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Which Educational Apps Need to Develop In 2021

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Dec 12, 2020
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Online trends and continuous surges keep you hooked on internet sites these days. The emergence of technology has transformed the educational aspect. With the sudden rise of pandemic leads, most of the students are moving towards online education apps for students, and help online education platforms to grow their business incredibly. To know more Educational Apps in 2021 read this article.

The emergence of online virtual classes and education technologies are making it easy and convenient for the online virtual world to get the best information through high-qualified teachers. Many educational software app development companies are coming up with great initiatives and trying to embrace innovative approaches through online educational apps.

There is no doubt that presently students are extremely relying on online assets for learning, despite enrolling their names in any tuition institute. After all, they can access or learn everything through digital sources or online classroom apps for students. Moreover, there is no time limit; whenever they need, they can learn things by operating mobile apps. 

What seeks us to use Educational Apps 




It provides a virtual environment where students/learners can interact with the teacher/trainer in the form of the live online classroom.  


Learning through educational applications help most students to improve their learning by enabling them the ability to learn extra more from other leading educational information. They can look into solutions, enhance their learning experience more effectively. Although the students can go through the lecture any time they need. 

 Maximize Time Usage

Students spend a ton of energy on tasks that aren’t even related to learning. E-learning applications for students can assist them in managing their vacation for enlightening purposes. Rather than surfing the web or sitting in front of the TV, learners can read digital books, learn an extra language, or gain additional knowledge for your work profile. 

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Improve Tech Skills

In today’s marketplace, EduTech skills are in immense demand, and e-learning applications will assist learners in new ways to develop their tech skills. As they move on to the workplace, the longer scholars study with devices, the better they can do in the tech world.

Making Learning Fun

Learning through interactive videos, as mentioned above is a great way to create student engagement and help them stay interested in academics. Sometimes when approached in an amusing manner, complicated topics become more fun.

Video-Oriented Learning

By integrating the learning process into a game, which essentially makes learning enjoyable, the top learning apps support learners with fresh terms and sentence formation. These educational video apps allow most elearners to keep focused and attain some high-skilled knowledge that boosts their confidence that pen paper is not able to get.

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Effective Communication

Often each learner does not have ample opportunity to clear doubts with a teacher, which can have a huge effect on the learning process. If students or teachers need to communicate with each other, apps make it easy to connect with students and teachers. In real-time, coordination and guidance can be carried out around the clock.

Top Leading Educational Apps of 2021 


We provide you with a wide range of services with possible solutions that can easily match the requirements of the user. 

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a web-based learning platform that helps learners to learn more conveniently in a paperless way. Teachers can run online classes and create curriculums and share assignments with each other on leveraging various G Suite like Google Sheets and Slides.

  • Easy to set-up
  • Saves Time
  • Improved Organisation
  • Enhance Communication
  • Affordable and Secure


Khan Classes

Khan classes is one of the most known and result oriented classes. Their primary focus on capabilities and future that can help you to enhance their anticipated growth.

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Students can learn their topic with the help of videos and articles, and important subjects that make your learning much interesting. Khan Academy app can help you to study everything related to your requirements with no charges. 

  • Affordable and Secure
  • Free Learning App
  • Experienced Teacher
  •  Over 10,000 videos and explanations


There is no need to say anything about BYJU’S. Everyone knows what brand value it is in India. It is one of the best educational apps that provide high-quality learning content and successfully maintains its demand amongst students. The skilled professionals are providing highly skilled content that makes the topic much interesting, easy and convenient for students. 

  • Live Classes
  • Interactive Stories
  • Multiple Solving Methods

White hat Junior

WhiteHat Junior is an online class for today’s millennial kids. They aim to empower kids with impressive techniques like AI. They offer online coding classes for kids between the ages of six to 14 years. It helps most kids to kick start their journey while exploring and learn and create their own billion-dollar world. 

  • Interactive interface
  • Easy navigation
  • A simple and interactive way to learn code


Udemy is one of the oldest educational apps that offers multiple courses on mobile. It offers more than 32000 courses covering a wide range of sectors or areas be it science, commerce, technology, computer or even for cooking. Users can get both free and paid versions that provide a great range of quality of the content.

  • Expert instructors
  • Discussions
  • Survey creator
  • Interactive learning


Vedantu is another educational online app that offers students a broad range of interactive videos. Vedantu is Virtual Learning’s complete solution. It completely manages all the way where they provide a wide range of benefits for the teachers and students.

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It provides the solution as the bases of the class, exams, and subjects. Also, create the parents portal and send them regular reports.

  • Primarily focus on school-going kids
  • Interactive session
  • Live Classes
  • Preparation for competitive exams


Unacademy is an Indian educational app that would help you with the best videos for competitive exams. The app helps you understand concepts with daily live classes, practice, and revision, and live mock tests. Unacademy comes with a paid version but you can get other free other courses as well.

  • Mock Test
  • Hundreds of videos on the distinctive topic
  • Live Class

Advantages of educational apps development for the Education Industry


The virtual classroom is an e-learning environment that can be a web-based or software-based platform to execute the online learning delivery. 

  1. Higher Efficiency with Easy Access: – Educational apps are taking the learning to the next level. They provide fun learning and higher efficiency in the learning and teaching process. These comfortably accessible apps are rendering ample opportunities for students and teachers to improve. 
  2. Eliminates Additional Cost: – Earlier to study, we used to require hundreds of books, notebooks and other helping material. Now, with the changing trends, it’s been replaced by Smartphones. Smartphones require an internet connection and you are good to go. 
  3. Remove Boundaries: – Smartphones education is not restricted to content available in books. Educational software development companies have crossed the boundaries and are provided with limitless education. Through smartphones you can enroll yourself in any course you wish to opt for. It’s one of the most convenient ways to improve your skills and get an education. 
  4. Provides Visual Learning Benefit: – E-learning apps provide visual content. Visual content helps the students to learn more effectively as compared to the content available in books. It boosts the student interest and keeps them engaged in the learning. It’s one of the significant ways to improve the student’s knowledge and leave a lasting impact. 
  5. Increase Student Engagement: – Visual and audio content leaves a lasting impression on students. Watching videos and audios help students to clear the concept and allow students to learn in the most effective way.Read More : How to Develop an Education & Tutoring Apps ?


  6. Make Learning Fun: – Learning apps make education fun and productive. Combining technology with education is a way forward for the education industry. Innovative apps improve education and make a lasting impression. It helps the students to retain the concept easily as compared to textbooks.
  7. Enhance Collaboration between Teacher and Students: – Several applications enable collaboration between teacher and students. Apps like Attendance allow teachers to keep track of their student’s attendance. Teacher Kit is again a great example of an empowering app as it allows the teachers and students to keep track of their records. 

In the End,

The education sector is growing, online education has become a thing now. It has influenced many people, Now they want to develop their own app. If you have the creative learning idea, then Hire educational app developer and start working on your own educational app. 

Educational app development companies are now focusing on developing an app where you can easily master any subject or enhance your skills efficiently. According to the recent search around 53 % of applications in the app store are associated with the learning industry.


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It is a vast zone, hence, multipurpose apps are designed following a distinctive strategy. There are many classroom teaching-learning apps to supplement learning applications to give complete exposure to students.

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