In this technically advanced era, everything perfect is required. The best skill to add in your resume is to learn a programming language. The time of the pen and paper is gone. Now to store and access any information or data, computers are needed. Computers are everywhere, in our daily life as well as in giant industries. From spacecraft to speedometer of a bike, we can see numerous examples of the computer getting involved in our lives. Many rust and golang web development companies are introducing their customers with the latest technology in the market.

With the advancement in computers, computer languages are also advancing. If talking about top programming languages, two names come to mind these are Go and Rust. Being similar in many ways, it is difficult to decide which is the better language. There has always been confusion between choosing one of all. Here today we will discuss two programming languages Go and Rust.

Go Programming Language

Go is a short form of Golang that was developed by Google in the year 2007. Go language is widely used in startups in silicon valley. Golang is a compiled programming language. It is very much similar to C and C++ when talking about efficiency but easier to read, write, compile and deploy. Interfaces of go are not very expensive. It is a safe, strong and statically typed programming language. The specifications of the Go language are dependency management, built-in concurrency, garbage collection, vigorous across multiple boundaries among the components, etc.

With a 1.5 % change overall from the past quarter, the Golang development company has risen nearly 7 % overall.

Because of its syntax, Go is easy to learn and also it is a general-purpose programming language that is safe due to its static typing. Go does not use class inheritance like other object-oriented programming languages but it uses runtime polymorphism. By avoiding the parent-child model, it allows the developer to create larger types using many smaller types. Numerous tasks that require a lot of coding in other languages that can be resolved with a few lines of coding in the Go language.

Advantages of Go Programming Language

Advantages of Go Programming Language

  • Golang is faster than other programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, etc.
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Profiling framework and Built-in testing
  • Open Source
  • IDE Supported
  • Statically typed language that can compile to machine code.
  • Simplicity of code
  • Keeps the bugs away
  • Lightweight threads Goroutines
  • Considered substitute for C and C++
  • Suitable for writing DevOps Tasks and microservices
  • Concurrent mechanism
  • Cross-platform
  • Static analysis tools
  • Smart standard library
  • Garbage collection

Disadvantages of Go Programming Language

  • Fractured dependency Management
  • Limited library support
  • Interfaces are implicit
  • It is not a System language
  • Lesser no of packages
  • Manual memory management absent
  • It does not support object-oriented programming
  • No generics support
  • Runtime safety is not strong
  • Error handling is not so perfect
  • Lack of frameworks
  • Not object-oriented in conventional cases
  • Absence of some libraries like UI toolkit

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Popular Applications Developed in Go Language

  • Golang: The Golang programming language, was written in Go.
  • Netflix: For the server architecture of Netflix.
  • InfluxDB: Developed by InfluxData, is an open-source time-series database.
  • Docker: A set of tools for deploying Linux containers
  • Kubernetes: The future of seamlessly automated deployment processes
  • Openshift: A Red Hat cloud computing platform as a service
  • Dropbox: Relocated some components of Dropbox switching from Python to Go.


Companies Which Use Go Programming language

There are numerous golang development companies that are using the golang web development . Some of them are-

  1. Google
  2. Apple
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. IBM
  6. Dropbox
  7. BBC
  8. YouTube
  9. Docker
  10. The Economist
  11. The New York Times


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Rust Programming Language

Rust language was developed by Graydon Hoare. It appeared in the market quite later than Go in the year 2010. It has been the most loved programming language in a survey named as stack overflow developer survey. After Python, Rust is the third fastest-growing programming language. Rust is exceptionally good in all those things that Go can not do. Rust is the easiest, fastest and safest programming language because of its semantics and borrows checker.

Rust Programming Language

By Stack Overflow, Rust is becoming an increasingly popular language to learn, the survey found: 23% of Rust users said they have been using it for three months or less. About 24% said they started using the language one to two years ago, while another 23% said they have been using it for more than two years. Only 30% of Rust developers use the programming language at work, according to a survey from the Rust Programming Blog. (source)

Rust provides memory safety and has good control over the memory lifecycle. Using Rust, a famous web browser was built that is Mozilla. Rust language is able to write fast code using less memory. The compiler of Rust is so strict that allows you to concentrate on the problems that you are trying to resolve. Writing a program in Rust is a mix of Scala, Haskell and Ruby programming languages. The user base of Rust is growing extensively.

Advantages of Rust Programming Language

Advantages of Rust Programming Language

  • Rust is faster than Golang
  • Strong community support
  • Easy Integration with C and several languages
  • Rich patterns and Syntax
  • Predictable run time behaviour
  • Saves time in debugging and testing
  • Zero cost abstraction
  • Guaranteed Safety
  • Complexity of code
  • Strong support of generics
  • Able to build powerful web apps
  • Cross-platform

Disadvantages of Rust Programming Language

  • A Steep learning curve
  • Produces larger binaries and less efficient code
  • Rust is slow to compile
  • Complex programming language
  • The ecosystem is much smaller
  • Hard to learn
  • Its Scope-based memory management makes recursion leak memory.
  • Slower than many other languages
  • Lack of garbage collection
  • It is not webscale

Popular Applications Developed in Rust Language

  • Maidsafe: A company that tries to create an encrypted, completely decentralized “successor” to the internet
  • Zinc: An experimental RTOS for ARM
  • Servo: The new browser engine being developed by Mozilla
  • Wtftw: A tiling window manager
  • Piston: A modular open-source game engine


Companies Which Use Rust Programming language

There are numerous golang web development companies that are using the Rust language. Some of them are-

  1. Mozilla
  2. Dropbox
  3. Qiwi
  4. Brilliant
  5. Sentry
  6. Postmates
  7. Wantedly
  8. Doctolib
  9. Braintree
  10. npm

What Go and Rust Have in Common

  • Go and Rust programming languages are similar in various ways.
  • Both are Widely used youngest programming languages.
  • Both are open source and compiled languages.
  • Both are designed for modern, micro services-oriented, parallel computing environments.
  • Both Rust and Go are system-level programming languages.
  • Both can handle multi-threading efficiently.
  • Both languages offer important features like the open-source web development development model, memory safety, and strong communities of users.
  • Both rust and Go are syntactically similar to the C++ language.
  • Both Go and Rust elect for source code dependency management
  • Both languages are microservice oriented and designed for modern, parallel computing environments.

Go Vs Rust: A Comparison

After discussing a lot about the similarities, advantages, and disadvantages of both the programming languages. Now it’s time for a comparison between these two. Here we will discuss the comparison between these two on the basis of some factors like-

rust vs go 2020

  1. Performance
  2. Concurrency
  3. Memory management
  4. Development speed
  5. Compilation speed
  6. Libraries
  7. Complexity
  8. Functionality


1. Performance: Performance of Rust is comparatively better than Go. Programs of Rust are designed to run at a similar speed of C and C++. In the comparison of Rust vs Go 2020, Rust wins in performance factor.

2. Concurrency: Talking about concurrency, From the beginning, concurrency was built-in in Go language syntax. Where Rust gained it recently. Despite the fact that the concurrency of Rust lacks. Here Rust is behind Go.

3. Memory management: At runtime, Go is handled automatically. While writing code there is no need for reallocating and releasing memory. Rust program could not cross the compilation stage if the program is not memory safe.

4. Development speed: Development speed is much more important than a program speed. Go in not the fastest language but to write software it is fastest. The compile speed of Rust is higher than Go because of more language features. If someone wants faster development, then he/she should opt for Go over Rust.

5. Compilation speed: Comparing languages on the basis of compilation speed is necessary because it is relevant. If talking about compilation speed, then Go is an incredibly faster language than Rust.

6. Libraries: To compare programming languages, the best way is to compare libraries of them. Because it is hard to switch to another language which has fewer libraries. Both Rust and Go have a lot of libraries.

7. Complexity: Go is a simple programming language where Rust is tough to understand. Rust is a comparatively more difficult language than C, C++, and Java. It requires hard work and constant learning of months.

8. Functionality: Go has very fewer functionalities compared to Rust. One the other hand Rust has so many functionalities that’s why it is so complex for some projects. To develop a simple single-purpose application or a website Go is best.

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Wrap Up

There are many cases where Go is better than Rust and vice versa. One needs to choose Go over Rust when someone wants to write faster code, when performance is not a question if they require simplicity and when they require readability. Go is super speedy compared to Rust. Speed is a factor where Go won it from Rust. Both the languages came out at the same time that is why both are considered as competitors. Compared to Rust, the growth of Go is faster. Go is known for its better programming experiences and simplicity that makes it more efficient and cost-effective for working in large teams. At the present time, currently Go is the winner of the competition between Go and Rust. Maybe in the future, the image will change.

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