way users can add a personal touch to their greeting card just like they can do with a physical card. The best thing about it is that it will cost you nothing in comparison to the traditional day cards.

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The popularity of the e-card maker mobile apps also significantly increases these days, which influences many people to invest in e-card maker mobile app development. If you are also among those people, then this blog post is meant to help you.

This blog post will provide you with information such as what the e-card maker mobile app is, how the e-card mobile app works, what is the cost of the e-card maker mobile app development, and so on. Thus, keep reading this blog post further.

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What is an E-Card Mobile App?

The E-card (Electronic Card) is the digital version of the traditional days greeting cards. It can be a greeting card addressing special occasions, anniversaries, valentine’s day, etc that can be sent instantly from one person to another using a smartphone.

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Most of the e-card maker mobile apps or websites available on the internet make revenue from ads and allow users to create personalized e-card for free.

Besides personalized text messages, e-card can also include different background images, videos, and music to make the e-card more attractive. These personalized e-cards can be saved and viewed on any device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and so on.

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Unlike traditional greeting cards, these e-cards can also be used for business purposes as well. Business owners can send a personalized e-card to their clients to maintain a fruitful relationship with them.

How is an E-Card Better Than Email?

Sometimes most of us wonder how an e-card is better than an email? The answer to this question is pretty much simple, with e-card users can effectively express their thoughts in a branded and highly attractive manner, which seems impossible with email.

For example, imagine your birthday is about to come and one of your best friends sent you a mail-in black and white with no color and no style which you expect as you are celebrating a very important day of life. Whereas, one of your friends sends you an e-card with a personalized message beautifully decorated with animation and attractive background.

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With all this information, I am not trying to say that emails have gone out of trend, but they are intended to serve a completely different purpose. They come in use for more business-centric purposes. When it comes to wishing someone on their special day, nothing can go as high as an e-card can go.

Furthermore, e-card maker app provider companies come up with fresh new designs and ideas daily to enhance the importance of your personal message. With all the information discussed above, anyone can say that e-card is a winner when it comes to sending personalized wishes to dear ones.

What Features Make an E-Card Maker Mobile App?

feature E-Card-Maker Mobile App development

If you are planning to launch your e-card maker mobile app, then it is essential to develop the knowledge of essential features for e-card maker software development.

Typography: E-card maker mobile app development solution should be equipped with a variety of fonts. So users can choose the most appropriate ones to make their greeting look more attractive.

Professional Made Layouts: Your application should be packed with editable professional-made templates that fit various occasions. Users can customize them as per their needs to make them visually attractive.

Simple & Engaging UI: The application’s user interface should be simple yet engaging enough to make the application appropriate for all ages of people and knowledge of people.

Social Sharing: This is the most essential feature of an AR e-card maker app development solution. This feature allows the users to share their created greeting cards on various social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

Multiple Pages: The user can create an e-card that contains multiple pages i.e. slideshow pictures and animation. This way users can create an enriching experience for their loved ones.

Custom Music: Alongside the attractive graphics design, music is also a vital ingredient in creating an e-card. Users will admire your application if they have an option to add music to the greeting card.

Limitless Storage Capacities: Users might need storage space to save all their digitally created greeting cards. Having limitless storage capacity will motivate them to create greeting cards more often with them.

Business Signature: As mentioned earlier, e-card maker app development solutions also help businesses to promote themselves. Hence, adding support to the business signature to e-card will boost the business’s popularity and attract a large audience.

Video Card Design: The users can also create the e-card with the help video, as it is a more fun way of greeting loved ones. You can also add this feature to your application to make it a more usable application.

Multi-Lingual Support: You can target a wider audience base located across the world by offering them the ability to use your e-card to make a mobile application in their understanding knowledge.

Themes: Users might not have sufficient time or knowledge to create a digital greeting card from scratch. Having an enriched library of some basic themes will assist them in creating greeting cards with ease.

Multi-occasions: This feature comes in aid to allow the users to create e-card according to the need of the occasions such as birthday, anniversary, valentine day, and so on.

Upload Graphics and Images from Local Storage: Besides the inbuilt library, the users can also upload graphics or images from the local smartphone storage to create an e-card mobile application.

How does an E-Card Maker Mobile App Make Money?

E-Card Maker Mobile App Make Money.

In general, the e-card maker android mobile app makes money from multiple methods, as shown below.


This is one of the highly adopted monetization models for e-card maker mobile apps. It allows the users to benefit from the features of the application without paying a single penny. While the e-card maker mobile app company makes revenue by displaying the ads.

Subscription Model

In this monetization model, the app comes free for a week or a month. After that period users need to make a certain subscription fee to continue using the application.


This model allows the users to use the basic features of the application for free. However, if they opt for the advanced features or graphics, they need to pay some charges.

How Much Will It Cost to Develop an E-Card Maker Mobile App?

The cost of e-maker mobile app development is a great concern for many of us. To calculate the average cost of development, you need to remember the following consideration.

  1. E-card maker mobile app development platform
  2. The design complexity
  3. E-card mobile app features
  4. E-card maker mobile app development company’s region

By keeping all the above factors into consideration, determining the actual cost of development won’t be a conceivable task. However, determining a rough average cost can be possible, which would be around $30,000 to $45,000. This cost would be higher somewhere around $70,000 to $90,000.

Wrapping Up

The growth of mobile app development such as e-card makers reach unforeseen heights, thus it is no surprising fact that investing in it is a highly profitable idea. However, creating an efficient e-card maker mobile application requires extensive experience and access to state-of-the-art technology.

BR Softech is one such e-card maker mobile app development company backed with more than one decade of experience. Get in touch with BR Softech to translate your idea into a feasible product.

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