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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Blockchain Developer in 2023?

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Nov 25, 2022
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Cost to hire blockchain developer india

Basics of Blockchain and Statistics

Blockchain is the technology that provides freedom, and it is going to make the future of most industries through its application. Blockchain developers are the engineers dealing with blockchain technology and are in charge of activities like creating smart contracts, protocols, etc. However, The cost to hire blockchain developers may vary from industry to industry, and it also majorly depends on their experience. You can easily hire a blockchain developer by visiting some freelancing websites or simply searching them on LinkedIn. 

According to statistical data, Corporations will spend $20 billion per year on blockchain technology by 2024. Moreover, above 90% of the European and U.S banks have been working on blockchain technology since 2018. You may not feel it currently, but the impact of blockchain technology on the market is enormous. Now, have a look at the definition of a blockchain engineer. 

Defining Blockchain Engineer?

Hire Blockchain Engineer

A blockchain technology Engineer is a person who deals with creating and implementing a digital blockchain for enterprise solutions and making the blockchain technology easily accessible to the users. 

A blockchain technology engineer can work under a blockchain development company or work as a freelancer across the globe. Moreover, Blockchain technology is a powerful weapon that improves the security and speed of information transmission transparently and cost-effectively. Moreover, blockchain technology also improves the effectiveness and removes the third party to provide a level of confidence and certification in transactions. 

The definition of a blockchain technology engineer may portray the basic idea of a blockchain technology engineer’s work. You can read more about the process of choosing a blockchain developer and hiring the one that fits into your budget and fulfils your requirements. Now, let’s briefly discuss the working process of a blockchain technology engineer working. 

Role and Responsibilities of a Blockchain Developers in 2023

role and responsibilites of blockchain developer

A blockchain technology engineer maintains your system using blockchain technology and is in charge of maintaining and building the blockchain protocols by itself. This process may require a deep understanding of everything from consensus techniques to public-key cryptography to peer-to-peer networking. They also have a basic knowledge of specific blockchain platforms which are emerging nowadays such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. However, if you are interested in hiring blockchain developers then reach us. 

Some of the critical responsibilities of a blockchain engineer are.

  • Maintain networks: One of a blockchain technology engineer’s main functions and responsibilities is to maintain decentralised and distributed blockchain-based networks. Moreover, they also deal with blockchain applications like crypto trading, document sharing, payment processing, and digital voting. 
  • Secure blockchain: Another famous application of blockchain developers is deploying and creating blockchain design patterns and solutions across the world’s distributed networks using modern technology. Safety and security is the very first and primary concern of any organisation. 
  • Infrastructure setup: A blockchain developer also deals with infrastructure setup and testing applications for the security and transparency of transactions and other activities on the blockchain network. Moreover, having a greater infrastructure setup helps in the smooth functioning of your system and removes the lags that the system can face. 

These are some of the working and responsibilities of a blockchain engineer; let’s look at the benefits of blockchain technology and why it is becoming the central topic of discussion among technology giants. Moreover, you can read about getting dedicated blockchain developers on a budget. Let’s have a look at the benefits of blockchain technology. 

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

There are multiple benefits of blockchain technology that you can’t avoid and need to consider while working with blockchain developers. BR Softech is a blockchain app development company that helps individuals and organisations reach new heights of success. These benefits separate blockchain technology from other technologies in the market. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits of blockchain technology.

  • Enhance Security: 

It enhances the system’s security and keeps your data safe from cyber attackers. The consensus mechanism is used for all your transactions on blockchain technology. Each transaction has a security code so that a hacker cannot quickly determine and track the transaction, and you can keep your data and money safe.

  • Enhance transparency:

It also enhances the system’s transparency; now, you don’t have to worry about what is happening inside the system. You can now look at the processes going around to complete a transaction or perform a particular activity. You can hire blockchain developers to complete your task and develop a technology that can shape the future of your business. 

  • Higher efficiency:

The transactions are taking place more securely nowadays. Most machines do most of the tasks, so the chances of error are significantly less, and hence it improves the system’s effectiveness. You can get a certified blockchain developer at an affordable price. Moreover, there is no need to enable the payment systems, so the number of mediators and third-party persons decreases continuously. 

  • Decentralised structure: 

Blockchain proves its value when no central actor enables trust and explains Daniel Field, head of the blockchain at UST, a global provider of digital technology and services. The cost to hire blockchain developers can vary depending upon the requirements and experience of the developers. 

These are some of the benefits of blockchain technology. You can easily use the application of this beautiful technology to transform the future of your industry and enhance its performance. Let’s have a look at the cost of hiring a blockchain developer. 

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Cost of Hiring Blockchain Developers in 2023

As we know that the technology is very dynamic, and the cost of developing blockchain technology and associated engineers may vary with time. The cost is majorly dependent upon the users’ experience and the knowledge that they possess in a particular field. The average hourly rate of the blockchain developers is $81-100, and the median hourly rate is $61-80. 

With the exponential growth in this technology, the companies are looking for this technology and making their career. It is one of the highest paying programming fields, where the developers earn between $150,000 and $175,000 on an average per year. You can have a certified blockchain developer at an affordable price. In India, the average salary of a blockchain developer may range from Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 30,00,000. 

Here is a table representing the hourly salary of blockchain developers for different countries around the globe.

Country Average salary per hour
India $20-50
United States$96
United Kingdom£70-90
Singapore $70-80
Canada$95  CAD
Germany£60 to £150

According to reports, the national average rate of a blockchain developer is approximately $154,550/ year. Moreover, this means you can earn $74,30 an hour and $2,972 a week; similarly, following this pattern, you can earn $12,879 every month. In the United States, where the IT talent tends to be pricey, the reports say that the average annual pay for a blockchain developer is $154,550 a year.

Blockchain development is a big thing around the world to which most companies are looking forward. Moreover, it is a technology that provides freedom to the users to innovate and create without any rules and regulations. It removes the role of a third party in the process. 

The cost is dependent on the number of years a developer is spending mastering a particular skill and the amount of value that he delivers to the company. Let’s now look at the skills that a blockchain developer must have. 

Skills that a Blockchain Developer must-have

A blockchain technology engineer must have specific skills to perform smooth functioning on the blockchain platforms. These skills and features of blockchain technology engineers can vary the cost to hire blockchain developers. 

Here are some of the skills that blockchain developers should have.

  • Knowledge of the blockchain framework

A blockchain developer must know the blockchain framework of some of the most extensive cryptocurrency networks like Ethereum, Quorum, etc. Ethereum is a decentralised, open-source blockchain that allows users to create smart contracts. The primary cryptocurrency of this platform is Ether. Likewise, Quorum is a permissioned blockchain infrastructure aimed at businesses. It is a code-based blockchain and helps you bring financial use cases in mind. 

  • Web-Development

Smart contract development is becoming very important these days. Moreover, most blockchain developers are trying to incorporate it into their functions as the business logic that you can easily apply to blockchain technology. It is the basic knowledge that almost every blockchain development engineer should have. You have to be innovative and creative to select good blockchain developers easily. 

Blockchain Tools

A blockchain engineer should know the blockchain tools to help smooth blockchain technology development. You can hire a blockchain developer easily but hire an individual who has complete knowledge of blockchain technology. Some of the tools are as follows.

  1. Metamask: 

Metamask is a wallet that functions as a link between the Ethereum Blockchain and a web browser. It is working as a browser extension. 

  1. Truffle: 

An Ethereum blockchain framework is a development environment for Ethereum-based applications. You can hire a blockchain expert which has the required experience and help you to be on the top. It includes an extensive library of technical installations for building a new smart contract. 

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  1. Ganache: 

It is a truffle suite blockchain tool that allows you to establish your own private Ethereum blockchain to test the dapps and run commands while inspecting its state while maintaining complete control. 

  1. Remix: 

It is an IDE in blockchain program that lets you use your browser to design and deploy smart contracts. It is created and tested using the remix and Javascript tools. 

  1. Sold: 

It is a C++-based solidity command-line compiler and aims to translate solidity script into an Ethereum Virtual Machine-friendly format.

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Programming Languages

An ideal blockchain developer should have programming skills, which are the basic requirements in any industry nowadays. Some of the famous programming languages that a blockchain technology developer should know.

  1. Solidity: 

It is the first blockchain programming language to learn, inspired by Javascript, C++, and Powershell. Moreover, if you are looking to create dapps.

  1. JavaScript 

It is one of the essential blockchain programming languages since you can use it for various apps and game development needs. 

  1. Rust: 

It is a fast, memory-efficient, and dependable programming language that ensures that no random events should occur during runtime. You can hire a blockchain expert that has all the required skills and experience. 

  1. C++

 It is the most common and most important programming language in today’s modern world. It is a language based on OOPs and is used to develop cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and ripple. 

These are some of the skills that an ideal blockchain developer must possess to help your company reach new heights. If you are searching for how to find a blockchain developer, you should look for these skills in an ideal developer. You can read about why tech companies are hiring blockchain developers from India and how you can benefit from this fact. Let’s have a look at the final thoughts. 

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Bottom line

The cost to hire a blockchain developer may vary depending upon the skills and experience that a blockchain developer possesses. You should take some innovative steps to hire a good engineer that fits your budget. However, BR Softech is helping companies with blockchain development.

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Impact of Blockchain Technology On Various Industries

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