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written by Nitin Garg | Apr 20, 2023
Educational game development

An educational game is a type of fun game that involves both gaming and education. With our expertise in educational app development, we excel in developing effective, engaging and interactive games and can gamify any educational subject. Educational games help people grab crucial information, skills and knowledge through enticing gameplay. It is famous among people of all ages and gender. Even children love to play educational games due to their visual attractiveness and user-friendly features. They are a mix of entertainment and education that can help you substitute the monotonous hint of boring education lectures and training sessions. 

Educational games can be both addictive and challenging that can challenge your existing skill sets and knowledge at the same time. These types of games test the capability of individuals in the most entertaining manner. Most investors today are interested in developing educational game development software to attract a global audience of learners, students, teachers and even kids who love to play interesting educational video games. 

In this blog, we will feature the types, benefits, and cost to develop an educational game. At the end of the blog, you will get all the necessary elements required to learn how to create educational games.

What are Educational Games? 

Educational games are designed and developed for the purpose of education. These types of games are famous among kids as they like to play educational games with a hint of fun and entertainment. They can be designed and developed on different themes like puzzles, certain educational topics, historic events, reasoning, mathematical calculations in the form of graphical characters, etc. Moreover, the educational game design also has a major impact on the appeal and attractiveness of the game which are essential to capture the user’s interest. Popular game types include card, board and video games

Game-based learning has hyped the growth of educational app development solutions that are becoming mainstream for interactive and user-friendly features and functions. There are different types of educational games played by people across the globe for increasing their intellectual and thinking abilities. Some of the best types of Educational games are: 

  • Combat Game – Improved and enhanced concentration levels. 
  • Strategy Game – Augments strategic thinking
  • Sports Game-Enhances Anger Management 
  • Dungeons and Dragons- Improves reasoning and analytical skills 
  • Interpersonal Games- Enhances interpersonal skills 
  • Maze Games- Enhances critical thinking ability 
  • Social Games- Increase your ability to community with others 
  • Vocabulary games- Helps you learn new English words 

Statistics on Educational Games

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the market for educational app development was at great heights as people adopted digital learning as the best alternative to physical classroom study. 

As per the market research and analysis, it is found that in the year 2017, the size of the educational games market size was estimated at $8,958 and showcased a CAGR of 18%. Of course, the pandemic also fueled the growth of the educational game market and took it to the next level. Besides digital learning, educational games like Prodigy games, telltale games, physics-based games, and the Portal franchise, became quite famous during the pandemic. 

As per the market research, in the first quarter of the year 2021, education and games are the two most popular categories on the Google Play Store. While on the Apple app store, the games were in the lead and educational apps were in the third number. The gamification market size was valued at $9.1 billion in the year 2020 and is expected to reach $30.5 billion by the end of 2025. 

Gaming is the top-most interest of kids, irrespective of gender. To give you a wider picture, here we have listed some of the authentic figures, helping you identify why educational games are profitable for your business. 

  • Children age 5 to 8 spend about 3 hours daily on digital media or screens. 
  • Around 72% of parents in the United States say that their kids consume knowledge and learning content from gaming platforms.
  • 70% of children worldwide prefer mobile games to learn educational topics or subjects 
  • 60% of US parents claim digital media or gaming applications as the best platform to grab crucial information 

Benefits of Educational App Development

Our team of professional educational games developers use the most advanced tools, technologies and strategies to develop future-ready educational app development solutions as per your needs and expectations. We use the best features and graphics to augment the gameplay experience of the users. Here is the list of educational game development solutions: 

  • It helps improve the memory capacity of the users 
  • It helps individuals who lack attention 
  • Improves problem-solving capabilities 
  • The smooth and scalable gameplay experience 
  • Easy to install and play educational games 
  • Real-time voice and chat functionality 
  • Supports multiple currencies 
  • Integrates safe payment methods 
  • Helps identify learning gaps and analytics 
  • Scalable and stable gaming platform for learners 
  • Supports high-volume data 

Educational apps are becoming increasingly popular for digital learning. Apps like Byjus are the live example. If you want to make an educational app like Byjus, read this blog! 

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How to Make an Educational Game?

An educational game is all about learning with fun. Educational game development software is not an overnight task and hence requires the collaborative efforts of designers and developers to create a full-fledged gaming platform. Choose us to get customizable and cutting-edge educational game development services. Take a look at how to make an educational game with our agile and in-depth process. 

Educational Game

1. Set a Plot

Unlike other educational apps, educational games need a proper setting, plot and characters. They are more than just puzzles or quizzes. Imparting knowledge is not an easy task and not when you want to make it interactive and engaging. So, make sure to optimize attractive visuals and graphics to develop a relatable educational game app that makes learning an an-inclusive fun activity.

2. Make it Attractive and Aesthetic

The main objective of educational games is to make learning fun and interactive. You can add fun elements, educational information, and mechanics to make the entire platform interactive. Moreover, make sure to incorporate eye-pleasing animation, art and sound effects. 

3. Define Your Target Audience

Make sure to know your target audience before the educational app development so that you can create a product accordingly. Suppose, if your target audience is children, you must include more graphics and simple game levels to entice and retain the interests of kids. While if you are targeting adults or teenagers, you can include mid-level or complex educational game levels and complex elements to attract and hook them on the platform.

4. Educational App Development

In this phase, designers and developers sit together to align all the characters and elements of the game in an accurate way. They use a professional programming language to keep everything intact in the platform. Educational games developers take care of art and sound effects to offer users comprehensive, high-quality and interactive educational game applications.

5. Testing and Quality Analysis

After the development of the educational game app, make sure to practice testing methods and quality analysis procedures to make the platform bug and glitch-free. Testing is an unmissable step that ensures the quality and performance of the developed gaming platform in an effective way. If you want your platform to be a game changer in the market, make sure to make it free from any type of interruptions or bugs.

6. Launch and Marketing

After the proper testing and QA of the educational gaming platform, launch that app in the market with proper marketing and promotional strategies. These strategies include digital marketing campaigns, advertisements, Email marketing, Linkedin promotion, video marketing, social media marketing and affiliate marketing. 

If you want to develop an all-inclusive educational game app for learning, here is the guide for you! 

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Education App Development Business Model

Whenever an entrepreneur builds any application or game, one thing that comes to mind is appropriate returns on investment. If you are interested in developing an educational game application but you are concerned about the ROI, then let us tell you one thing: it is one of the most profitable and long-term business ventures. Today investors hire a metaverse game development company to reach millions of screens, earn great ROI and increase their brand awareness.

Education App Development

The educational app can help you make huge money from a varied range of monetization strategies. Some of the best and most famous monetization strategies are 

A. Advertisements 

This is the most common monetization strategy for brands. You can also make a fortune through advertisement promotion. All you need to do is collaborate with leading gaming brands or institutions who want to promote their services on your platform. Business owners charge a high amount to promote the brand’s services on their platform. You can also do brand collaboration and advertisement promotion. 

B. In-app Purchases 

You can also earn revenue by implementing an in-app purchase option for the game products. You can either collaborate with individual or established gaming brands to increase their sales and in turn, you can charge if anyone makes an in-app purchase via your platform.

C. Subscription 

This is the most genuine and ideal monetization method followed by most educational video game companies in the USA. They tend to charge an amount for each of the user subscriptions, which means they provide their gaming platform as a service for a particular duration. You can also implement a subscription system to provide users with a yearly or monthly subscription to your application

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Educational App Development Cost

It is nearly impossible to define the exact cost to develop an educational game until and unless we don’t know about the game type, niche, features, and specifications of your project. However, we can definitely tell you the approximate educational app development cost that you might need to invest in acquiring an ideal educational game platform. Also, factors like educational game design, location of educational games developers, tech stack, and more majorly influence the development cost of an educational game. 

On average, the cost to develop an educational game with basic features and functionality is around $20,000 to $30,000. The cost may shoot up to $50,000 and even more if you want to integrate advanced and next-generation tech stack, features, and functions. 

Here is an estimated cost of a varied range of development phases that can help you create a budget in advance.

Development Phase Development Cost 
UI/UX Design $6,000 to $8,000 
Native platform development $8,000 to $10,000
Backend development $4,000 to $6,000 
Testing and QA $3,000 to $6,000
Final cost $20,000 to $30,000 

There are different factors affecting the overall cost of educational game development. Some of them are 

  • The complexity of features 
  • The level of graphics 
  • Advanced technology stack 
  • Experience in the development company 
  • Location of the educational game developers 
  • Cross-platform compatibility

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Educational Game Development Services

As a leading educational game development company, we provide best-in-class, interactive and feature-packed educational games that are the perfect mix of both entertainment and education. Our team of educational games developers, designers and storytellers can transform the most difficult educational topics into the most exciting and attractive games that represent and reflect the knowledge in a seamless manner. 

From children to adults, we can develop educational games for people of all ages by incorporating necessary information testing their skill sets or capabilities. We focus on engaging and attractive interfaces to make education and learning an interesting subject matter for all. If you want educational game development software for your application or website, our educational game developers can help you do that at the most affordable prices. 

People appreciate and use educational mobile game apps that not only offer fun elements but also convert education in the most interesting manner. Our educational game developers appreciate this and implement the same by developing educational games that are scalable, engaging and customer-oriented. 

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Hire Our Educational Game Developers

Now that you know the benefits of building an educational game app, you must be wondering about creating one for your business. Fret not, our educational game developers at BR Softech are here to guide you at every stage of the game development process in the most professional and detailed manner. Our certified developers are highly experienced in designing and developing next-generation educational games that are highly scalable, reliable, and credible in nature.

Why Choose BR Softech as an Educational Game Development Company in the USA?

BR Softech is a leading and internationally recognized educational game development company in the USA. We have helped many clients develop their interactive and engaging platforms with feature-rich and graphically realistic educational gaming platforms. Our developers tend to exceed our clients’ set benchmarks by going the extra mile for their projects. We use the most creative, and user-friendly interface and advanced tech stack to develop future-ready educational games that are hard to find. Choose our educational game developers to get: 

  • On-time delivery of the project 
  • Advanced tech stack 
  • Creative and innovative solutions
  • Feature-packed games 
  • Constant tech support 
  • Full-fledged testing 

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Final Words 

Educational game development software that allows users to acquire and capture knowledge in the most fun, interesting and compelling manner. These games are not only famous among kids but also teens and adults for their interactive and user-friendly interface. If you are fascinated by the educational gaming industry, choose BR Softech, one of the leading educational video game companies, to help you develop a competitive and highly scalable gaming platform. 

Gamification of the educational core subjects and topics not only helps users to learn in the most engaging manner but also helps creators to capture a global target audience while making huge profits. Hire our educational game developers, having hands-on experience and expertise in delivering credible, authentic and the most reliable educational game development services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 What are the benefits of educational game development solutions? 

Educational game development software has a lot to offer everyone. Through educational games, you can target a wide range of audiences ranging from infants and children to teens and adults. The platform can also help you generate great ROI. Read More 

Q.2 Do you deliver educational game development services? 

Yes, as a leading educational game development company, we design and develop feature-packed, modern and tech-backed educational game apps that are of high value. We offer educational game apps for kids and adults at the most affordable prices. Read More

Q.3 What are the features of educational game development software? 

The most crucial and common features of educational game apps are an interactive interface, visually-realistic graphics, a game guide, engaging UI/UX, and live chat. 

Q.4 What are the mechanics of educational game development software?

The most common mechanics of educational games are quizzes, puzzles, merging, timers, merging, connecting and creating.

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