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E-Prescription Software and Mobile App Development: Everything You Need to Know Including Cost and Key Features

written by Admin | Jun 10, 2021

Remember the time when you meet your doctor, convey your health condition to the doctor, and the doctor writes a prescription on the paper. You glance at the prescription paper and find it difficult to understand the medicines recommended by the doctor. You rush to the chemist and ask them to help you understand the prescription, but what if even the chemist finds it difficult to read the medicine? At such time, e-prescription software comes into existence. Electronic prescription, e-Prescribing, or eRx born to replace the traditional method of medicine prescribing process. With a broad range of benefits, e-Prescribing is making its own way to become an integral part of the health industry.

Here is our guide on e-Prescription mobile app development and e-Prescription software development. So with no further ado, let’s begin this guide by giving you an overview of what e-Prescribing or eRx is. 

What is e-Prescription Software?

e-Prescribing is the process of generating the drug prescription electronically. This e-Prescription either can be sent directly to the patient or the pharmacist. As a prescription is generated electronically, it can easily be understood by the patient itself. Moreover, the main application of the e-Prescription app development is to eliminate the risks involved with manual prescription writing, hence the patients can expect safe and quality care for themselves. 

Besides this, e-Prescription software provides several other benefits as well. Some of them are simplified medicine workflow management, increased patient satisfaction, improved patient safety, and so many others. The software seamlessly connects medical specialists, patients, and pharmacists to ensure quality services are being delivered to them. 

How e-Prescription Software Works?

Before you invest your time and resources in an e-Prescription software development solution, you need to learn how e-Prescription software works. e-Prescription software or mobile app is flexible and can be developed easily with the aid of an e-Prescription app development company. 

Provides Information

When a patient schedules an appointment with the doctors. The doctor takes the benefit of the e-Prescription system to check the patient’s insurance coverage. This way a doctor can prescribe a medicine covered by the insurance of the patient. 

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The doctor extracts the information from the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM). PBM is the directory of all the medicines covered by a medical plan called “formulary”. 

Shows Prescription History

Besides the insurance coverage, e-Prescription software can enable the doctor to see the patient’s previous drug history.

The doctor analyzes the patient’s prescription history, creates the new prescription, and sends it to the pharmacy for fulfilment. If the pharmacy has multiple options for the drugs prescribed in e-Prescription, then the patient has the option to choose the most convenient one for them. 

Convenient Refills

Refills become much easier with the e-Prescription software as it allows the pharmacy to request the doctor on the behalf of the patient. And then the doctor sees the request and approves or rejects it.

Features That Makes A e-Prescription Software/Mobile App


Here goes a list of the essential features that make an e-Prescription mobile app development successful. We have categorized the features in the following four ways i.e. patient, doctor, pharmacist, and admin. 

Common Features

Paperless Patient Records: e-Prescription contains every single detail of the patient including medical history, allergy, and so on. 

Re-Prescribing: If the current e-Prescription doesn’t improve the patient’s medical condition then the doctor can immediately update the prescription. 

Dosage Refill Reminder: The doctor always stays updated with the status of the patient’s dosage. The app will notify the doctor when a patient runs out of the dosage and needs a dosage refill.  

New RX: If the patient sees no need for a dosage refill, then the doctor can prescribe the completely new e-Prescription to the pharmacist. 

Reminder for Scheduled Appointments: The e-Prescription software or mobile app will notify the patients and doctor about the upcoming scheduled appointments

Patient Panel

Stay Informed: A well-built e-Prescription software will keep the informed with a lot of information including medical coverage, personal information, the latest prescription, etc. 

Notify Doctor: The patient can update their current medical situation in the app or software and it will notify the doctor instantly. 

Order Medicines: The patient can order medicines anytime with a single tab and the pharmacy will get it delivered to your doorstep in a promising time.   

Instant Test Report Update: The patients can get access to the test reports as soon as the doctor uploads the report to the application and begins to take appropriate medicines. 

Doctor Panel

Keep Doctor On-track: Be it dosages refilling, appointment alert, and other crucial information will be shared with the doctor immediately. 

Store Allergy History of Patient: Doctors can see all the information regarding the patient’s including their allergic history. By utilizing this information, the doctor can create a better prescription for the patient. 

Review and Edit Prescription: The doctor can review all the patient’s prescription records and edit them at any time to ensure the patient’s smooth recovery. 

No Prescription Error: The automation process makes sure that the patient never runs out of dosages, or the doctor never prescribes the same drug again to the patient. 

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Pharmacist Panel

A Comprehensive Dashboard: The dashboard of the e-Prescription software or mobile application provides the pharmacist with all the information needed to run a pharmacy successfully.  

Expanding Customers: The patients using the e-Prescriptions software will be able to order the drugs from your pharmacy. 

Effective Record Management: e-Prescription software or mobile app will keep the record of the pharmacy in an effective and error-free manner.  

Admin Panel

All Access to Management: The admin can manage patients, doctors, and pharmacies from a single dashboard. 

Review Management: It empowers the admin to effectively manage all the reviews on the e-Prescription software or mobile application. 

Payment Access: The admin can see all the payments that happen on the software.

Content Management: The patient can view or edit the data within a few clicks. 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Your e-Prescription Software/Mobile Application?


Numerous factors come into consideration while determining the cost of e-Prescription software development or mobile application. Some of the most prominent factors are listed below. 

  • Features & functionality associated with the application
  • Third-party application integration
  • Certification and compliance
  • Size of an e-Prescription software development company
  • Number of users
  • Technology stack

So if you are ready to join the bandwagon of e-Prescription software development then you need to consider the aforementioned factors. The overall budget you might need to spend on e-Prescription software development would be somewhere around $25,000 to $50,000. Remember the fact that this is just an estimated cost, the actual cost might be higher than this. 

Ready to Build Your e-Prescription Software and Mobile App?

There is no one who can deny the fact that e-Prescription software development is a boon in the medical industry. eRx software is welcomed by most doctors and patients around the globe. Moreover, such software improves the lives of people, thus becoming a part of this noble business would be highly profitable.

If you want to build your e-Prescription software development solution, then BR Softech is one of the ultimate destinations to get your software developed for you as per your expectations. BR Softech e-Prescription mobile app development company engineers in digital transformation and will be left no stone unturned to meet your development goals.


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