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How to Start a Profitable Online Grocery Business like BigBasket

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May 07, 2021
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The developing digital economy of India surpasses the habit of visiting the offline store. With the emergence of technology, companies can easily bag huge investors’ money due to the tremendous growth in the online grocery business. Its groundbreaking growth triggered almost entrepreneur to start a grocery business like bigbasket.

Online grocery delivery demands are surging to a great extent as everyone is searching for online grocery stores as no one wants to get out of bed in the 21st century. Food delivery proprietors are somewhere to make it proficient for the food delivery market.

It has been identified that people are moving from traditional to modern ways. These days people are in a great rush and with this hustle-bustle life, you need some time to just sit and relax.

Online businesses are proving a certain benefit to their users where they can order their preferred grocery items and get them on the doorstep. 

The online grocery business is booming all over the world:

  • It’s quite easy to set up an Online Business.
  • It keeps you alive in the competition.
  • Emerging Trends 

According to statistics, “food Delivery Services” worldwide has created startling income, and that is the income of 121.848 million USD in 2018; developing at a CAGR of 17.7%, the income is relied upon to hit 234,206 million USD by 2022.

Significant Reasons to start a grocery business like Bigbasket

Most institutions are providing awareness to their employees to get favorable outcomes in the near future. With the evolution of technology, it is observed that everyone wants to try their hands in the business due to the growing popularity of startups nowadays. Here are the significant factors to look upon. 

  1. Fastest-growing Industry

The online grocery business is running its dream run as it becomes one of the fastest-growing industries and makes it an ideal place for grocery shoppers. 

  1. Growing Customer Base

Online grocery stores are becoming the talk of the town and a growing customer base is promoting its groundbreaking growth that leads to extending the customer base. 

  1. Technological Advancement 

While the advancement of technology is evolving rapidly, mobile apps are becoming smarter with time. It helps in increasing the overall efficiency of the grocery business and enhances the smooth run. 

  1. Value for Money

Getting everything in one store is making our work easier. Nowadays it has become tedious to go grocery shopping. With the aid of grocery apps, the whole process helps in running business activities quickly. Besides, it is also cost-effective in nature.

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  1. Identify Opportunity

Opportunity comes with a great motive, identifying the opportunity at the right moment can be an ideal option for groceries. With the rise of smartphones, online grocery shopping is growing with tremendous speed. Getting a great opportunity can help business models to make them reach greater heights.

Major Players in the Online Grocery Industry



  1. Grofers

Grocery is an Indian grocery chain founded in December 2013 as the company has raised a $ 535.5 million.

Number of employees: 3,050 (2020)

Headquarters: Gurugram

Founders: Albinder Dhindsa, Saurabh Kumar

2 . Nature’s Basket

Nature’s Basket helps you to get the best quality services offered by Godrej. Nature’s Basket provides high-quality grocery products that can easily enhance your taste buds. 

Founded In: 2005 

Founder: Avani Davda

Number of Employees: 1000+

  1. Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry’s product range includes houseware groceries and other household pantry products at affordable prices. 

Founded In: 5 July 1994

Founder: Jeff Bezos 

  1. Walmart Grocery

Walmart is a worldwide popular app that provides a wide selection of products like fresh products, wholly organic, and dairy products. 

Founded In: June 13, 1945

Founder: Sam Walton

Number Of Employees: 1.5 million


What is BigBasket?


BigBasket is an online supermarket that delivers all kinds of groceries and other household products of the kitchen or daily products.

  • A dominant player in the online Grocery Business. 
  • Filled with 18000+ illustrated products 
  • 1000+ respective brands
  • Deliver high-quality products at low costs. 
  • Entirely Works Online
Key Points: 
  • Founders In: October 2011
  • Key People:  Mr Vipul Parekh, Mr Abhinay Choudhari, Mr V S Sudhakar, Mr V S Ramesh
    • Headquarters location: Bengaluru


Key Features of Online Grocery Business


Wide Range of Products

The online market has reached great platforms where the majority of people are starting to trust these sites to start purchasing. People these days are actually moving from tradition to modern due to the vast range of availability of products at one store.

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If you want to grow your business, a wide range of products are needed to be there at your store that caters to all your business needs.  

User- Friendly Sites

These days all age groups are prominently using smart devices. These devices are an emerging innovation that is making a buzz all around the world. Due to the usage of these sites, major companies have come up with user-friendly sites that can grab the attention of millions.

It will be fruitful for business ventures if they provide easy interface apps as this can be a significant reason behind the sudden rise in the demand for online sites. 

Finding the right grocery product without any hassle  

Your grocery delivery app will have a long list of grocery products at the same place. It will become difficult for the customers to choose the product they wish to buy.

You must plan to integrate a smart search method that eventually helps customers select the grocery product with ease. All the similar products are able to save grocery products quite easily in the cart. This flexibility saves the customer time and eases their work.

Exciting offers to entice users and customers:  

This is one of the best sections to grab the eyeballs of app users and customers instantly. You must keep great discounts deals and offers to lure your customers once in a while. This will eventually enable you to increase your sales rapidly in very less time.

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You can add good discounts during the festive season so that the revenues instantly reach a new height and it will bring more customers. 

A smooth functioning payment gateway 

One of the most important functionalities to integrate into the grocery delivery app is the payment options. People make use of different types of payment gateway scripts, which works smoothly on their device.

There are different modes of payment which you can easily integrate into your software, for instance, credit or debit card payment, making payment after the delivery of grocery products, net banking, etc. to name a few.   

Other Trending Features to Keep in Mind While Developing an App

There is no hard and fast rule for commencing any business; it needs a powerful plan and lots of hard work to achieve targetable growth. Let’s find out the things we need to keep in mind while developing an app. 

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Identify the Target Market

Before diving into the market, one thing you must be very much sure about is the target market. With great market research and optimum utilisation of resources as per the need and audience that can help you to get the best possible outcome.


Being an entrepreneur you must ensure that you provide an enthralling application to its users to attract the attention of millions. 

  • Analyze market trends
  • Plan your Delivery Accordingly
  • Minimize the chances of Wastage

Decide the area of Operation

Choosing an area of operation can be a bit challenging, and the serving you want to cover with utmost devotion is a prominent feature to look up to. You just can’t start a grocery business like bigbasket in that particular area without your target audience.

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With proper analysis of demand and supply, one can take a deep dive with an aim to get a fruitful result even after delivering high-quality services that cater to all the needs of the customer.

  • Decide on the region of your demographics
  • Gradually expand your reach and operating area
  • Keep the chargers at a low level  

Get your business registered with Domain  

Another important factor is to select an attractive domain name according to your grocery business. It plays an important role because the more catchy the domain name, the higher customers it will attract.


Moreover, it also leads to word of mouth marketing for the future to grow your business at a rapid pace. 

  • Register your company with all legal formalities
  • Fulfil all GST Formalities. 
  • Open a bank account of your choice

Set up Delivery System

There are many ways in which you can lead to delivery services. If you are interested in setting up secure and flexible outsourcing of delivery as per customer needs.

You can opt for in-house delivery, cash on delivery or want to be a third party, there are N numbers of ways to deliver grocery services and stand out in front of others.

  • Setting up an efficient delivery system
  • Provides same-day Delivery option
  • Emphasis Several Extra Features

Top Monetisation Techniques



Any new business requires investment and to cop up with the costs organizations need to discover a few strategies to bring profit utilizing grocery delivery applications.

Let’s have a look at the significant sources to produce income with the assistance of a food grocery business. 

Delivery Charges

Most organizations don’t offer free delivery services while some are offering these services. Conveyance charges depend on the area, distance or the amount of the product purchased.

Numerous online grocery delivery organizations are receiving a lot of income by adopting a great business module. But to charge great revenue you need to be in a good position to get a great deal.

  • Take Delivery charges 
  • Provide enticing discounts and offers to increase your sales
  • Opt for great revenue models as per demand 


Promoting can be considered as the most ideal approach to create income. With the assistance of great advertising and promotion. Online grocery delivery applications can get numerous promotional offers with an option to advertise.


Most companies will pay you a certain amount to display their ads, videos or photos. Another method of publicizing can be recorded as the café name on the top of the list of apps.

  • Allow Brand Promotion 
  • Display ads for other products on your apps 
  • Charge Considerable Amount of Money

Peak Hours

This adaptation method includes top hours or High Demands. With this technique, the best online grocery delivery applications have begun exploiting and demanding high charges on grocery delivery during top hours.

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Charges may vary based on the spot and the amount of the grocery. Organizations for the most part expanded their rates during top hours like lunch supper, making it accessible to their clients with additional charges.  

  • Provide Multiple offer on-peak hours
  • Integrated extra additional features
  • Wave off any additional charges.

On the Basis of Commission

Every stage charges a critical sum from the cafés. Organizations are teaming up with a café and shops that can help them in producing revenue models. For the most part, the commission is fixed based on size and area. Deliveroo’s application follows these sorts of adaptation methods that can help in making businesses more and more profitable with time.

  • Follow commission-based revenue model
  • Accelerate Business Growth
  • Maximize Profit Margins

Major Challenges During Grocery Startups which includes-

  • Competitors
  • Finding the perfect Team
  • Lack of Planning
  • Financial Resources
  • Risk Management
  • Unrealistic Expectations
  • Cyber Security
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Decision Making

To overcome the above challenges, it is essential to provide proper knowledge and skills to their youth. By providing a new dimension and it helps entrepreneurs to run businesses and generate new jobs.

This initiative brings positive changes and extends the growth potential and other market factors as well.

Cost to Develop an app like BigBasket

To develop an app like BigBasket, one must be aware that the factor affecting the cost is widely dependent on major factors.

These significant factors can enhance their overall costs, the more will be the quality features the more will be the surge in price. Here are the factors that can affect your cost.

  • The platform you choose can be iOS, Android, or web.
  • Development Company You Hire
  • Size of the Project
  • App Functionality
  • Geographical location

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The grocery business is popular these days and the add-on features and other important things can cost you around between $10000-30000 that can help you to stand out in front of others. 

While considering this,

Top-notch grocery business owners are increasing customers by designing high-functionality software. It will eventually make your app highly admired by grocery buyers online.

Grocery App Development

With an increase in customers and downloads, the profitability of your business will start soaring at a rate of knots. With just a few simple integrations of software, you can make your app popular among other grocery delivery apps available on multiple platforms.

BR Softech is a leading app development company that offers readymade grocery delivery mobile apps, similar to BigBasket, Grofers and Instacart.

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